McMorris In Motion: The World Premiere in Vancouver


Words and blurry photos: Kody Yarosloski

IN MOTION, featuring Canadian boy-wonder Mark McMorris and “friends” is the first movie the Regina native has ever been a part of. I went into the “WORLD PREMIERE” on October 13, 2015 in Vancouver BC, with an open mind and armed with the Yobeat snapchat password, and dare I say, I was a little bit excited to watch the film. But out of nowhere the infamous Craig McMorris was quick to kill my boner with a speech from hell that wasted no time informing the crowd how great his little bro is.

“I don’t think you understand, my brother has won gold medals!” exclaimed Craig to the relatively mellow Canadian crowd.


The hype is real! 

As you may have guessed, the movie started with a cliché-as-shit intro featuring a Red Bull-enriched, teary-eyed McMorris exclaiming, “ I just want to do something different, man. blah blah blah.”

Honestly the rest of the movie was a dramatic blur of heli rides and first world problems, but here’s what I took away: Mark has one incredible method, Nicolas Muller killed shit, and the ender was Mark battling a back double rodeo 1260 or something on the enormous piece of art in Solden that Red Bull surely paid a pretty penny for. Above all, the movie was lacking the dreadful Quadruple cork that is so sought after by Mark’s contemporaries. When confronted on this issue via snapchat interview, McMorris simply explained, “No quad zone, sorey!”

I guess we forgive you, Mark.

Highlight of the night: Watching some blonde headed somebody get his debit card declined after ordering four Jager bombs!

Never trust a Canadian’s opinion, see the movie for yourself here, streaming today only

Or attend an upcoming premiere:

October 16th Toronto Canada
Location: Queen Elizabeth Theatre190 Princes’ Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3
Doors open 8 p.m. Film starts at 9 p.m.

October 17th Montreal Canada

Location: Theatre Fairmont 5240 Av Parc, Montreal, QC H2V 4G7
Doors open at 8 p.m. film at 9 p.m.

October 21st New York City
Location: Freehold 45 S 3rd ST, Brooklyn NY 11249
Doors open at 7 p.m. film 8 p.m.

October 22nd Grand Rapids, MI
Location: 3rd floor of B.O.B 20 monroe AVE NW, Grand Rapids, MI
Showing one at 615 p.m. and showing two at 715 p.m.

October: 24th Park City, Utah
Location Jupitor Bowl 1090 Center Dr, Parkcity, UT 84098
Tent village 6-7 p.m. Film 7 p.m.

October 27th iTunes release date

October 28th Newport Beach, CA
Location Lido Theater 3459 Via Lido, Newport Beach, CA 92663
Doors open 7 p.m. Film 7 p.m.

October 29th Denver, CO
Location Ogden theater 935 E Colfax Ave, Denver CO 80218
Film 8 p.m.

Think Thank’s Methods of Prediction World Premiere

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 9.35.05 PM

So many heads. Photo: @think_thank

Think Thank did something very special with its newest film Methods of Prediction, which premiered at Sandy Cinema on August 10, 2015. Those in attendance at the 10pm showing bared witness to the most creative side of snowboarding showcased in a beautifully wrapped package. Hosting the world premiere at a real movie theatre in close proximity to Mt. Hood ensured a strong shred community turnout at both shows. But the very first showing, exclusively for High Cascade and Windells campers, was extra special.

The idea of presenting snowboarding in a long-form movie format may seem archaic in a time of instant video. We might see kids dropping full parts via Periscope next winter. But by giving the youth the first glimpse of their new full length film, Jesse and Pika Burtner proclaimed that not only do young voices and opinions matter, but that they also are deserving of involvement in our community.

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 9.34.50 PM

Nial spreads the stoke! Photo @christinesavage

Prior to watching the movie, one of my campers, Will Tracy, was planning on going rafting the next day to give his body a break from aggressive snow sliding. After approximately 45 minutes of watching MOP, he was so inspired that snowboarding seemed like a better option. If a film can reach a grom and evoke such a reaction, then I’d say Think Thank was able to do one of the most essential parts of creating a great snowboarding film.

