Ashbury’s Wildcat Strike Interview

Jordan Mendenhall and Will Tuddenham are in a band called Wildcat Strike. Ashbury got the guys on on the balcony to get the dirt on their music, lives and more. Watch it and if you’re so inspired, learn more at

Will Tuddenham: The Remix

Not sick of Will Tuddenham yet? Well, neither are we and neither is Videograss, who just remixed a grip of Will’s footage for your viewing pleasure. Feel the hammertime. Let your jaw drop as crazy shit happens left and right. And hope, pray and beg that someone wises up, scoops up Will and restores the balance so maybe, just maybe, one of you can someday get sponsored.

A Quickie with Will Tuddenham

Prepare for Monday. That’s when Videograss and Yobeat will release the remixed version of Will Tuddenham’s “Shoot the Moon” section. If you haven’t seen the original, it’s heavy, awesome, and the bangers, well, they are the real deal. That’s why we found it odd that Mr. Tuddenham is currently without a board sponsor, seemingly at the height of his budding career. We caught up with Will, to make sure he hasn’t killed himself, and to see what’s next in our very first “Quickie” interview.

You lost your board sponsor, your friends are busy traveling and your girlfriend is drinking beer in Australia. Does that sum up your life right now?

I guess so… That’s pretty shitty when you look at it like that.

So why the split between you and Nitro? 

Thats a good question, some what of a long story, but to make it quick I guess you could say I was cut. I was never officially told I was -—just happened.

One day the checks stopped showing up and no one would pick up your calls?

Not exactly… I was told it was going to be hard to keep giving me what I was getting, but to keep in touch and we would see what we could work out.  The next thing I heard is that someone at Nitro was telling people I wasn’t on the program anymore. I was paid through the end of my contract though, so I wasn’t totally screwed.

Does this make you look at snowboarding differently? Where’s your head at?

Yeah a lot differently.  I mean I still love snowboarding and still want to keep filming more than anything, but it’s pretty hard to stay motivated when you get cut and you didn’t do anything to deserve it. It’s made me pretty bitter.

So you weren’t “marketable” enough for Nitro. What do you think really “sells” these days?

Loud funny snowboarders, being all over the web, first or last part in a movie, and triple corks? I honestly don’t really know, but I need to figure it out ASAP.

L1/Yobeat Vol.1 from YoBeat on Vimeo.

Well, let’s find out how marketable you are. Do you have tattoos?

Yes I do.

I hear that’s cool. Have you considered a neck tat? Or getting an inappropriate one for a web video?

Never considered it, neck tat wouldn’t happen though, especially since I have to get a real life job now.

Are you willing to develop a substance abuse problem or do a short stint in jail?

I could do some jail time if it was for something awesome.  I’m really into Breaking Bad right now, maybe I could get into cooking meth.

Are you handy with chemistry? 

No… I suck at chemistry… Shit…

Do you think the Dew Tour or Triple Corks could even help you? Does anyone even want to see you do that shit?

I don’t think it would, I like to believe people would like to so me doing the type of snowboarding I enjoy doing.  Plus, even if I could do that shit I don’t know that I would,  It’s not my type of snowboarding.

Are you good at anything besides snowboarding?

Not especially, I like playing music a lot.  Jordan (Mendenhall) and I are in a band.

Trick question, good snowboarders don’t get cut. Ok, that was a joke and super mean, but is it awkward being in a band with Jordan knowing he didn’t get cut?

No definitely not, Jordan is insanely good, always films a really good part and deserves to be sponsored forever. If someone like Jordan were to get cut, I would seriously question that company and their outlook on snowboarding.

Terrible Tuesday: 3 Pointers with William Tuddenham from Pat Fenelon on Vimeo.

So if Will Tuddenham can’t get a board sponsor, what chance do the thousands of other kids have? 

Well first off, I’m definitely not anything special, so probably a good chance. But in all honesty, I don’t have a lot of faith in snowboard companies anymore, and it’s not because there isn’t a market for it the type of snowboarding guys like me are doing, it’s because a lot of snowboard companies don’t think there is a market for that type of snowboarding.  It’s like they all of the sudden lost faith in it.

So what’s your plan for the rest of the winter?

Keep boarding, get a job, play music.

Who would you consider your worst sponsor all-time?

