The Stringer Reports I.


About two weeks ago, Jason Speer and Sean Genovese set out on a journey from the dreary Northwest to sunny Southern California. They had secured themselves spots at the end of the waiting list for the Snow Summit Triple Crown and were so sure they were in, that they made me get them press passes. I’m not easy, so I told them they had to give me road updates to earn their credentials. So tonight I get a call from Speer, who didn’t have access to a computer, or seem to realize that it was the middle of the night here in Washington, but wanted to submit his report. The following incoherent image is that report, scribbled in the dark by me. I apologize that it makes no sense and is not readable, but all Jason really wants free tickets to Mammoth, and he thinks this will do it. Stay tuned for the next chapter in the stringer report, which might actually include legitimate images and a real story from our reporters.