The Flippin Bird Interview

While Colorado may get a bad rep here on Yobeat, there are a few shining beacons of light. One of them, is the flippin’ bird crew – T Diggy, Apple and Lamar J. These find young gentleman just dropped their latest edit and rather post as is, we thought we’d use our media clout to get an exclusive interview with T Diggy. Here ya go.

How did Flippin Bird come to be?

Well Lamar J and I were on the Winter Park snowboard team for a few years, and then one day this funny little kid nicknamed Apple showed up and started making jokes and everyone liked him. We didn’t start hanging out with him a lot but when the team went to High Cascade we started chilling and filming!
Do you guys obey the high cascade big six rules even when you’re not at camp?

haha hell no. To tell you the truth i cant remember most of them but Apple lives in Steamboat so hes always getting into some fun shit. Lamar J and I like to party too, but Apple is a wild dude.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen Apple do? Or heard about?

he told me once that he went into this party in Fort Collins (his hometown) and he had to piss. So he goes into the bathroom all drunk and starts pissing, but he didn’t realize he was leaking all over this passed out girls head! she wasn’t stoked.

That’s just gross, but getting drunk and peeing on someone is pretty normal, I think. So, you guys got picked up, and dropped from Saga. Which was more exciting?

I think the shock of getting picked up was more exciting because we had never been sent a package of free stuff before. We knew it was a brand that people hated on but we didn’t care about that. Getting dropped was funny because everyone told us it was for the better! considering the fact that they dropped other riders its a no brainer we did too, no hate to Jerm though. He treated us well

Are you guys still getting any flow?

Not at the moment. Dylan Alito and Pat Barraza hooked us up with some Volcom clothes which was awesome. I think when we start getting good at riding we might pick up some sponsors, but not right now.

haha so you guys admit snowboarding isn’t one of your strong suits. Would you say you are more of a lifestyle crew?

haha, yeah we are definitely known more for the lifestyle shots than the actual riding shots. I would like to get away from that more and start actually getting hammers if you can picture that… but i’m trying to bring new guys like Sam Buckmelter into the mix, he can contribute some good shots and he’s sick on jumps too.

Are there any darksides to internet fame or do you feel like your 15 minutes are over?

I don’t think there are besides reading hate comments. We all get noticed in real life, at snowboard on the block a lot of people recognized Lamar J and Apple has been approached in steamboat by fans. I hope our 15 minutes aren’t over, I mean if anyone watches our first edit and the new one you can see the riding is better, because I know I’ve been working harder for clips recently. Whether it’s more entertaining is up to the viewer.

Who have you guys been digging lately, edit-wise?

All the LTC guys, anything from Scott Stevens/Change that tape, MN edits from 1817 etc., Strange Brew, Any Knowbuddy dudes killing it. I like watching those hammer edits, they’re sick.

What else can we expect from Flippin Bird this season?

You can expect the same type of edits, but with better riding, partying and hopefully some girls? Street shots as well!

Anything else you want to say to the Yobeat public?

Thanks to anyone that is down with what we’re doing and for getting us out there on the interwebs. peace!

How to Make Your Crew Standout

This is the Thug Krew. Follow them on Facebook!

People like to claim snowboarding as an individual activity, full of personal expression and all that nonsense, but truth is, it’s a lot more fun to do with friends. And since “fun” is a big deal in snowboarding right now, “the crew” is really enjoying its place in the snowboard spotlight. There are tons of crew video contests, crew movies, and even pro teams are pretending they all like each other for that together-y feeling.  But like everything in snowboarding, there are always gonna be certain crews that really stand out. Yawgoons, Lick the Cat, House of 1817, Footyfiend etc etc. What sets these guys apart from you and your homies? Well, there are a few things. Using this step by step guide, this season can be the year you guys break out and maybe even start getting free hoodies and beanies!

Hill City Squad – named after Duluth aka The City on a Hill.

1. A good name. Picking your crew name is key to your success. It should be something that’s easy to say, but just a little offbeat, so if someone Googles you they don’t get a bunch of unrelated bullshit. Pick an inside joke or if you’re really STUMPED, maybe you can get some tips from the Internet. Whatever you do, stick with it. Changing names often confuses everyone.

True fact: UKC has a “team manager”.

