Drama and Such


A few weeks ago I received a press release from Catamount Ski Area in New York. It came on a piece of paper in an envelope to the address on this website. It’s that kind of genius that will be behind their new park and pipe this season, and you want to know who it belongs to? None other than Matt Gormley, so you never know, while his internet skills may be a bit behind the times, his snow skill are right on. I will now take this opportunity to make fun of Eerik Ilves. He, along with Andrew Mutty have been added to this years Killington team. Now you may ask, didn’t he move to Vancouver? Well, yes, he did, but he’s actually going back east for the winter. Genius, pure genuis. Catherine Nieves, Zach Leach, Kyle Clancy, Lane Knack, Amber Stackhouse and two other people have all moved into a house in Mammoth.The drama level in this house should be extremely high this year, and we’ll keep you posted, especially since Lane has already claimed that Kyle is a drama queen.Okay, I’m peacing this gossip column out. late.