Sean Whitaker’s Season at Brighton

Some snowboard wizardy from Mr. Wean Shitaker himself.

Edit: Andrew Nagel

SEGCOS: The Movie Teaser

It may not be the most progressive snowboarding we’ve ever seen in a teaser, but we still enjoy watching the Super Exclusive Gentleman’s Club of Snowboarding and maybe you will too.

Featuring Tucker Brown, Nick Sappio, Sean Whitaker, Orie Katsilometes, Sam Elam, Cameron Gorby, Cooper Thomas, Jeff Holce, Ryan Lanham, Jamie Orkin and Friends.

Film: Andrew Nagel, Seamus Foster
Edit: Andrew Nagel

SEGCOS #2 2012

Apparently the Super Exclusive Gentleman’s Club of Snowboarding was too exclusive for the Crew Clash, so you’ll have to wait for the full length to see the street hammers drop. For now, here’s a sneak peak of what all the edits from Brighton will look like for the next month. It’s spring, kids!

Riders: Tucker Brown, Sean Whitaker, Kevin Maples, Jeff Holce, Brett Maes, Logan Griffith, Rob Field, Jack Cornell and Orie Katsilometes.

Filmed: Andrew Nagel, Orie Katsilometes
Edited: Andrew Nag

Welcome to The Streets

Forum Snowboards sponsored Seven Spring’s new urban-inspired park, The Streets, and brought in various highly influential media representatives to check it out. To make it even more enticing for us media types, they brought a few team riders to do stunts on the obstacles for a “private” shoot prior to today’s opening bash. We’re not too cool for super exclusive-ish shit, so we are TOTALLY THERE.

Austen Sweetin has been riding non-stop, and killing the suburban, urban obstacles, along with Nico Cioffi, Stevie Bell, and more. Below are some photos from the shoot and a little taste of what you can expect if you get your ass to Seven Springs tonight for the super grand opening of the Streets.


Super Exclusive Gentleman’s Club of Snowboarding 2012

This is proof that our tough love approach to submissions works! The Super Exclusive Gentleman’s Club of Snowboarding is back with better riding, better filming and better editing! Yay!

Dom Luza, Andrew Aldridge, Dan Rawdogski, Cam Walters, Andrew Nagel, Jen Oleskowicz, Uncle Gary, Shaun Nakamine, Matty Ryan, Logan Decker, Logan Griffith, Tucker Brown, Brett Maes, Jim Katsilometes, Orie Katsilometes and Sean Whitaker.

Film: Andrew Nagel & Orie Katsilometes
Edit: Andrew Nagel

It’s Official: Tedore Joins the CAPiTA Pro Team

Believe the hype. Sean Tedore is officially a member of the CAPiTA Super Corp pro (desk) team. If you catch a glimpse of him in Welches or Govy today, he may even have a sticker for ya! Here’s the official release direct from C3 world headquarters. Read more