Brooklyn, VT: Killington’s Hella Ghetto Urban Hip Hop Snowboard Fest


I had full intentions of putting up-to-date coverage of this event on the site. However, time has escaped me, and it’s no longer up-to-date. If you don’t know what went down by now, you probably don’t care. Rather than re-writing the day, I invite you to look for the story which has mysteriously disappeared from SOL, or just enjoy the following photos and snappy captions.

— Brooke Geery (I took all the pictures, if you care.)

Rahm Klampert was weekend’s entertainment. From table dances to flip-things, he did it all.

Chris Runge is from the midwest, but he can bite Trevor Andrew’s steez with the best of them.

Although Trevor “Rev Brah” Moore might never leave Killington, he’ll delight everyone while he’s there. However, without a nice car, he might have a hard time mackin the chicks.

Zach Leach a.k.a. Todd Richards comes down to Killington to represent to dope every so often. This picture isn’t anything special, but it is made much more deserable by the F on his base.