First of the Year


Yep, it’s officially been awhile. Seems a lack of snow has left me with a lack of desire to think, talk, or write about snowboarding. Luckily, that means that some stuff has actually happened since last time I pretended to know what was going on. First off, it seems that my snowboarder credentials have left people with the notion that I have to clout in the snowboard industry. For the record, no I can not get anyone into the X Games. Even with in influential contact such as myself, you still have to qualify by doing a series of contests, which curiously all take place on the west coast. If you just want to go the X Games events you might care about break down like this:

Thursday, February 3
Snowboarding Slopestyle Practice (W) 9am-10:00am
Snowboarding Slopestyle Final (W) 10am-12:00pm
Snowboarding Slopestyle Practice (M) 12pm-1:00pm
Snowboarding Slopestyle Final (M) 1pm-3:30pm

Friday, February 4
Snowboarding Snowboarder Cross Prelim (M & W) 8:30am-12:00pm
Snowboarding Snowboarder Cross Finals (M & W) 12pm-3:30pm
Snowboarding Superpipe Practice (M & W) 10am-3:00pm
Snowboarding Big Air Practice (M & W) 10am-12:00pm

Saturday, February 5
Snowboarding Superpipe Practice (W) 8am-9:00am
Snowboarding Superpipe Qualifier & Final (W) 9am-11:45am
Snowboarding Superpipe Practice (M) 11:45am-12:45pm
Snowboarding Superpipe Qualifier & Final (M) 12:45pm-3:45pm
Snowboarding Big Air Practice (M & W) 12pm-3:00pm

Sunday, February 6
Snowboarding Big Air Final (W) 10:30am-12:30pm
Snowboarding Big Air Final (M) 12:30pm-3:30pm
Skiing Big Air Final (it’s commical) (M) 8:30am-10:30am
Skiing/ Snowboarding Ultra Cross Practice (M) 9am-11:00am
Skiing/ Snowboarding Ultra Cross Finals (M) 11:30am-1:30pm

Okay, enough about that. The boys at SOLtv have finally done something noteworthy, the Killington webcam is now up and fully operational. Now you can determine the pipe sucks with out wasting the time and gas to drive up there. Killington’s park has been relocated to Ram’s Head, and was actually good for a day or two. With Eric Webster off park and pipe detail, there’s certainly a chance Killington might have good facilities this year.

In Plymouth/Blue Lodge news Brian Barb broke his arm, but it’s probably better by now. This was a good thing, because it gave the rookie sensation an excuse not to go snowboarding and rather concentrate on getting good grades. With the first two White Mountain Snowboard Camps of the season under his belt, Mike Parziale has found time to be park ranger at Loon. He is also in the process of planning some sort of collegiate competition series, which will be “fun” and you don’t have to be an “official snowboarder dude” to do them. We’ll fill you in with all the info when we get it. All the other Plymouth kids have devoted their time to learning/doing backside rodeos. Since the first real snow of the season fell earlier this week, the boys of NH have also gotten a chance to slide some rails around campus, as well as race their GT Snow racer, even though those were played out last year. Unfortunately local super star Matty Ryan has been too busy snowboarding to bring a Snow Skate to the Blue Lodge, so their dopeness has been put on hold.

The Stimilon Air and Style Challenge has been canceled for this season, due to a lack of snow. Stimilon is possibly going to hold a different contest series later in the season, and will also be building the jump for the US Open. For more info, go to