CD Review: Cut Chemist – The Audience’s Listening


by Hoyle

Warner Brothers Records

The new release from Cut Chemist, the dj/co-producer of Jurassic Five, The Audience’s Listening is not what you would expect. On first listen, I thought it was too crazy. The tracks are all over the place and a little corny. It’s definitely not a mixtape (which Cut Chemist is famous for), but it does have cut ‘n paste style that he’s known for. After a few listens I started to understand it and really got into it. I’m not trying to get too deep on you, basically I like the album. If it was a ski trail, it would be a black diamond. It’s not a totally epic double black diamond or nothing, but it ain’t no blue square either. Of course, I live in Florida and really know nothing about ski trails, so probably don’t listen to me.