An Interview with Mike Michaelchuk


Do you feel any pressure to do your double back flip in your runs?
Now that I’ve done it a couple times, it’s not a big deal to do. When I first started to do it, it took a lot of confidence going into it, and a lot of patience trying to figure out how it’s done, but now I’ve done it so many times, it’s like I can pull it out when I need it, but like in the contest it was the first run of the day. It’s just like something you save until you need it.

You’re Canadian, right?

Then why are you at the United States Snowboard Championships?
This is the Super Prix for the Grand Prix, otherwise I’d probably be doing ours.

You’re pretty cozy with Burton, it seems. Any chances of a sponsor switch when your contract expires?
No, I’m probably gonna stick with Salomon, but for sure I’m really good friends with all the guys at Burton. You know, they treat me like one of their riders, so it’s nice.

Have you had any video parts?
Yeah, last year I shot with Todd Hazelton in Monkey Shine and a couple other little shots.

Do you get lots of girls now that you’re famous?
Nah, I’ve got a girlfriend.

This interview was performed at Okemo by Brooke Geery.  It was actually done for SOLTV, but we’re using it anyway.  Go to SOLTV if you want to see video clips.  Stay here if you want to be cool.

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