I was truly blown away by the contents of this movie. I could list tricks and try to explain what things looked like, but that would be doing the filmmakers, Sean Lucey and Paul Heran, an injustice. You just have to see it for yourself. Some of my personal favorites parts were Nial Romanek, Jesse Burtner, Max Warbington and Desiree Melancon. Seriously, Des is on one. But don’t let my standouts take away from the rest of the crew. The riding is good enough to keep a child out of potentially dangerous waters, which is vital in a time where snowboarding could use a good life jacket.

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 9.35.22 PM

Photo: @pika_burtner

That said, stay tuned for a fill part-by-part review, but more importantly, make sure to download, buy a dvd, stream illegally, attend a premiere or catch Methods of Prediction any way you can.

Think Thank Sneak Peek World Premiere


From the desk of Pika Burtner:

We just got to Mt. Hood last night and we’re excited about ending the summer at Session 6 on a high note!

We’re continuing our tradition of premiering the video during Jesse’s session and would love if you could be there to celebrate with all of us! Feel free to come to either showing, but the earlier showing is mostly for the campers and their counselors, and the 10-11pm showing is for everyone! Here’s the info:

Think Thank World Premiere of “Methods of Prediction”
Sandy Cinema: Monday, 8/10/15:
HCSC/Windells Campers showing 9-10pm
Staff, Sponsors, friends showing 10-11pm.
(Both shows will have all the riders present)

What Coast’s We’ll See FULL MOVIE

Utah’s good kids come through with a good snowboarding movie.

Riders: Blake Payne, Torrey Lyons, Cody Lee, Tristan Sadler, Danny Buller, Jose Magra, Kyle Kearns, Evan Drage, Drew Eflin, Cam Gorby, Sammy Elam, Drew Brighton, Connor Gysin, Tucker Brown, and Friends.

This Must be the Place. FULL MOVIE

Thanks to everyone who made this video happen. Shot mostly in Salt Lake City during a year with minimal amounts of snow, we couldn’t have done it without the help of some awesome people. We hope you enjoy the movie and it makes you want to get out there and snowboard.

Featuring: Andrew Aldridge, Kevin Maples, Jesse Gouveia, Clay Hatzenbuhler, Cameron Gorby, Colton Morgan, Ben Strause, Cole Navin, Dom Luza, Michael Wick, Sam Taxwood, Garrett Warnick, Erik Leon, Phil Wettengel, Blaze Kotsenburg, Sean Whitaker, Shane Wright, Corey Schneider, Gared Schneider, Max Tokunaga, Chris Cloud, Max Warbington and Jordan Morse.

Sarah Morrison Goes on Vacation

I attended the screenings of not one, but two outdoor movies this week — the Sound of Music at the Hollywood Bowl and the world premiere of Forum’s latest snowboard movie endeavor Vacation on the Huntington Beach Pier. The Sound of Music has been around for a couple years, but the Forum editing team finished Vacation roughly 40 minutes before it hit the big outdoor screen. The Sound of Music drew a far larger crowd and it included a karaoke track across the screen to sing a long with. Vacation did not.

In addition to the lack of a karaoke and encouraged audience sing-a-long, it’s not really beach season nor does there tend to be snow in Orange County in early fall or ever. So with that in mind, the turnout was impressive. The video’s stars, local teenagers who may have never actually snowboarded before, and aging snowboarders alike gathered around the large outdoor screen for the event.

It’s been a while since I watched a snowboard video in its entirety. And Vacation was a good watch. It mixed shots of the Forum team on snow with them partying it up in Cabo; doing crazy things like drinking alcohol, performing hilarious antics with animal shaped pool floats, and hanging out with Law and Order and rap’s Ice T. Snowboarding looked relatively similar to the days when I voluntarily watched snowboard videos. The kids do the same tricks, but just more of them in a row. I recognized a few non-snowboarding appearances by Peter Line who with Eddie Wall had helped in the Cabo or the actual Vacation part of Vacation. And East Coast luminary names like Preston Strout (New Hampshire) and Spongie (Concepts) listed in the credits. It was inspirational. If there had been snow rather than sand, I totally would have hiked the half pipe. But there wasn’t, so I didn’t.

