Opening Day – Better Late Than Never


Meadows Opening Day Weekend
by Brooke Geery

Jeremy catching some phat air.

I totally got conned into snowboarding opening weekend at Mt. Hood Meadows. See, I am afraid of people and I sort of have a flexible schedule, so the idea of going riding on a weekend, and opening weekend at that, tends to turn my stomach. Even though the road washed out and opening day came long after I had already accepted it was winter, I still was in no rush.

But then I called my friend Kevin for an unrelated purpose, and he said, “We’re going snowboarding tomorrow.” (Tomorrow being Sunday of opening weekend.) Even though I had a nice little Sunday including the Home Depot and maybe even some laundry plan, I humored him.

“What time?” I asked.

“9-ish,” he said.

Damn, that was the right answer. I can’t be expected to get up early to go snowboarding, but nine is mellow.

“How long are you guys gonna go for?”

Yeah old school!

“Probably like three hours,” Kevin answered.

Some dude going off the richter scale.

Damn! Right again. So before I knew it, I found myself agreeing to accompany them to the mountain the next day. That began the stress of preparing for that first day on snow. New boots? Nah. New board? Nah. I decided that what was most important was that I found a new belt to replace my outdated studded one. I happened to have a camo one, which is the new cool look this season, just so you know. I am the expert.

In the morning I headed over to Jeremy 1’s house, where our crew was meeting. I called bitch, as well as DJ duties for the ride up. I decided that if I played only music that I liked when I used to care about snowboarding, it would be just like the old days. And luckily, Jeremy 2 had ALL of it on his iPod. After the pop punk stylings of Lagwagon and Propaghandi, I put on a little 40 oz to Freedom and found myself singing along to Date Rape. The other passengers in the car pretended they weren’t into it, but I knew they were. Eventually, and not surprisingly, my DJ duties were relinquished, but it was cool because we were totally there.

The East Coaster in me is used to opening days that involve one trail, really long lines and trekking through the mud. But now I live on the west coast, and particularly on this opening day, everything was open. This includes a halfpipe (or two) and a park. If I still let my snowboard leave the ground, I would have been into that. The freeriding was good though, there were sweet jibs to be had and even a pow turn or two. It definitely could have been better. We may have ended up in a sketchy chute that was filled with legitimate ice. Note to self: chutes at 11 am on the day after opening day, not a good plan. I heard real opening day was sunny and dare I say, epic. But I took my six runs, totally shut it down, and then enjoyed some Snowplow Ale in the lodge. All around a good day, one of those days that makes you actually remember why you like snowboarding.

Kevin gets gnar!

I’d like to say thanks to Oregon Department of Transportation for fixing the road, Meadows for keeping the faith, and Pat Bridges for inventing snowboarding. See ya on the hill.

Best part of the day