Killington Goes Super

After last year’s X Games and US Open, it has been proven that the east coast not only has enough snow, but the know-how to build Superpipes. While you might only expect to find them at Breckenridge and Mammoth, Stratton and Mt. Snow both managed to pull it off, so it’s not hard to believe that some of the other area mountains have followed suit. Okemo opened their yellow ice super pipe early, to facilitate the first Grand Prix. However, this story isn’t about that, because it was Killington that comped me some passes to check out their supersized facilities.

So Killington saw the other mountains stepping up and got themselves a new “grinder,” (I guess they don’t call them dragons anymore), the HPG R-17, which means about as much to me as it does to you. Thanks to the first decent snow year in several seasons, the machine had already gotten plenty of use when I showed up right after Christmas, and is yet to break (perhaps you remember the old Dragon that sat, unusable in a swap for the majority of a season). There was a problem though. Every time I went up to check out the new u jump, it was snowing. Snowing too readily for even the most hardcore east coaster to justify hiking halfpipe, so I went freeriding.

I did make it down through the halfpipe a few times though. During the run, go out of tree runs through the Highline woods. Once I got over the fear of going a thousand miles per hour (a repercussion of 18 foot walls I suppose), the pipe, snow drifts and all, did prove to be quite super. At least the thing is fricking huge.

Now because I didn’t really analyze the pipe as I should have, I’m going to have to do some guessing as to what the new pipe will really have in store for the season, but I think it will be something to the effect of the photo below:

Jason Ware in the Killington Superpipe. 2001 and 4eva.