2016 X Games Real Snow Backcountry Parts

Unfortunately if you want to watch all these you’ll have to sit through the same video game ad each time, which is almost as long as each edit. Sadly from here on out you will Loathe any mention or site of the game “Steep.” But here are this years contenders for X Games Super Champion Gold Medalist in Real Snow Backcountry. The viewers votes count for a small percentage of the medal equation so hit up, and watch the Steep ad a few more times, then pick your favorite.

Bode Merril

Eric Jackson

Scotty Lago

Brian Iguchi

Mikey Rencz

John Jackson

Head to to vote for your favorite.

New Era Presents: Chris Grenier, A Thought Process Perspective

Anxiety, frustration, fear, adrenalin, pride, euphoria, glory. Come behind the scenes as Chris Grenier deals with the emotional turmoil of filming his X Games Real Snow part. You can vote for him and all the other guys here.

Hateline: Bob Costas, Real Snow, Shaun White has no friends, Epic Fail

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Real Snow 2013: The Lipton Report

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 12.27.48 PM

ESPN’s Real Snow is back with pretty much the same roster as last year, a video player that really hurts your eyes, the most embarrassing design work since the last Neff line and commercials for NFL shit, credit cards and more! All the good news aside, there are some dudes you all like trying to kill themselves on film for a cash purse and a mention during Shaun White’s winning X Games halfpipe run. Check out the videos, remember to remind yourself to vote at some point and read our reviews of each part as you wait weeks and weeks for the results!

Eero Ettala

Eero Ettala is so good it’s boring. He basically one ups every trick that stood out last year, does some other amazing stuff that’s bigger and smoother than should be possible and does it all with goggles strapped to his forehead. It’s like he got out of bed, got paid and went home.  It seriously doesn’t look like he tried at all. Watching this leaves you feeling icky inside.

Ethan Diess

Ol’ four-eyes, Ethan Deiss, has a sick intro. Then he does stuff that takes really thick thighs, like slamming between rails and brick walls like it’s what you’re supposed to do on a snowboard. Oh by the way, holy ollie ladies and gents. This part has more gaps then a whores smile, Burton should be stoked

Verdict: Ethan Deiss. Eero’s won enough shit this century.

Dan Brisse

Dan Brisse should fire his editor, that said, what the fuck is wrong with this guy. Every year he proves he’s the gnarliest dude ever, and every year he gets gnarlier. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this dude scares the living shit out of me.

Bode Merrill

Bode Merrill is one of the most talented men in snowboarding today, and the handplant halfway through this part will prove it. That said, prepare to have your mind blown by the last three shots of this part, including the rail drop that’s bigger than any cliff you’ve ever even considered hitting.

Verdict: Fuck it, one of them is bound to die by the Finals.

Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones is back again for some reason, but I’ve got to give it to him, he does keep doing different stuff. There’s a fence stall-bounce thing thats pretty rad, but a bunch of one-footers that I wish never happened.

Frank April

Frank April just happened all over my screen. I don’t know if it was the slow jams to the slow edit, or the fact that he’s a tech genius, but this ones pretty damn entertaining. Oh, and his banger is the coolest shit I’ve seen in a while. Get ready for Deja Vu, dudes.

Verdict: Frank April will take this round.

Louif Paradis

Louif Paradis is one of the best rail riders on earth. That’s a fact. What’s also true is that his 270s are disgusting in a good way. Check out the handplant slide a few times too. Everyone’s goal should be to learn how to do that this season.

Pat Moore

If you don’t like Pat Moore fuck you. Who will get him after Forum? Who knows (probably Burton). Anyway, the metal-loving bad boy risks his knees on every shot in this part and it’s awesome as usual. Pat Rules, that’s why he’s one of the biggest names in the game, the end.

Verdict: Pat Moore.

Go watch the actual videos here:

And Louif’s Kit Goes to…

Jason Curran from Somerville, Massachusetts. Otherwise known as comment #191, which if you took the time to read, you would agree is the clear victor. If you didn’t read it, well, we all liked it so much, we’re reposting it right here! Thanks to everyone who entered, voted and otherwise helped Big Lou take the win! If you want to read all the entries, they are here.

Louif should win the gold medal because it’ll probably come on a necklace and he’s going to want that kind of thing later in life to wear around at all times. He’s gotta keep winning golds, though, and not bother entering contests that don’t award him something he can wear around his neck. He could maybe make some exceptions if he’s got a strong neck and could fashion some kind of chain to go with trophies or whatever, but he mainly wants wearable awards.

Once he has enough gold medals, he should just retire and hang out professionally, covered in medals. Everywhere he goes he will be the toast of the town, with his many medals and the tuxedo he will wear at all times. People will beg to hear his many stories.

He will sit down in an easy chair by the fire and say, “Oh? This one? Well, there’s an interesting story behind this one.” Small children will gather at his feet, their mouths wide open in admiration, drool pouring forth and pooling in their laps. Their parents will be standing in a circle at the back, cups of steamy hot cocoa clutched in their hands as they stare at Louif, captivated by his stories of the daring maneuvers he routinely executed. Woodland creatures will try to share the acorns and nuts they’ve stored for the long hard winter with Louif; they would risk death to please him.

If some unwitting police officer chances to pull him over, the moment he sees that gold lion’s mane of medals, he will immediately know that he has made a terrible mistake and apologize profusely. “Please, PLEASE, don’t tell the chief!” he will say, for the chief is a great admirer of accomplished snowboarders. “I’ll take you to the evidence locker, you can have anything you want,” he’ll continue, as he involuntarily reaches forward to stroke the gold.

Louif will slap his hand away and demand the most potent fireworks in the evidence locker. He will make a pile of them in the center of town and throw in a match as he saunters away. He’ll walk into the sunset as the fireworks explode in a mad cacophony of light and sound, but the glow from his gold medals will be brighter than the brightest firework, brighter than the sun itself, and as he disappears beyond the horizon, surrounded in a halo of golden light, everyone will know that they have met an angel.

X Games Real Snow: The Entries

It’s hard to care about the X Games, what with being banned for life and all, but maybe this Real Snow thing is pretty cool. At the very least, eight dudes spent a lot of time and money putting together some pretty heavy parts in the hopes of winning fifty grand without having to go to Aspen. And hey, the Taco Bell and Mountain Dew ads are limited, and Sal is no where to be found! Watch em all here and decide for yourself.

Joe Sexton

Simon Chamberlain

Jeremy Jones

JP Walker

Seth Hout

Louif Paradis

Dan Brisse

Nick Sauve

Special thanks to High Cascade for posting all these and reminding us today was the day! If you wanna vote, you should do so here, but as we’ve learned by other X Votes, it won’t actually matter.

PROOF YOUR VOTES DON’T MATTER. The results so far.