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The girls in Blue Crush are living the surf bum dream. They wake at dawn, surf killer breaks and then clean hotel rooms at an upscale joint on the beach. They can’t pay their bills, the youngest never makes it to school on time and they live in a shit hole, but damn it, they’re having fun.

At the helm is Anne Marie. She is totally tubular, at least when she’s surfing. Unfortunately, the aspiring “sponsored surfer” can’t get past the “near drowning experience” that she once had (and is painfully repeated throughout the movie) and ride the Pipeline like she’ll need to win the Pipe Masters Contest in only 7 days!

It wouldn’t be a movie without a romance, so Anne Marie gets distracted from her training for the comp. In fact, the contest becomes somewhat overshadowed by the dreamy football player who enlists Anne Marie and her cronies to give him and a bunch of fat meatheads surf lessons. It seems in Blue Crush, the girls are strong and independent enough to surf waves with the big boys, but apparently not assertive enough to realize that traveling football players are only interested in one thing. Just one of many ridiculous plot holes in the movie.

So the plot of this movie sucks. Let me just save you the effort of paying attention to the poorly acted dialog and say, she gets the Billabong sponsorship.

Aside from this, the screen as filled with scenic ocean highways, pristine beaches and crystal clear crashing waves. The Hawaiian scenery serves as a perfect backdrop for scantily clad women surfing in a fashion rivaling many surf videos. The action in the film is almost enough to redeem it.

In summation, this movie will be a must see as it plays on the TV at a Southern California fish taco bar.