Mt. Sunapee Throws Down

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Contest coverage by John Cavan

Sunday, March 2nd, came and went with one hell of a contest / session at Mt. Sunapee. We had a halfpipe contest that attracted about 60 competitors and a butt-load of spectators. The sponsored class was a veritable who’s who in former east coast rock stars. Alexie Garrick, Jason Goldsmith, John Como, and Eric the crusher Kovall all battled hard, but in the end it was MIA new guy Luke Siverson who walked away with a hundred bucks. Luke busted ridiculously large airs along with stylely handplants to win the judges, and more importantly the crowd’s respect. The seventeen year old who Macleod calls the next big thing from the ice coast walked away 75 bucks richer.

This is the only Sunapee picture I’ve got. It’s totally unrelated, and I don’t know who it is.
Photo: Coreycoto

The contest could have ended there but fortunately it didn’t. During the beginning of the pipe contest I watched Benhardt and a whole slew of fellow lodge riders slide up to the pipe late. After heckling them regarding their sleeping habits for a while over the PA, I hooked them with tickets and threw together the first annual March Madness Quarterpipe contest. We passed around a hat and after taunting the crowd to pay for their viewing pleasures we raised $120 bucks. Soon the the hucking was on in a winner take all battle on the QP. The crowd gathered on top of the QP was treated to a spectacle of technical tricks and all out carnage. Fueled by mixed drinks and gloves hiding caned beverages that are only allowed for people over 21, the judges, riders, and one m.c. brought the contest to a feverish pitch.  Andy, Kevin Susienka, and Ben Kroll took turns warming up the QP. I taunted certain male riders who I didn’t think were going big enough with the fact that a female lodge rider named Dawn was going bigger than many of them (including some that were doing some serious claiming that morning) After about a half hour of mediocre airs, Dan Potter strolled up and stomped a head high alley-oop air. This prompted the bar to be raised, but the crowd was shown just whose quarterpipe this really was when Luke Siverson walked up and blasted a frontside alley-oop that was not only over head but at least five or six feet overhead. He was clearly sending a message to the out-of-towners.

I guess you had to be there to truly appreciate what happened next, but you can ask any of the lodge-ites that were there. Shane Flood began hucking quite possibly the craziest airs I have EVER seen. He was going about 10 – 15 feet out of the Quarter Pipe all the while spinning and hucking at a washing machine spin cycle-like rate. Sometimes he would land, most times he would crash down on the deck sending members of the judging staff and drinking staff diving for their lives. Shane quickly became the crowd favorite as well as the mountain manager’s favorite (He screamed louder than any of the gathered crowd or intoxicated “coolguys”, constantly calling for Shane to huck himself higher, but secretly hoping for Shane to deck out with another spectacular fall. Eric Kovall Succeeded in taking out three judges with a wild corkscrewed huck to the deck that ended with screams from judges and the PBSSST of Eric cracking a new beer. John Como stomped a Mctwist that was way overhead high right at the end of the alotted time. The judges decided to give Shane one last try to stomp something at which time he stuck a titanic McTwist. The judges then decided that a tie had taken place and called for a final huck-off. Como dropped in first and promptly stomped another head-high Mctwist. This brought all attention to the idiotic high point on the halfpipe that Shane had climbed to. The mountain manager got on the mike and let Shane know that his money was riding on him and that he better not wuss out. Shane dropped in and straight-lined it at the QP where he unleashed the biggest god damn inverted 900 I have ever seen, the freaking thing must have been 15 feet out. However, Shane had a little difficulty negotiating the laws of gravity and the skill of reentry for he went down in a ball of flames similar to that of the Hindenburg. In one air he managed to send 6 people fleeing for their lives, break two plastic chairs, and most unfortunately send the cooler with the mixed drinks and beers spilling out all over the deck. So after all was said and done Eastern Boarder rider John Como walked away 120 bucks richer, Shane Flood walked away with a set of RED hip protectors, and the whole Sunapee community was left shaking their heads about some kid from Rhode Island / the lodge named Shane.

Well anyway, the point of this useless banter was to let you know what was up and ask you to please thank Benhardt and the rest of the crew that came for showing up. My bosses have been shaking their heads about the event all day today and saying it was one of the funnest times they have ever had. I owe a lot of the success to those guys for coming because I never would have had an excuse to throw the QP deal.