Aspen Extreme


From now until 2007 the most extreme of extremely extreme athletes will embark on Aspen at least once a year for a little event that I won’t call by name because this site is still banned from it and I work for them so no need to rock the boat. But this story isn’t about the contest anyway, this story is about the best ever way to entertain yourself when you’re staying in a $200 a night condo.

See, rich people are stupid and rich people own said condos. Sometimes, they might even stay at them so they usually have a decent supply of liquor and random crap locked up somewhere. And if you happen to be staying at the Gant in Aspen, you might even find a closet full of everything piece of clothing you would expect to see in Aspen circa 1982.

So how do you get into said locked closets? Well, you could call a locksmith, but that might be against the locksmith ethics code. Or you could go all Oceans 11 on that shit and pick the lock yourself. But let me get back to the whole rich people being stupid thing. Just look around, cause it didn’t take us more than a couple days before we stumbled across the keys. And when we did, it was nothing but good times from there on out. Observe:

Graham Watanabe may quit riding for ACG just so he can wear this jacket at contests. Seriously, that’s what he told me.

Not a lot of people can pull off the neckgater/ Oakley Blades combo, but when Graham and Jayson Hale do it, it seems so right.

So next time you’re in a posh town in posh digs, don’t worry, these people would want you to have fun and poke through all their stuff. Don’t feel bad about it. I mean, otherwise you might have to entertain yourself by actually snowboarding or something!