Stratton Pipe Returns

STRATTON, VT — It’s back! The original Stratton halfpipe is back and better than it ever was. After close to a ten year absence Stratton decided to re-dig this little piece of snowboarding history. The Stratton pipe was one of the first pipes to be permanent to a resort even way back in the day when only a handful of resorts allowed snowboarding. Of course, keeping up with current technology the pipe is no longer hand dug and there is even a small park at the entrance. It isn’t as large as the main pipe but should help take some of the traffic away from it, and for those of you who live in the pipe this is welcome news. It is off to the left at the start of “Lower Standard” on the lower mountain, just look for the orange gate that
is the entrance. The main pipe remains mid-way down “Suntanner” on the left side, in clear view from just about anywhere in the base area.

– Chris Stepanek (ur13)