Different Vision productions: ShooThePark Volume One Zermatt

Don’t worry ski bigots of Yobeat, this one is two-plank free! Just some Euro boarders making it happen in their own way. So in the name of Swiss neutrality, we’re posting it for you to pass judgement as you may.

Featuring Max Zebe, Simon Gruber, Elio Fumagalli and Sebi Springeth
Videography: Marco Morandi
Photography: Zane Krajina
Music: “Sensitive” DeJa Benassi

DVP Presents: FWND Episode DEUX- Seiser Alm

Maybe I’m late. Yes. I’m probably late. But usually it’s the Euros who are late…riding around in outerwear from 2005 and doing swivels still. This edit is nothing like that and instead includes 2 kids I’ve never heard of before riding jumps and by the looks of it they aren’t doing half bad for themselves. Especially with this heavily videograss-influenced intro that someone put a lot of time into making. I’m down. It’s also funny when they talk. Although I don’t get the talking part that much because what is there to explain? They’re at a mountain, and they’re snowboarding.

Featuring Nicholas Bridgman and Simon Gruber riding Seiser Alm in Italy.

Simon Gruber’s Best Trick of 2010

Simon Gruber worked all season to get that one perfect trick. That truly amazing, part ending, mind blowing snowboard stunt that we all aspire to. Luckily, Isenseven posted it for all too see, even though it may be the BEST trick in next year’s video. Read more