2. A leader. Snowboarders tend not to be the most motivated or organized individuals, so when you get them together, it’s basically like herding cats. You need one person in the group who can make the decisions, make sure shit happens, and otherwise keep your crew together. A lot of times they’re also the filmer, which brings us to our next point…

Dr. B is a leader and a filmer. The double wammy.

3. A dedicated filmer. There is no way you can be successful or relevant in snowboarding today without someone filming your every move. Ideally, they should be able to hold the camera steady, edit well and otherwise make all the hilarious antics and sick boarding they capture watchable. Bonus points if they’re some sort of weird character.

Tre Squad even lets a skier play and it works for them!

4. At least one good snowboarder. Don’t worry, many a snowboard career has been built on riding someone’s coattails. It’s awesome if all of your buddies kill it, but it’s more realistic that only one or two of you have above-average talent. That’s ok, just make sure when your footage hits the internet, that person has stacked tons of clips. Bonus: if they’re sponsored, the rest of the crew can leach off them and use their hand-me-down gear.

LTC- The Ultimate social networkers.

5. A digital presence. No one is going to pay attention to you if you’re not spamming them from every social network. Making a sick ass facebook page, get an instagram, twitter and even a blog. Think of it as a resume you can send out to potential sponsors and media outlets to show them how serious you guys are.

Finally, there are many other things you can do to make your crew stand out. Get matching tattoos, get a shitty van to live communally in all winter, get a black kid, whatever. We can’t give away all the secrets. We can tell you though, it’s best to start building up hype now so that you have lots of followers when the snow finally flies. Then it’s just a matter of living the dream daily and before you know it, you’ll all be snowboarding superstars, drowning in powder, pussy and product!

Arnette Crew Clash: Tranny Finders vs. Kotbrats

We’re reaching the end of the first round here in the Arnette Crew Clash, and this week’s competition really spans the globe. From right here in the Northwest, we have the Tranny Finders and from all the way in Austria comes the Kotbrats. Despite being from opposite sides of the globe, the crews have a lot in common. They both like the park (though TF wanted you to know their saving all their heavy street hammers for the full length) and both crews snowboard for fun! They also opted to edit to the same band from the list provided. It’s uncanny, really. But only one can continue on toward securing a place on Think Thank’s 2011 DVD, and that part is totally up to you.

Tranny Finders

Riders: Connor Brown, Myles Gable, Riley Goodwin, Bo Valencia, Dylan Trewin, Garry Read, Robert Bench, Jesse Gouviea, Ben Maki,
Edit: Jesse Gouviea
Location: Seattle
Song: Reports – Bill Wyman Metal Detector & Reports- Outside


Riders: Tobi Hartmuth, Fabi Sandholzer, Gido Gfoellner, Raffi Kossman, Marry Luugen
Location: Park in Serfaus and Street in Seefeld, both in Tirol (Austira)
Song: The Reports – Exit Plan

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The Crew Clash is brought to you by Arnette, Think Thank, Yobeat and Banshee Bungee. The winning crew’s video will be featured in the bonus section of Think Thank’s 2011 Movie “Ransack Rebellion” and will also receive a 20′ Banshee Bungee and tons of goggles, sunglasses and accessories from Arnette for the whole crew. The three runners up will also receive prizes from Arnette.

The Arnette Crew Clash Video Tournament

8 Crews. 6 Weeks. 1 Winner.

Snowboarding might not be a team sport, but it sure is nice to have a crew. After all you need one guy to film, one guy to edit, one guy to blog and a couple guys to do the tricks. But seriously, you’ve already been filming all season so get your best clips together and submit your video to the 2011 Arnette Crew Clash, a tournament for ultimate crew glory, and a chance to have your video featured in the bonus section of Think Thank’s Ransack Rebellion. The top eight submitted videos will be selected by YoBeat to compete in a tournament-style show down, and the video that outlasts the rest will secure a spot on this year’s Think Thank DVD and a grip of goodies from Arnette.


Submission Deadline: April 8, 2011.

The crews selected for battle will be notified and the tournament will begin Monday April 11, 2011. A winner will be announced May 23, 2011. For all the details on entering and available tracks for editing to, please visit

The Grand Prize

Your video featured in Think Thank
An Arnette prize pack for each member of your crew
A Banshee Bungee for your crew

The Crew Clash is brought to you by Arnette. Become a fan on Facebook.