Hmm Rossignol was probably the worst of ‘em.

What would you consider the scariest shot you’ve ever gotten?

The gap to ledge that was the last shot in my part in Shoot the Moon.

You were the young dude behind Jon (Kooley) and Jordan at Nitro, are you ready to step up to the plate and be a man?

Yeah I’m ready, fuck yeah.

Could you find the time in your busy schedule to make some edits for Yobeat? 

Yeah lets do this.

We’ll pay you the same as Nitro, aka nothing. Deal?

Done deal.

While currently on the market, the nice gents’ at Capita have been feeding Will a healthy flow of snowboards to tide him over. Hopefully he can film a part in snowless Utah with them. We at Yobeat believe 2012 will end up being a great year for young Will, or we’re all dead anyway and none of this matters.

Terrible Tuesday: The U of U Bomb

Will Tudenham and Justin Keniston take the trax to the top of the U and bomb down. Along the way they run into friends Sam Taxood and Benjamin Bilodeau and do a few sweet moves too.

Under Review: VG Presents “Shoot the Moon”

You should own Videograss’s Shoot the Moon. It’s got talent, attitude and a vibe of destruction. As director Justin Meyer put it, “This isn’t mother approved.” Dirks’ part alone will get you grounded. But, your eyes will open to a whole new world of urban destruction. What else could you want? How about a bonus movie by Bryan Fox and Scotty Wittlake. Yeah, seriously. For ten bucks, you’d be stupid not to have your own copy.

Overall Grade: A

Notes: Why does Shoot the Moon deserve an A grade? Because it comes with a bonus movie, an insane roster, incredible creativity, Jed Anderson, a great soundtrack and a performance only this crew can deliver.

Burn or Buy: Buy. Two movies, one price. Oh, and Scotty Wittlake.

The Rundown:

Louif Paradis
Instead of inventing new tricks, Louif is now inventing ways to hit the urban sprawl. His X-games real snow stuff is in there, his banger could have put him in a body cast and he seriously makes the upper echelons of tech wizardly look too damn easy. Just wait for the nosepress-gap-5050.
*Frank April Guests shots are no joke. Way to take advantage of the moment.

Will Tuddenham
Hope snowboarding pays off, because Will is going to need some new knees. That said, whoever’s paying the bills over at Nitro and L1 should give Will a fucking raise. Kid has officially arrived. Everything is high on the death factor, the gaps are huge and the bangers are fucked.

Jordan Mendenhall
First shot was a hard slam, then things picked up. Jordan reminds us why he’s been pro all these years and why he still has a thing or two to teach us. With enough hipster bullshit to drive up the Urban Outfitters stock, Jordan just delivered one of his best parts ever.

Jake OE
Doesn’t tie his boots, doesn’t use high backs, rarely uses gloves, doesn’t give a fuck and seems immune to cold. None of it makes sense, but all of it is awesome to watch. You’ll love this part for the unique spin Jake puts on everything, and for having the best hand plant in snowboarding.

Dan “Danimal” Liedahl
Welcome to the future. There’s not a lot to say about his part other than, “Wow.” Watching Dan you can literally see what direction snowboarding is headed in. Bigger, badder, more tech.

Nick Dirks
Last year, femur snapped. This year, brain snapped. The tattoo covered, beard having, chain smoking, Budweiser guzzling wild child has a special gift. He’s good enough that each shot screams, “Fine, I’ll fucking film but then we get to go to the bar.” But let’s be honest, you’re going to remember this part because it just doesn’t make sense. Smoking on a plane? Jumping a camel? Graveyard powder runs? Embrace the moments of madness people.

Chris Grenier
There’s really nothing bad you could say about this kid or this part. It’s creative as hell. Packed with attitude. Unique and original. Everything he shoots has a personal style to it. Oh, and this is Grendy’s best part ever. Real must see TV shit. Double flips, rail fuckery and the style is heavy.

Johnny Miller & LNP
Lots of hair. Like, girls locker room levels. But, there is also a ledge that if you were to fall I’m 99% sure you’d just die. It’s really scary just to see on TV. Your body might explode even.

Justin Bennee
Justin Bennee has transcended Technine to become a style guru of his own ilk. He gets better every year. He still owns the nollie, still likes knifes and even after breaking his face all those years ago still loves rails with a big, concrete drop off.

