High Cascade Wants You!

High Cascade Snowboard Camp is proud to announce the creation of a new team to represent there summer snowboard camp on Mt. Hood. Longtime HCSC campers and HCSC team riders Pat Moore and Zac Marben will be assisting Camp Director Preston Strout in assembling the new squad.

Pat, from New Hampshire, started coming out to camp years ago. With so much natural ability and style beyond his years, every team manager at Hood wanted to sign him. Basically living a dream, Pat left that year with a spot on the HCSC team and a deal with Forum.

17 year-old Zac Marben, from Minnesota has been turning heads at camp since he was 12 years old. Zac was discovered a few years back by K2 during a session on the super-kicker. Everyone kept asking which guest pro he was and were blown away to find out he was a 14-year-old camper.

With Pat and Zac leading the way, HCSC has great expectations for the new team. These two are the epitome of talent. Just watch Pat in “Revenge of the Grenerds” or Zac in “Neoproto’s Everyday Something,” and see for yourself. “Those guys have such high riding standards… whoever makes this team is going to be ridiculous. Heck, Pat wants us to put Scotty Arnold on the tater-tot grom team,” says Strout.

The team will be a small, well-rounded group of abnormally gifted, geographically diverse and socially well-adjusted happy young snowboarders. In order to not take this or snowboarding too seriously, HCSC will be employing the following potato structure to their team.

Potatoes (HCSC Team Leaders):

Pat Moore

Zac Marben

French Fries (14 to 17 year olds):

1.) Spot Available

2.) Spot Available

3.) Spot Available

Tater Tots (9 to 13 year olds):

1.) Spot Available

2.) Spot Available

Team spots are extremely limited. If you’re interested in riding for High Cascade

send your video resume and something creative to High Cascade Snowboard Camp’s winter head quarters:

High Cascade Snowboard Camp
50 SE Scott St.
Bend, OR 97702

The Potato Team will be chosen and announced by April 15th, 2005. Stay tuned for updates as our team gradually comes together. In addition to the HCSC Potato Team, High Cascade will be putting together a second level team this summer, known as the Bee Team. The Bee Team will be chosen throughout the summer at camp and will be announced early next Fall.

Information on HCSC Snowboard Camps at Mt. Hood Meadows can be found on-line at Ski Hood or High Cascade.