Official Intern Report: Hot Dawgs and Handrails 2017 at Bear Mountain

Following our attempts at being funny on instagram, we’ve been having nightmares about people calling us Turdlord forever. Matt Coughlin. 

All photos: Kieth Rutherford @kieth78

Hotdogs and handrails? More like hotdogs and hammers! Despite long lines to eat actual hot dogs, there were plenty of free tacos, sweet pros, and good vibes at Bear Mountain’s 2017 winter kick-off party on September 23, 2017. In addition to double chucks and rail dancing mastery, Method Man and Red Man were on hand to shut down the show. THE Snoop Dogg also made an appearance, but he probably smoked more blunts than the number of words he spoke to the crowd. Perks of being Snoop, I guess. 

After a jam-packed day full of beers, boards and bros, French Canadian newcomer Frank Jobin walked away 10k richer, while Jaeger Bailey took 2nd for the third year in the row. Yung Trollhaugen rail slayer Benny Millam rounded out the podium and showed the world what a proper hard way 270 looks like. Madison Blackley extended her winning streak and took home a check worth a solid 20% of Frank’s. Lenny Mazzoti also took home a half a g for his switch back 270 to regs, on the gap to down bar.

It’s a mads, mads world out there. r: Madison Blackley.

Other notable riders included Ryan Paul with his beautiful beard and banger tricks, Denis Bonus who spun on and off rails like Donald Trump’s presidency, and Sam Klein who repped Wisco like a G. Drayden Gardner spent most of his time upside down and showed us around town, and Halldor Helgason turned up looking clean cut, but managed to be remain everyone’s favorite dude and snowboarder even without his flowing locks.

Rail jam season is now officially underway and hopefully they’ll let us go to another one of these things. Until then, thanks to Bear Mountain for hosting and letting us park in the VIP lot, Stinky Socks for the gas money and clean socks, the security guards for not checking the back pocket of our bags for beers, and the most thanks to the Gardner family for letting us lowly interns crash on your couches so we didn’t have spoon in the truck! 

— James A. Windsor, Yobeat intern

Business on the top, party all the time. Haldor Helgasson and an unknown skater. 

Next week Riley Knickerson is trying out for American Ninja Warrior, so he wanted to get as much time on the giant red foam balls as possible. 

Wait, is Nora Beck riding a powder board at a rail comp or is that what jib sticks look like now?


Mahloha Laps – Boreal

What’s that, you’re already tired of Boreal edits? Well, the sun is shining, the people are out and the parks are on point, so we don’t imagine they’ll stop dropping anytime soon.

Film: Scott Thompson & Alex de Guzman
Edit: Scott Thompson
Riders: Dan Danzberger, Burt Pocock, Scott Thompson

State of Shred: Southern California

While daydreaming of California one usually conjures the stereotypical images of the “Golden State”. There’s the Beach Boys, palm trees, surfers, blonds, fake boobs and traffic; snowboarding doesn’t exactly come mind right off the bat. Don’t be fooled, even as far south as Los Angeles, California boasts 10,000-ft peaks, powder days and one of the most fun parks built today. Sure, most of the ski areas in Southern California are overcrowded and get barely enough snowfall to cover the gritty desert dirt, but drive a couple hours north and you’ll score some of the most consistent powder days in the Eastern Sierras. If you don’t catch a storm there, instead you can ride two of the biggest parks built at Mammoth and June. The snow (except above mentioned) and the people may be artificial, but it doesn’t mean you should cross it off your list.