Gus Engle
Still weird, still Alaskan, still gnarly. He might not stop smiling. He might ride to a goofy song. But, I think we’ve all come to accept that Gus has a pension for danger that takes more talent than most to get away with.

Jon Kooley
Best opening shot I’ve seen in a long time. Besides that it’s the same old Kooley we’ve known for years, which isn’t a bad thing at all. His style is still top of the class. He’s still tech, and not afraid of rails with consequence. Seriously though, the opening shot is awesome.

Darrell Mathes
Still a ladies man. Still in the streets. Still blowing minds. Watch for two wall rides you won’t see anywhere else. The ability to jump a snowboard in both the backcountry and busy streets. And of course, outfit inspiration for all you fashion show freaks out there.

Zac Marben
Methods and mustaches. This is Zac’s best part ever. Don’t argue, just watch it. It’s seriously fucked up. He goes up rails. He jumps down rails. He slides down rails. He spins onto rails. He spins off of rails. He does whatever the fuck he wants and it’s all amazing. And then he goes into the backcountry and says, “Fuck it, I’m giong to do a double cork or two.”

Jonas Michilot
Jokes, cigs, gaps and hair. At some point Jonas says, “Psych! Oh, shit I’m sorry.” and starts laughing. That pretty much sums it up. He can’t just do “a” trick anymore. Everything needs a variation, a tweak, a spin, a revert, a jam, a holy shit did he just wallride to a rail? Chalk this up to another, “Best part of his career.”

Jed Anderson
Jed can’t even fall right. He just lands on his feet. He also can’t act gangster that well, I guess that’s the harsh reality of being a Canadian child. You know what though? It doesn’t matter, because just like last year, and the year before that, Jed filmed a part that puts anything you’ve ever done to shame. Maybe someday someone else will get to close a video Jed is in, but that day might be a decade away.


VG Round Three

Somehow Yobeat has gotten to a point where Brooke Geery can fly me around on a whim. This particular whim happened to be the third annual Videograss premiere. Having not been home to Portland in a year, and having not seen anyone in at least that long I was excited. But I’m sure you’re more interested in the movies than my little homecoming, so we’ll break this down into two parts.


Videograss released two movies this year. If you don’t know that, then there is almost no chance you’re reading this article. Anyway, let’s start with “Retrospect”. Joe Carlino and crew put together something solid, and a real review will come out some other day, but for now I’ll drop these hints; Austin Smith opens and reminds us why we gave such a fuck however many years ago he blew our minds. Ethan Diess is a welcomed addition and redefines what it means to lock into a rail. Ben Bilocq and Harrison Gordon are back in action, and guess what, they got better at snowboarding. Then there are the two other newcomers, Alex Andrews and Jake Kuzyk. They both rip, but Jake’s part is way better and his banger will make you hate how bad at snowboarding you are. Moving on.

Shoot the Moon is mostly the original VG crew. It’s the bolder, louder, not so powder happy of the two films. Here’s all you need to know, because you should just see it anyway. Louif Paradise is an unreal talent and behind his French-Canadian accent and nice guy ways are two of the biggest balls in the industry. Get excited for that part. Then there’s everyone from Will Tuddenham who apparently hates his knees to Chris Grenier, Gus Engle, Marben, Mathes and the rest of the, “We can ride really fucking well” club. Then, there’s Justin Bennee. This might be my favorite part of his in years. As if that wasn’t enough just wait for Jon Kooley, Jonas Michilot and guess who, Jed Anderson. Jon’s got the best first shot of the winter. Jonas does stuff I don’t know about. And, of course, Jed Anderson shits on everyone without breaking a sweat. Then there was the party…


The first premiere is legendary. Strippers, Vans and total chaos. Then last year the riot squad showed up and a bunch of people got arrested. But this year, this year there was no one dramatic event to cap everything off. It’s as if everyone grew up and realized they could take over an entire city and then wake up wherever they wanted. The party spilled into multiple bars. The best part about being there is you get to be there, see the action and live to tell about it. The bad part about reading it online is well, you’ll never really know if Jon Kooley punched a guys face in, or if Nick Dirks was at a strip club just hours before he was supposed to fly to Chile. You won’t know which girls made out in front of the bar, and you for sure won’t know that Toby Witte woke up on some sidewalk 20 blocks from home without most of his possessions from the night before. You’ll just never find that sort of stuff out.

