2000 X Games Host Announcement

(So much for constant updates, it’s been what, a month? Oh well.) Mt. Snow has announced they will be the host of the 2000 Winter X Games. This is part of a contract for American Skiing Company resorts to host the games for the next four years. Mt. Snow will also host in 2001. I beleive this is a good thing, because although the mountain sucks, they are the only ASC resort that knows how to hold an event. I’m really excited, also, to finally get a chance to watch Ice Climbing in person. If anyone actually went to Spring Loaded, they got to experience exactly why Killington better not host the X Games. The female participants got shafted in the pipe division, and now that Killington realized they’re about to lose some of the only repeat business they have, all of the girls get in free to next year’s pipe contest.