Best Park: Toss up between Bear Mountain and June Mountain
Best Powder: Mammoth
Best Pipe: Mammoth’s is bigger but June’s is more fun to ride
Best Run: Through the woods burm track from June to the town of June Lake
Most abundant fake boobs: Mountain High
Night Snowboarding: Mountain High
Best Drive: Mammoth
Gnarliest chair: June’s J1 (it’s a high old double with no bar)
Best Vibes: Baldy
Worst Vibes: Mountain High
Best place to ride the actual mountain: Mammoth
Best Contest: Bear Mountain, Hot Dawgz and Handrails
Best Nightlife: Mammoth
Best Bloody: Bear Mountain
Best Lodging: Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain

Zak Hale and the Analog Box

Anyone who has seen the web edits or ridden a chairlift here knows that Bear Mountain is a rail rider’s Mecca. It’s tiny by West Coast standards, gets very few powder days (if you can even call them that), and is overrun by Inland Empire gangsters. Even with these disadvantages, Bear has become without question the most fun mountain to ride on a non-powder day. This is because the immaculate park runs top to bottom, is groomed multiple times a day, and is constantly updated with new rails, wallrides, tubes, stairsets and all sorts of other creative setups. As an added bonus it’s almost always sunny and spring-like conditions here. Bear Mountain is a Southern California must; snowboarding in a hoodie and sunglasses with a couple mandatory bloody mary’s in one of the most fun parks in the US is not a bad way to spend a day at 8,805 feet.

Mountain High

Kyle Lopiccolo courtesy of Mt. High

Mountain High, similar to Bear, offers a well maintained top-to-bottom park right in the backyard of LA. The selling point for Mountain High is night snowboarding, with most of their terrain operational under lights. This year Mountain High is adding to their terrain park four new “Los Angeles Features,” which are exact replicas of famous LA spots. My favorite feature is the “Wedge Quaterpipe,” which I’m sure will make all the boogie boarders who snowboard here feel right at home. In addition to the bigger setups, a beginner zone and some other creative features are scattered about the hill for less experienced riders to progress on. Whether you’re learning how to snowboard or just looking to take some laps in the park, Mountain High is worth a visit.

Mount Baldy

Mount Baldy is a paradox. Located just outside of LA, Baldy has been known to host powder days completely misrepresentative of the region’s climate. The cat is out of the bag regarding California’s weather and waves, but powder days here is Southern California’s best-kept secret. Baldy is mellow, quiet, and even with its proximity to LA, the lift lines are rarely long. Here, the classic ski-area scene made up mostly of grandpas and bearded-men is a nice change of pace from the surrounding mountains. Established in 1944, Baldy boasts the steepest vertical drop in Southern California and an elevation of 10,064 ft. I know, I double-checked this fact, and it’s true.


Mammoth has amazing parks. They also have this. Jussi Oksanen. Photo: Peter Morning

You either have heard of it, have ridden here, or you live under a rock. Located in the Eastern Sierras, a six-hour drive from LA, three hours from Reno and five minutes from the Mammoth Airport, the town sits atop one of the thinnest layers of the Earth’s crust. That means an abundance of hippie-occupied desert hot springs for afternoon Après-ski. As one of the first mountains to open and last to close for the season, this “mammoth” size resort offers plenty of freeriding, steep terrain and one of the most famous parks in America. Oh yeah, and it’s sunny all the time, unless of course it’s dumping snow. Mammoth is a freak of ski area nature; if it’s not accumulating multiple feet of snow, it’s bluebird. However, Mammoth is not perfect; it’s isolated, expensive to stay and ride, very crowded and the small town is frequently pushed beyond its capacity with Southern Californians who don’t know how to drive their luxury SUV’s in the snow.


June Mountain was once one of California’s best-kept secrets, until the mountain started consistently appearing on covers of snowboard magazines. June Lake’s peak tourism season is summer (fishing) so the town is very sleepy during the winter. June gets the same storms as Mammoth, being that it is only 15 minutes away, but none of the crowds. Your cell phone will probably not work and there is no Internet, so status updates about how many fresh tracks you got until your legs gave out will have to wait until you get home. If it’s not snowing, June boasts a park that rivals Mammoth; huge jumps, small jumps, a somehow always spring-like pipe, creative setups and baby stuff; the variety leaves nothing to be desired. At the end of the day, there is a way to ride from the top of one of the chairs into town via a high-speed burm track through the woods. It is the most fun run in all of California, and best of all, waiting for you at the bottom is the stiffest $3.00 drink you’ve ever had at the Tiger Bar.

ThirtyTwo Premieres Ammo: People Watch it!

