An Interview with Ross Powers


Are you totally sick of interviews yet?
Actually, I haven’t had many lately. This year it’s been real mellow, not like last year. I don’t have people waking me up at seven in the morning and stuff, like last year.

What made you become primarily a pipe rider, as opposed to other disciplines?
Actually I started out as a racer, and then five years ago, I won national and they put me on the US Snowboard team for freestyle. I tried to race a little, but it was just too hard to do both, and then I just started doing freestyle, and that’s what I do. if you do it all the time, you should be pretty good at something.

Do you ever wish you got into big air so you could ride for Forum and be a rockstar?
I do big air’s once in awhile, but I don know. I definitely like to freeride and stuff, but big airs are always kinda risky, and they always try to do them at night and crappy jumps and stuff. Definitely halfpipe, instead of just one hit, it takes a whole run. Halfpipe’s more competitive than big air. People who do big air, they just freeride all the time, they don’t really practice big air, they just pop in and rule it, and those Forum guys do rule it, for sure.

What do you think of your blond fan club that seems to be following you around?
Oh, they’re nice.

Do you honestly like being called “The Boss”?
No, I think Chris Copeley started that, and I don’t like it at all, but it’s better then what they call some people.

This interview was performed at Okemo by Brooke Geery.  It was actually done for SOLTV, but we’re using it anyway.  Go to SOLTV if you want to see video clips.  Stay here if you want to be cool.