Bobby Van Houten Summer Edit

It pains me to say this, but Colorado may have been the place to be for summer boarding this year.

Hobo at Copper

The Hobo Headwear crew gets loose at Woodward.  Hyped on how legit the Copper public park has been all summer.

Austin Julik-Heine
Cody Cooper
Greyson Clifford
Brendan Sullivan
Kyle Hay
Colin Walters
Chris Sypert



Nightmare and friends spending some time at the public park at Copper Mountain.

Yobeat’s 2015 North American Summer Camp Guide


Another summer is rapidly approaching (technically it’s been summer in Portland since February, but who’s counting) and if you’re lucky enough to have wealthy parents or smart enough to save your own money, you may be considering the time-honored tradition of summer camp. But with mediocre snow fall on the west coast, and more options than ever for getting your summer snow fix thanks to the capitalist system, the decision of where to go to camp is more challenging than ever. Don’t worry, your friends at Yobeat are here to sift through the marketing bullshit and break it all down for you. No matter which one you choose to attend, all the camps on this list will provide an unforgettable experience, whether you have Pro ambitions or just can’t get enough time on snow.



Mt. Hood is arguably the center of the universe for summer snowboarding, but not gonna lie to you – it did not snow very much last winter. Luckily, the camp lanes for the WAC properties are high enough up on the glacier that there’s always snow, and thanks to months of snow farming, they will have all the features you’ve come to expect from watching session edits. The bad news: unlike most summers when early sessioners can enjoy laps from the top of Palmer to the bottom of the Magic Mile, hiking out is already required.

High Cascade

Pros: No skiers, lots of sweet pros, you might get famous in a session edit, Cobra Dogs, Volcano Cones, closer to the mountain, rope tows.

Cons: Lots of mandatory meetings, mediocre skate options, park is filled with people trying to get the shot (those epic season edits don’t make themselves.)


Pros: Incredible skatepark, more freedom to roam, chill vibes, more park unique set ups, rope tows.

Cons: 30 minutes to the mountain, skiers. Lots of skiers.


If the cool-guy snowboard scene isn’t your thing, you don’t mind hiking, and/or you just want to session the best downbar on Mt. Hood without five filmers getting in your way, then MHSSC is your jam. The bad news: Jeff Holce is rumored to be spending his summer in Utah, which means you won’t be in the presence of the Athlete – a definite damper on the experience.

Pros: Cheaper and mellower, sick downbar.

Cons: No rope tow, no Jeff Holce.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 12.32.21 PM

British Columbia

Whistler also received below average snow fall this past winter, but never fear – there is plenty to keep the Blackcomb Glacier popping all summer. COC prides itself on providing the most actual time on snow and the biggest summer park in North America. It’s also located in Whistler, which is a bit more happening than Government Camp, making it a choice option for the older crowd.

Camp of Champions. 

Pros: Stay in the Whistler village, see black bears IRL, more time on snow, the exchange rate is in your favor!

Cons: Long-ass lift ride to get to the glacier, in Canada.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 12.34.54 PM


While life at 9000 feet can be a bit of an adjustment, the camp facilities in Colorado require no commute, which makes up for the pain you will feel if you don’t drink enough water. In addition to legal weed, Colorado is known for its sunshine, so no need to worry about rain days – and it’s a much shorter flight if you’re coming from East of the Mississippi.

Woodward at Copper

Pros: State-of-the-art modern buildings, lots off off-hill amenities, stay slopeside, guaranteed sunshine, cheerleader babes, close to the Midwest.

Cons: Not a glacier, thin air, in Colorado.



With all the drought hype in Cali, you may think summer snowboarding is a long shot, but Boreal has the art of making a semi-permanent ice block down. (Don’t worry – snowmaking is not considered wasting water, as it melts and returns its liquidy goodness to the earth.) Snowboarding is only an option for the first few sessions of summer, but if going to the Olympics is not your main goal, it’s certainly enough to get your fix while also enjoying all the amenities Woodward camps are known for.

Woodward Tahoe

Pros: Brand-new buildings, sweet skatepark, lots of trampolines, a chance to double your money at the Reno airport, cheerleader babes.

Cons: The man-made iceblock just isn’t the same as real snow, short season.

That’s about it. If you’re not sold on any of these, there are also dry slope options, and of course, the entire Southern Hemisphere. Don’t waste a summer not snowboarding, fools. Happy camping!

Hobos Under the Lights

Under the lights at Woodward Copper.

Boarders by appearance: Red Gerard, Kyle Hay, Colin Walters, Chris Sypert, and Red’s pal Cody Warble.

Filmed by Malachi Gerard.

Copper’s Yam Jam 2013

Woodward at Copper’s annual celebration of tubes, kinks and sweet potatoes, courtesy of UCK and Buck 90.

1. Zach Soderholm
2. Nate Cordero
3. Casey Willax

Hungry Hobos 2

Buncha punks, up to no good.

Josh Bishop, Kyle Hay, Madison Ellsworth, Zach Rawles, and Austin Julik-Heine do some Boardin at Woodward @ Copper.

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Laps with Red at Woodward at Copper

Take a couple laps with Red Gerard in the Woodward Central Park. And yes, when you’re 12, it’s totally ok to complain about the cold.

Woodward at Copper: Grom Week

Summer camp ended with a rad group of groms campers! We definitely had some great times- thanks again to our sponsors and pros Gretchen Bleiler and Mason Aguirre.

Summer Fun, Woodward at Copper Style

If you want to take snowboarding way too seriously, there are places for that, even in the summer. But if you just wanna ride your board on snow, skate, and not worry even a little bit about rain days, then Woodward at Copper is a damn good place to do it.

Video: Zach Rawles

NEW Woodward at Copper Summer Shred Video!

We know, we all get in the rut of making the same summer plans and hanging out in the same old haunts. But we know you secretly want to mix it up and have the best summer yet! Come to Woodward at Copper and learn new tricks that you can take home to your local shred spot. I mean what’s better than spending your summer sessioning a 19,000 sq. ft. indoor playground dedicated to the shred, 2 summer on-snow Terrain Parks, skate road trips all over ColoRADo, and everyone’s favorite 75’ Slip N Slide?

So get off that couch and come snowboard with your favorite pro shreds this summer. Don’t miss out on one of the few places where you can get a tan, while stomping new tricks on snow! Check out the new edit from last summer and see how much fun everyone had.

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Woodward Spring Break 2012

Check Out this weeks Woodward Wednesday with Red Gerard, Stevie Meskill, and Kyle Hay gettin down during Spring Break! Don’t forget every Wednesday you can get a Park Chair Lift Ticket, Barn Session, and a Beer or a Soda for $35!!! Do IT.

March Radness = Free Woodward Gear

A sampling of the free Woodward at Copper logo that could be waiting for you at Summer Camp*

In celebration of March Radness Woodward at Copper is giving away a FREE Woodward at Copper goodie bag to everyone who books a Summer Camp Session on any Wednesday during the month of March. Not only do you get FREE Woodward at Copper goodies, but you can save up $100 off your summer camp purchase. You got to admit that’s pretty RAD.

Aaron putting some rad goodie bags together.

This could be you*

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ThirtyTwo Spot Check: Copper Mountain

Since these were pretty damn good last season, ThirtyTwo has decided to give the spot checks another go. First up, the early season park of Woodward at Copper. Wish you were here!

Copper 2011 Opener!

Copper is open! A few Hobos, including Red Gerard, Kyle Hay, and Colin Walters hit up opening day on Nov. 3 (which featured ‘merica’s first double jump line), and just in case your school/work has vimeo blocked, here are some photos too! Read more