LAKE FOREST, CA. (Sept. 15, 2011) — Last night, ThirtyTwo’s first full-length AM film, AMMO, premiered at the ThirtyTwo and etnies headquarters in Lake Forest in front of more than 500 fans. With the AMMO stars present, the video premiere party buzzed all night with constant cheers all throughout the screenings of AMMO and Shoot the Moon and into the beer garden, where the free PBR kept on flowing. The premiere party may have ended, but the AMMO celebration continues for everyone with the first AMMO video part dropping online today (Sept.15) on

It was a big night for Chris Brewster, Brandon Hobush, Dylan Alito and Spencer Schubert so of course they went big!

The hundreds of snowboarders and fans in attendance at the AMMO premiere got the chance to watch it with the ThirtyTwo AM riders who shredded and destroyed in the new video, Brandon Hobush, Spencer Schubert, Chris Brewster and Dylan Alito. AMMO was followed up with Videograss’ new video Shoot the Moon, which includes ThirtyTwo riders Chris Grenier, Johnny Miller and Jon Kooley.

The Tripod (Simon, Joe and JP) was there to support the AMs.

Starting today, will be dropping a video part from AMMO once a week through November 3, but you don’t have to wait until then to see it all. You can either go to your local snowboard shop to buy it today or download it from for $2.99 on October 1.

DJ Nathanetics fueled the party with good tracks before and after AMMO played.

It looks like some party goers took it upon themselves to build a PBR pyramid. During the premiere, the attendees enjoyed more than 1,000 free PBRs and 1,000 free tacos from Rasta Tacos.

Stay tuned to for the latest products and news on the team.

Mike Parillo’s Watch What You See

Observations and notations from current events, personalities, and places invoke a new series of paintings and mixed media work from Wyoming based artist Mike Parillo. Parillo’s report on the now comes in fragmented groups of work within one major body. Watch what you see is a social commentary conveying the artist’s fascination with various symbolic icons, locations and ideas from contemporary culture that have an indefinite resonating affect on his vision of the current global landscape.

Coming off the success of a sellout show in October at 210 AR4T Space in Laguna Beach; Parillo returns to Laguna with new ammo, a concentrated fervor, and explosive, new large and medium scale works. Parillo produces an exciting display on the random and a unique point of view on our society and culture. Conceptual pieces, portraits and Parillo’s notable mixed media pieces make up the main fragments in this new collection of work.


An icon in the snowboarding community, Mike Parillo has been contributing art and inspiration to famously creative companies like Volcom and Lib Technologies for two decades. His personal artistic endeavors convey a soul-searching journey through reality and beyond. Parillo’s work accesses extraordinary depth in an effort to map the less traveled intricacies of human existence. He manages to capture an essence of introspective awareness that sets the stage for true-life adventure. For more on Mike Parillo and to view his work visit: Mike Parillo is exclusively represented by CES/FA


CES/FA (Carl E. Smith Fine Art) is an exclusive artistic project founded by aspiring artist and designer Carl E. Smith. CES/FA has various major functions and services: 1. To propel the careers, endeavors, and visions of a select group of visual artists and to introduce and connect collectors, designers and galleries with their work. CES/FA will offer dynamic environments for both parties to develop understanding and seeks to create intimate levels of interaction through traditional exhibition programming and original private events. 2. To unite a group of like-minded creative individuals with the intention of introducing new content and imagery to the general public and private sectors. Artist presented and represented within CES/FA are friends, collaborators and professionals in the international creative community united towards a common goal. 3. Other functions of CES/FA include consulting, curating and collecting. These services are offered to galleries, businesses and private parties.

Hood Rat Saturday

Bear’s season is over. One last video from the Posted Crew to mourn the loss.

Riders: Kenny Johnson, Jake Schaible, Ian Dodds, Josh Thalman, Jordan Small, and Pat Garvin.

Ghetto Rail Jam: San Diego

It’s arguable if this is newsworthy or not. There weren’t any pros, and pretty sure no one won anything, but you gotta hand it to these kids for really going all out for a party. Also, at about 1:44 you almost see a girls boobs. Anyway, figured we’d throw it down here in the news section because we like their spirit.