Chaotic Alcohol Consumption

I was once a huge Britney Spears fan. I went as her for Halloween three years in a row, had all the dolls and calendars and the entire series 1 and 2 of her sticker sets. Hell, I even auditioned for a Britney Spears fan show. But now that Britney has gone 100% trashy, I had pushed her aside for more wholesome roll models like pro snowboarders and American Idols.

However, Britney has almost redeemed herself with her new UPN show, Britney and Kevin: Chaotic. No, not because the show is good or even worth watching, but because it has given me yet another reason to drink. So if you’re not just forced to drink due to the pain of watching it, this game should help you out.

Anytime any of the following happens, drink:

-Someone says y’all or some version of y’all.
-An extreme close up showcases Britney’s bad skin.
-You catch a glimpse of her manager Felicia’s facial hair.
-You can see Brit’s nipples.
-Britney uses some Snoop Dogg-esque lingo.
-Britney’s hair color changes or she puts on a new weave.
-The paparazzi get the shot
-A member of a boy band makes a cameo
-It’s clear that her Asian hairdresser is gay
-Britney pushes her nose up to make her look like more of a pig.
-Some one has a bad tattoo
-Kevin appears with his shirt off.
-They reuse the same b roll.
-Someone in the room asks if Ben Fee was involved due to film or editing quality.

Of course, the other option is to just spend your Tuesday nights at the bar, but this way seems for more legit. See you next Tuesday at 9.