Instead, I headed to the after party at Huntington Beach’s Black Bull, where the video played on screens throughout the male cow themed bar. I immediately ran into people I knew like; Peter Line, Hondo, and Cory Grove. But since Cory was not selling hotdogs, nor had anything really to do with the evening, we decided not to include his photo.

Pat Moore and Stevie Bell were there. Pat is from lovely Holderness, New Hampshire. Like many New England natives with an affinity for snowboarding, I tried to attend nearby Plymouth State, until my brain began to explode out of boredom. So we talked obscure small towns in New Hampshire for a while, until Peter got annoyed and asked us to stop talking about New Hampshire. Which neither of us had a problem doing. Waterville. Valley. Forever.

A bunch of strangers yelled ‘I’m on vacation!’ as Austen Sweetin held drinks in air for his Yobeat photo. But since Austin is not 21, he wasn’t actually there. Nor was he drinking. And I’m making this whole part up.

Then there was Kurt Heine who had done quite a bit of the filming of Vacation and was conveniently clad in a Vacation t-shirt for his photo opp. He also filmed Peter Line’s first video part ever. (Fun Fact)

I swear this dude with Peter told me his name was Pam.

And then Peter revealed my big missed snowboarding celebrity encounter, Pat Bridges. Apparently, the definitive snowboard expert had attended the premiere, but had skipped the after party. (He had to go to bed early. It was reported.) Peter then went into a story, where he and Mack Dawg innocently asked Bridges a question about freestyle snowboarding. Peter interjected in his best Pat Bridges voice, “Jake Burton was doing blah blah blah in Vermont, but three hours later somewhere in Europe…” “And then an hour later he was like, ‘And that is how freestyle snowboarding began.”’ “There will be a documentary on Bridges someday. The kids can learn a lot from him,” Peter pointed at me and added. “I will watch that documentary,” I pointed back. “Did you hear he’s not smoking Reds anymore? He was switched to Lights.” “I hope they include that in the documentary…for the kids,” I replied.

See you at that premiere. Thanks Forum, Vacation, and Black Bull Chop House. And special thanks to my assistant on this story, the great Peter Line.

Some homeless woman REALLY wanted to take a picture of me and Peter. She liked our ‘vibe.’ That’s why it sucks.

The Art of Flight Super World Premiere

story and photos by Upstate Mike

Last week i was given the dubious honor of attending the WORLD PREMIERE of “The Art of Flight” at the Beacon Theatre in NYC. Since I have moved on from the big shitty, I was psyched to get back and see my friends, as well as check out the spectacle that was to be this event. After attending basically every premiere in NYC in the past 4 years, I fully knew it was going to be a shit show. A bunch of skanks, a couple actual snowboarders, a pro or two, but mostly a bunch of toolbags with no reason to be there. With this movie, I expected it to be the worst of all time…especially since I heard that tickets were selling on Craigslist for $80. To see a fucking snowboard video! Idiots.

The coolest place to be, bro.

I was actually mildly surprised at how many people, and who, came out, however. The place was totally packed, including the balcony that I’m pretty sure Ab Lincoln got shot on. Everyone from Justin Timberlake, to Darrell Mathes, to local NYC dirtbags, to a whole lot of toolbags in suits were out in full force. What surprised me the most though, was the complete lack of enthusiasm that was showed by this audience. At most premieres it’s a whole lot of beer drinking, cheering, clapping, and name-calling. Not this one. Not at some snobby movie theatre on the Upper West Side, where beers are $9 and the people working there looked disgusted that they had to serve people other than old rich Jewish ladies. There was only mild-mannered applause, with the exception of drunk some jock from New Jersey that was directly behind me screaming that “T-RICE IS MY HOMEBOY!! KILL THAT SHIT T-RICE YEAHHHH.” Whoever you are, I hate you, and I’m pretty sure Travis is not your homeboy.

Just a buncha bros and their helicopter.

