Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2: The Ultimate Cheater’s Guide

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Some people move to Bellingham, WA, stop shaving and start smoking a lot of weed, but not me. This is because I moved here just as Pro Skater 2, or Crack, as I like to call it, came out. I’ve spent the last couple weeks playing the game constantly, and yesterday, I finally broke 6,000,000. That is, thanks to the codes. Ahh yes, perfect balance, full special power, moon gravity, and stud mode are wonderful things. Now, if you’re a big enough nerd to read this site, you’ve probably already found the codes and have been utilizing these features, but if not, here it is:

Unlock Everything (except gaps):
Pause the game, then hold L1 and press X, X, X, Square, Triangle, Up, Down, Left, Up, Square, Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle, X, Triangle, Circle. If you entered the code correctly, the pause screen will shake. Then, select the “End Run” option from the pause menu. All cheats, FMV seqences, McSqeeb, Officer Dick, and Spider-Man will be unlocked.

Now, to get 6,000,000 points is really quite simple. Find a pool, or the inside of the fountain in Philly will do as well. Start grinding, with perfect balance you won’t stop until you jump off. If you do a special grind you’ll get way more points, and everyone will think you’re cool. When you loose speed, just flip into another grind and keep on going. Watch out though, when the score gets to about 220,000×28.5, you’ll start losing points.

Another good technique is to change the skaters special tricks to all the most expensive ones. This will give you the most possible points.

Right now I realized what an enormous nerd I am. I went backyard/ice rink snowboarding yesterday, and instead of writing about that, I’ve decided to talk about video games. I take everything I’ve said back, stay away from Pro Skater 2, it will ruin your life as well.

However, if you already have the game, make sure to watch the Spider Man and Officer Dick video. Gold.