East Coast Invitational


Wachusett, MA
December 17, 2005

unknown rider smoking the c

East Coast Invitational: Skillful snowboarders sliding rails, gangsters with long jackets, brisk brewskis, and even haggard strippers; all taking place in Massawachusetts.

College finals ended, Burlington night-life became over-rated and Stowe didn’t have a pipe or park up, so I decided that Massachusetts was the place to be on this particular weekend. I mean with a name like East Coast Invitational, you think invite-only; of course only the most elite riders would be invited. As a prestigious and professional pro ho, I felt it was my duty to attend this event.*

roller coaster OF LOVE. i wonder how many times that caption has been used

The ride alone to Wachusett, where the rail jam took place, was highly entertaining. Getting to that mountain was like finding a needle in a haystack and even Brooke admitted: “I almost turned around and went to Boston instead.” Nevertheless, yobeat staff inevitably made it to the established resort that I now refer to as Massawachusetts.

I guess the qualifiers occurred the day before I arrived, so I didn’t have to witness any amateurs dislocating shoulders or, even worse, hucking their bodies in outrageous flailing attempts to impress people (Speaking of which, qualifiers for an invitational, isn’t that weird?). At 5 PM, the men were split into two heats and the jam began.

While walking up to get a good view, I found myself in an awkward moment catching a very attractive dude urinating not so secretly. We then became friends for the remainder of the rail jam because I told him I was a pretty big deal and would put him into my story on a really cool website called yobeat. As a returned favor, he kept me fully stocked with beverages (thanks yobeat for your celebrity status).

drea, holdin it down

Some pretty big names were throwing down at this very exclusive jam. I hate naming names, but this is yobeat and what would we be without the professional hype of the snowboarding world? Well-knows present included: Shane Flood, Lane Knaack, and Colin Langlois. Rutvegans born and raised with street cred to prove it: Niko Choiffi and my new sixteen year old crush, Lukas Magoon (Ladies watch out, this boy has got game). Even Yale Cousino was there, as well as the only Canadian I know by name, Max Henault. Scotty Arnold was using his skills on the microphone, and if you haven’t heard him rap, you should.

winners circle: magalie and yale packing hard

In terms of how it went down, the riders were being judged by other riders in the competition and the best went onto finals (13 dudes). There were also 20 chicks that showed up to slide box and pipe. The set up allowed two features for each run. At the top was a c-box, a down-rail, and a flat-down box. The next set of features included a box, a double-kink rail, a roller-coaster rail and a down-rail.

Magalie Dubois placed first for the ladies, taking home $3,000 on her birthday and Colleen Quigley came in second for a grand. For dudes, Yale Cousino rode strong throughout the event and finished with a 270 gap to the double kink to take home the 8K at stake. Lane Knaack left 2K richer after placing second. After all of the on slope festivities, there was celebrating because it was Scotty’s birthday. Both birthdays and snowboard competitions are a good excuse to get wastefaced and belligerent,t and that is exactly how we did. Holler.


* I am really not a pro ho for the record; that was mere sarcasm. I date an extremely religious Jewish boy named Finkelstein and he doesn’t even know how to strap into a snowboard. Fact.