I really, really wanted to hate this video. I did. It’s just so easy to hate on. Helicopters, crappy electronic music, neon outerwear, and Red Bull. Done. But it’s hard to not respect the amount of time and money they have put into it. A lot of the shots probably cost at least $5000 and took a few days to shoot, which is fucked. I respect that. I get pissed when I buy a tank of gas, drive an hour, and don’t get a shot. I can’t imagine having a pack of helicopters and planes following me around in the middle of nowhere after a week of waiting for the right snow, and then maybe getting a shot or two. I also respected the tricks that went down — some crazy backcountry stuff that I will never, ever see in my lifetime. Seriously next level shit. Everyone in this video is amazing at snowboarding.

Did you hear they had a helicopter?

But you cannot call this a snowboard video. It’s basically a Warren Miller ski movie about snowboarding. It didn’t get me psyched, in fact my ADD kicked in after Travis Rice was narrating about some town they stayed at and how ghetto it is, straight up Warren Miller style. I think what appealed to me the least, besides all of the dubstep and super slow-mo helicopter shots, was the fact that 99% of kids will never be able to ride that shit. This is what makes videos like Ice Coast Kills Shit, Videograss, and Keep The Change so fun to watch…the fact that kids can watch it, and picture themselves doing that trick someday or hitting that rail, and then go out and try to make it happen.

This guy just got done trading stocks and now he’s gotta wait in line like the rest of the schmucks.

After any premiere, of course comes the after party. This is where everyone really tries to outdo the next guy. I’ve been to a lot of corny after parties in my day, and this one was right up there. Companies: when you are looking for an after party spot, please keep your clientele in mind and try to make it somewhere they would actually go to. I’m pretty sure dudes that snowboard wouldn’t go to the Stone Rose, a cheesy ass club in a mall on the Upper West Side.

After party view.

When we got to the party, there was a huge line outside because it was “closed to VIP only until midnight.” But this line consisted of many of the riders in the movie, and other very important people in the snowboard industry (excluding myself.) This a red flag that a real shitty time is ahead of you. After I was given a stolen wristband from some chick so I could cut the line, I walked past the heavy security inside to find a scene straight out of Shredder’s lair in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…crappy 90’s art, cheesy red and purple lighting, and a mini-ramp in the club. I didn’t stay long, but it seemed like people were regardless having a great time thanks to the free drinks and good music. I got to watch Billy Rohan and dudes from 5Boro kill it in the mini, gave JF Pelchat a high five because we were both finally in, had a couple free beers, and walked my ass to the train.


The production quality of The Art of Flight is extremely impressive. The snowboarding is just as impressive. The amount of money put into the world premiere is even more impressive. Should you buy this video? Maybe. You should at least let your friend that’s kind of a tool but he’s a good dude buy it, then watch it. Defintely. Will I buy this video? Nope. I like to get psyched to go ride after watching a video, not bummed that I will never ride in a helicopter. I saw it once and that’s cool with me. But thanks for the free hangover!


Elvis Costello???

MTV News was there…probably because JT’s S500 and bodyguard were right out front.

Jack Luke Mitrani was killing it…

Told you he was killing it.

Shot girls are not a bad time.

5Boro’s Danny Falla handling business while being yelled out by drunk chicks.

Hey lady, no one wants to give you a fucking high five!

Pat Moore and babe.

This should be a real treat…

I thought if I made it blurry it might look alittle less corny. Nope.

shit show.

It’s all fun and games until someone shows up in mandals.

SLC Defenders of Awesome World Premiere

We got a sneak preview of the new Capita Movie “Defenders of Awesome” and it’s, well, pretty awesome. Look for a review soon. If you’re in the Salt Lake City vicinity, you’ll want to hit up the World Premiere on September 2nd at 7pm. They’ll also be showing 32’s Ammo. See the flyer below.

The Videograss World Premiere

Premiere season is about to kick off, which means a lot of stress for me about people not knowing the difference between premiere and premier, but also, friends and epic boarding on the big screen! Videograss is kicking things off right with a double header of both its flicks at the Bagdad Theater in Portland on Aug. 12 so be there! Word is Nick Lipton may even make an appearance, so if you’ve been waiting to kick his ass, this may be your best chance!

