Killington Opening Day: Where the Jersey Kids At?

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by Brooke Geery

On October 25, Killington, a Mecca of culture and snow guns, opened their doors/lifts/trails for a little early season jibbing. This year, although later than usual, was better than ever. Instead of one half-trail, there were four, all located in the Glades area of Killington Peak. After a rather frightening pickup truck ride from the lodge to the base of the Canyon Quad, and a very long ride up a very slow chair lift, the trails were finally in sight. Usually, this is the most exciting part of the day, the first glimpse of snow, but since Killington somehow managed to receive six inches of natural snow last weekend, the trails didn’t look much different from the rest of the mountain. The skiable trail had one major variation though, about forty snow guns all aimed directly at the chairlift.

After all the hype, I arrived at the top of the hill. The first step, getting off the chairlift without falling. Hey, it had been awhile. Once I accomplished that, it was off to look for Wu-Tang kickers that the Jersey kids built. This year, Jersey was slacking. It was already about noon when the first kicker took shape. However, good things come to those who wait, and this was the first jump that included a landing ever built on the Rime trail. After a while, a few more jumps surfaced, including the “Big Old Booty Kicker,” and the “Skier Kicker.”

As for the trails themselves, they were surprisingly well covered. In fact, the only places that really had no snow were the landings of the jumps. The natural snow paired with the man made actually managed to hold off grass patches until early afternoon. It was strange having a choice between trails first day, something I can say I’ve never experienced before. Don’t worry, they all filtered into the same trail at the bottom. This made for fifty yards of pure dirt-mogul-pleasure on your way to the lift. Just this section made the hill seem crowded, but in actuality, it wasn’t bad. I only got run into twice, and both times it was my so-called friends.

If my job was the marketing director at Killington, I would thank the snowmakers for giving me the first opening day that I wouldn’t have to struggle to make sound good. I’ve been at Killington for opening day four years running, and I can confidentially say that Monday was worth the lower GPA and the $25 ticket. This year, you can actually believe what it says on the website.

*Where the pictures at? They’re coming, maybe. You’ve all seen mountains with snow on them, so for now, use your imagination.