Meet: The Bang Show


You’ve seen the teasers. You’ve wished they were your friends. And now we actually talked to the guys behind the Bang Show. After emailing with both Maxwell Scott (who runs the email) and Nick Brewer (who “invented” the crew) and getting several 1 am phone calls from Andrew Brewer, we’re pretty much down with the guys. In short, this crew seems to know what snowboarding is about, and they take that shit really seriously. In fact, we give this video at least a 75% of actually coming out.

Location: Colorado, Utah, New York, Reno, Mass, Minnesota, and New Jersey
Riders: Ben Capron, Mike Goodwin, Andrew Brewer, Maxwell Scott, Charlie Deptula, Nick Brewer, Billy Mackey, Greg Sudac, Kyle Fischer, Josh Bishop, Alex Cutler, Jackson Fowler, Eric Messier, Ben Rice, Blake Rhodes Reid, Colin Walters, Justin Keniston, and some other homies.
Filmer/Editor: hah.

Approximately how much whiskey would you say you drank this past season?

Maxwell: whiskey? we only drink mikes hard

Nick: Enough to single handedly keep the liquor store down the street in business during these difficult economic times. Nothin’ but Canadian Mist.

Did you get your security deposit back on your apartment(s)? If you haven’t moved out yet, do you think you will?

Nick: Is this a trick question?


Maxwell going rogue?

What was the best party of the year?

Nick: Probably this one –

So what will the ratio of partying to snowboarding be in the video?

Nick: Probably the same ratio of guys to girls at one of our parties. Roughly 10 to 1.

Why did you decide to name your video the same name as Pat Moore’s contest at Waterville?
Maxwell: ‘cuz we like to rip people’s shit off

Nick: Ha ha no, about 3 years ago we lived in a house and there was this little room that just had a skylight and a bed in it. It’s where the homies crashed and the chicks got chopped. Thus, The Boneyard.


What about the name Bang Show. Where did that come from?

Nick: A few years back we were actually thinking of names for a future snowboarding video and we wanted to come up with a name that could easily be confused as a porno. Eventually we narrowed it down to The Bang Show and Genital Hospital, which may already be a porno, and The Bang Show won out. From there we made a blog and some stickers and the rest is history.

You guys seem cool, ever consider moving somewhere less douchey than Breck?

Maxwell: Oh right, like Salt Lake?

Nick: Ha ha, but seriously a lot of us don’t even live in Breck. That place sucks ass

What’s good about living in Breckenridge?

Nick: Absolutely nothing! Breckenridge is everything I hate about snowboarding rolled into one. First of all, the mountain itself is always cold, windy, crowded and full of douches. Yes the terrain park is amazing if you ever get there. You have to take a 15 minute bus ride and a 20 minute gondola ride just to get on the mountain. From there you’re looking at a half an hour lift line and roughly an hour and 30 minutes after leaving your car you’re finally taking your first run. Second, and arguably the most important reason why Breck sucks ass is because there isn’t an attractive girl within 60 miles. Basically, Breckenridge is a brosexual’s paradise.

What can we expect from Back to the Boneyard?

Nick: Hopefully 30 minutes of non-stop entertainment.
Andrew Brewer in Tahoe. Photo Andrew Hatch

Who do you think will have the best part?

Nick: Everyone. Were hoping that this won’t be one of those videos where you skip half the parts because they’re so ridiculously boring.

Is this your first movie? Why did you decide to make a movie?

Maxwell: We’ve never done anything before, we put out teasers as a joke but people actually liked them so I guess we’re making a video now…

Nick: Yea, we’ve never done anything before, which means the movie will probably suck. But we’re making this video for the same reason everybody else is in snowboarding and that is to make lots and lots of money.
What do you think makes a snowboard movie good?

Maxwell: less snowboarding

Nick: ha ha. The ICKS dudes couldn’t have said it any better. A movie should be entertainment first and snowboarding second. And a good soundtrack always helps

When will it be done, and where can people see it?

probably fall ? August or September?  We’ll have premiers/parties all around for people to get fucked up at. Like Salt Lake? New York, Denver/Boulder, Breck, Reno/Tahoe, Portland, Minneapolis, LA, Jersey Shore, Boston, Buffalo NY, Baton Rouge….. check our webpage for updates, the  blog,  or the vimeo page.


Mike Goodwin, location unknown