Videograss Presents, Shoot The Moon and Retrospect
Friday August 12, 2011
Bagdad Theater and Pub
Doors open at 7:30pm
Dinner and drinks will be served
More information at


If you missed the premiere, well, you’re probably lucky. Some hackers apparently thought it would be a good day to take down YoBeat. Some of you braved the warnings, and we thank you, and apologize deeply if your PC got a virus (but seriously, why are you using a PC?) If you haven’t seen it, here are three of the seven edits of COMUNE’s Black Holes and Invisible Forces Bending Time Through Particle Deformation Creating Infinite Freedom in the Garden On The Moon. For the rest, head over to

Enjoy the show.


Guest edit by Corey Smith and Liz Davis.

Music by:

Indian Jewelry “Look Alive”
Gypsy Death Star “Shakedown”
The Dammed “Jet Boy”
Death “Can you hear me knocking”
The Entrance Band “Grim Reaper Blues”


Guest edit by Ryan Scardigli.

Music by:

Wavves “Cool Jumper”
The Muslims “Call it a Day”
Japanther “Surfin Coffin”
Witch “Eyes”
Eddy Current Suppression Ring “Sunday’s Coming”
Jacuzzi Boys “Island Adventure”


Guest edit by Matt Porter.

Music by The Coulour and various voice archives.

As for our two favorite comments, gotta give it to Bad Moon who said

Dear Comune,

You beat the shit outta Volcom on Will Smith’s ‘Wierd Shit-o-Meter’. And the opening sequence with the floating triangles?? I don’t think you could make snowboarding even more “hipster” if you tried.. Oh wait, a sound track full of bands nobody ever has/will hear of?? Damn, you just did.

Still, this is the best movie I have seen this season, and I’ve seen almost all of them.

P.S. Make your mech a bit cheaper and easier to find, and I would def sport it. Haha

Even though he misspelled Merch. And number 2 goes to Dirtstag who so elloquently stated:

yobeat foshobeat. utopia for life fuck that pit shit. billy killing it so damn hard. couldnt have made a sicker video. smith has some god editing. gut shot easily my favorite. definately will be tripping on shrooms the next time i watch this. “some say hes dead, some say he never will be” this just made my whole day!! enough said

See, sucking up totally pays off. We’re only human. Enjoy your Limited Edition HD DVDs guys!

Skeleton Crew World Premiere!


History was made at the Hollywood Theater last night.  Not any era-defining history, but it was the world premiere of Skeleton Crew’s debut film Group Effect.  In collaboration with Exit Real World’s Super Sweet 16 birthday party, all the locals made it out for a night of good friends and good films.  While it was jock-full of teenaged studs,it was  no high budget red-carpet Sweet 16 style event here.

Undoubtedly the best opener of the year goes to Jarad Hadi. Spitting out his two front teeth and a pool of blood got everyone ready for the night to ensue.  Playing more like a 40 minute “friends part” than an actual snowboard video, Group Effect brought together some of today’s most diverse riders into a collaborative all-types-of-snowboarding video. Some highlights of the film?  LNP is wearing actual outerwear. A pretty solid double front-flip.  Chris Bradshaw demolishing his lungs. Sandboarding in a Nick, Jarad, Tyler epic trio ending.

Since Yobeat demands the highest journalistic endeavors I’ve gone to the streets (or just the people sitting next to me at work) to gather a general consensus of the film.

Trevor Sullivan: “I liked watching Jarad knock his teeth out. I think that was everyone’s favorite part actually.”

Roberto Aragon: “They should call it Homies.”

Matt Bosworth: “Dick Jerks? Or Hadi.”

Sheena Darling: “It was more snowboarding than I knew what to do with.”

So there you have it.  A Super Sweet 16 with the Skeleton Crew.  No MTV cameras, no surprise performance from T.I., and no brand new Mercedes.  Just a snowboard video and some friends. — Bryanna Woll

For more info on the Skeleton Crew, check out Hump Day with the brains of the business, Evan Lefebvre