Everyone was jazzed about the Premiere. Austin Will and WESC’s Sean Black got all huggy with excitement.

Will Tuddenham had his best part ever. His knees probably had the worst year ever.

Mike Hakker was there looking like 2010 Lance Hakker. Girls dig both looks apparently.

Austin Smith was celebrating his opener with plenty of  beer while pretending he gave a shit about water.

Nick Dirks actually showed up, then got drunk, then reenacted his video part for everyone.

Expect lots of this from Nick Dirks in Shoot the Moon.

Jake OE was more excited about a night in Portland than anything else.

Ben Bogart and the rest of the HCSC crew came down to make party and scrutinize the VG flicks.

All the way from Brooklyn for the movie premiere. What was your excuse for not showing up?

Marie Hucal and Jon Stark made-out, I mean made it to the premiere.

Joe Carlino was so freaking hyped after his VG directorial debut.

Colton Morgan shed his kid image for something much more, “Not allowed in school zones.”

Desiree Melancon didn’t want her photo taken. Which is stupid.

Durell Williams pretended like he didn’t want the exposure either. We all know he needs it.

The big stars came out. Here’s the cast of next years “Beauty and the Beast.” Hana Beaman and Pat Bridges.

What an annoying trend. Or maybe Johnny Brady just doesn’t like being flashed in the face?

June Bhongjan’s new Peep Show flick is about to drop. Check it out on internets everywhere!

My favorite dude ever Justin Keniston was there. He’s 21 finally, so he got drunk with the best of them.

Kyle Fischer showed up with some girl that I was supposed to know. Sorry about that, I’m a jerk.

Photog extraordinaire and Portland loc’ Alex Mertz was there early, to capitalize on the beer situation.

Jarad Hadi made a unique appearance with boss man Mikey LeBlanc. Also, Big Foot came out of nowhere.

Gabby doesn’t need a last name, but Nick probably does. Anyway, I didn’t see either of these two again.

Nima came up. He said he might actually film next year. If you want him to start commenting below.

Pretty sure these two are drunk, but they are both so mild-mannored you’d never know.

Shit started to get silly after a while. The Snowboarder crew seems to be very close…

Then, as all VG premieres go, shit started to get creepy and I  promised not to publish the photos, for now…

L1: Day 1

This is the first installment in our webisode series with the L1 team. In this episode, join Jordan Mendenhall, Will Tuddenham, and Jon Kooley on their first day day of the boarding season, October 26th, 2010.

This video brought to you by

Terrible Tuesdays: 3-Pointers with Will Tuddenham

It’s important to have a skill other than snowboarding. Tudd Hammers can ball!

Bye Bye Brighton

The lifts are closed at Brighton. Harrison Gordon, Johnny Miller, Parker Duke, Will Tuddenham, Tim Benasich, Mouse, Ted Borland, and Mac Spedale get a few last laps in. (Excuse the dirty lens it was a slushy one.)

The Kr3w Does Bear Mountain

This isn’t news at all, and it will soon be on every snowboard website (if it isn’t already.) But we like the team that Kr3w (perhaps with a little help from a certain SoCal sunglass manufacturer?) has assembled, and this video was fun to watch. Plus, maybe this time the anonymous comment battle will be on our site, and you know we love those!

The New KR3W

Jon Kooley, Jordan Mendenhall, Nima Jalali, Will Tuddenham, Jake Olson-Elm, Nick Dirks, and Jed Anderson join KR3W and are ready to take down the streets, mountains, woods, and everything else along the way.. Now that’s our kind of press release.

Terrible Tuesday Tips: Dog Sitting With Will Tuddenham

[media id=12 width=555 height=320]

Will Tudds is a good guy, a great boarder, and an excellent dog sitter. Will filmed with the infamous People crew this winter but cant seem to find himself a good board sponsor. Here, Will shows you how he pays the bills.

Promo Shot: Will Tuddenham


A mellow dude like Will Tuddenham might not have the notoriety of some other dudes, but now that people know he likes YoBeat, well, prepare for the papparazzi!

See all our fans HERE!