Spanked Salmon


Spanked Salmon
The 2002 Legendary Banked Slalom

Get up at 7.
Start driving to mountain alone. Pick up dirty hippies hitchhiking in Bellingham. Soon regret decision as car smells like hippies.
Get to mountain before lifts open.
Wait in line for 20 minutes. Cut line. Start riding.
Tag along with John Laing, Pat McCarthy and Javas Lehn. Almost die, a few times.
Poach the course.
Take run with Terje.
Go home.

The Banked Slalom course as seen through the eyes of Ralph Backstrom.

Get up at 7.
Ditch class.
Get up to the mountain after the lifts have been running for an hour.
Sink into 15 inches of pow.
Ride with neighbor’s friends.Go eat free soup from Mt. Baker’s LBS Soup Kitchen.
Pick up press pass.
Go up to the course.
Stand at top for 5 minutes then head to the bottom.
Check out the scores. Some dude named R. Backstrom is in first. Whatever.
Hang out in lodge and jam out to hippie band.
Go home.

Get up at 7.
Put chains on 30 miles from the mountain thanks to a Bellingham blizzard.
Make it to the mountain at 10.
Ride with friends all day.
Ride up the chairlift with a cute boy.
Ride by the top of the course once and take a picture.
Enjoy sun and new snow.
Supposedly Temple got the fastest time. Whatever.
Eat salmon in the parking lot.
Go home.

Fun with awards ceremonies. Courtesy of Damien St. Norre.

Get up at 9.
Meander up to the mountain.
Get there as the last 4 pros take their last run.
Take one run back to the lodge.
Hang out in the lodge and eat soup.
Take one more run.
Go back to the lodge to secure table for awards.
Curse hippie band as they play loudly in the lodge.
Sit through the longest award ceremony in history.
Leave at 6:15. Get home at 8. Realize have no idea what happened in the contest.
If you care: some French dude beat the locals. Xavier Delerue. Terje got fourth, Temple second, Victoria fifth and if you care about how anyone else did, check