The Blue Lodge: Where are they Now?

On such fine channels as VH1, they have the liberty of waiting you know, 10 or 20 years before letting everyone know where they’re favorite Butt Rockers have ended up. We at Yo Beat don’t have the liberty because 1) doing so would require research in 10 years and 2) we will most certainly be over it in ten years. Hence, the not even one year later, where are they now of the fine folks at the Blue Lodge.

For those of you who haven’t seen any of Kevin Susienka’s articles in Plow, the Blue Lodge was a fine establishment in Plymouth, NH that housed a bunch of snowboard dudes, a snowboard camp and no hot water. It also had its own ski area and park in the back yard. 631 days later, founder Mike Parziale graduated and everyone was forced to leave the Bluelodge – but not after breaking the floor and racking up $10,000 worth of debt to the owner.

These days, the masses have spread and can be found in all corners of the country. I’ll do my best not to forget anyone.

Mike Parziale now lives in Portland with Mark McGarry, Brian Barb, Mark Haggerty and Jamey Greco. Jamey never actually lived at the lodge. Anyway, Mike is making comp cards for Male models, screen-printing stuff, making videos and in the process of starting Thinktank Multimedia, which will be dope. Bri works at Fed Ex and no one will give him bindings. McGarry is on unemployment and Haggerty works at UPS.

Preston Strout is the most well-traveled of the bunch. Last I heard he was on his way to Mammoth, CA for the month of November. Previous to that he was revolutionizing Airwalk in Colorado and soon he’ll move to Salt Lake City.

Paul Miller, Matt Ruby, Luke Mathison and Andy Benhardt moved in to PSC Student Apt. 103. For the astute Bluelodge fan, you’ll know that Mike, Preston, Chris and Doug once lived in that very apartment. Paul’s parents have cut him off, Andy’s gonna graduate soon, Luke’s almost a pro snowboarder and Matt spends a lot of time on IM.

Chris Mulcahy is a man of mystery, although I ran into him at the Londonderry skatepark and he alluded to the fact that he lives with his parents somewhere near there and dropped out of school.

After substitute teaching in Colorado and a couple summers at Hood, Dawn Dwyer moved to San Diego with some boy. If you have a problem with your Elevation Snowboard, you may very well get her on the phone when you call.

Kevin Nimmick and Danielle Marcum live in a Main Street apartment in Plymouth. They have broken up but still bone. They also let ladies man Shane Flood and his dog Griffon stay with them. Shane is like a totally cool snowboarder now.

Mickey Shuman, Vicky Beddard, Jason “Larry” Contarino and Nugget (who never actually lived at the Bluelodge either) share an apartment in Plymouth. They’re all going to graduate soon, except for Nugget, who dropped out of school and is going to go to cooking school eventually. Dave McAlpine lives in Massachusetts with his girlfriend and her kid. Because he and Mickey share a brain, he doesn’t go out much now that they are so far apart.

Eric Larochelle, well, who cares?

Ben Fee is attending Emmerson College in Boston and making funny snowboarding movies.

Chad Snyder is still a jackass.

Kevin Susienka only lived at the lodge for like a day because he was brainwashed by an evil girl. Even though he moved out in the middle of the night, I will include him. He is now living at his parents in Worchester and working with “special” kids during the day.

Andrew Petterson is working for an RV company called Beaver in Bend. He polishes the ampers so he’s proud to finally say that he is a “beaver buffer.”

And how could I forget Dan Potter? Well he’s kicking ass in his classes as Plymouth, living in the “white lodge” and still has a tan.

Well kids, that’s about everyone. Be sure to check back in a few weeks when I decide I need more content and do an update.

Brooke Geery

Before and after the fall of the Bluelodge. the lodge-ites venture cross country.
Photos courtesty of Mike Parziale