SEGCOS Binaural Test

The gentlemen in Utah certainly aren’t letting a lack of natural snow get them down. So many natural obstacles.

Tucker Brown
Drew Elm
Pete Cerulo
Dylan Trewin
Pete Cimmino
Alex Cato
Sean Whitaker
Trevor Eichelberger

SEGCOS: Mammoth Openning Weekend

As expected, the SEGCOS squad rode Mammoth a little differently than everyone else. Keep doing you boys.

Riders: Jeremy Estorga, Richie Conklin, Nick Noneman, Mick Whitaker, Sean Whitaker & Alex Cato.

Send Jeff Holce to Japan

Imagine a World in which Jeff Holce the Athlete gets to go to Japan to compete in a rail jam and win the hearts of female anime cosplay fans across the country with his boarding maneuvers. That’s a world I want to live in.

Vote for Holce to be a Burton Rail Days Wildcard  starting October 20th. 

SEGCOS: Retina Display

In case you couldn’t figure out the password, even though it flashed repeatedly on the screen of Jeff Holce: Naturally, SEGCOS has made Retina Display public.

Riders: Ryan Lanham, Pete Cimmino, Alex Cato, Aaron Fraher, Jeff Holce, Michael Bogdal, Tucker Brown, Ezra Racine, Pete Cerulo

Jeff Holce: Naturally The Edit

Jeff Holce and friends seek new lines across the glacier in Naturally, a snowboarding edit three months in the making produced by SEGCOS and presented by Super Smash Brothers, Airblaster Leg Bags, and MHSSC.

Cameos: Jack Reid, Emily Ballon, Nick Noneman and Alex Cato
Video: Andrew Nagel 

The Monday Mash UP- SECCOS, Tommi Ollikainen and Troll kids

Hopefully everyone had a nice Holiday weekend and only gained a few pounds. Now we’re back to the grind and in order to help you procrastinate, here’s three videos worth watching.

A minute at Troll

Tommi Ollikainen – Early Season Ninja

Brighton ?/?/05

Brighton Pre Season with SEGCOS and Friends

And so it begins… the Utah park edits you know and love. Let’s start this season off right with a double feature from SEGCOS and some other homies we just made via facebook.

Featuring: Ryan Murphy, Dan Costello, Aidan Daoussis, and Drew Elm

Featuring: Andrew Aldridge, Josh Whitlock, Aaron Fraher, Blake Geis, Alex Cato, Jack Cornell and Tucker Brown

SEGCOS Mammoth Opening Va-cay Video!

Yobeat was lucky enough to get some free passes to Mammoth opening weekend so Nagel, Tucker, Bogs and the Oversons made the trek down from SLC to take a nice little vacation. Which is probably why this is like the 15th Mammoth Opening edit out. Slackers.

SEGCOS Pre Season Sessions

You can tell these guys have been listening to a lot of radio at college.

Featuring: Tucker Brown, Jack Cornell, Brendan Hart and Marc Equinozzi

Edit: Andrew Nagel


Because DVD is NOT DEAD (depending on who you ask) the Gentleman of SEGCOS are doing an online tease, but one day this will disappear and you’ll have to track down a DVD to enjoy. What we’re saying is, press play now! Don’t wait.

ps. This movie is fun to watch. Enjoy.

Featuring: Jamie Orkin & Erik Overson & Jordan Small & Richie Conklin & Dan Wells & Tucker Brown & Sean Whitaker & Ryan Lanham & Jon Overson & Jeff Holce & Alex Cato &&&&&&&& so many more!!!

Edit: Andrew Nagel


The latest effort from SEGCOS at MHSSC really has something for everyone. A night shoot for you film nerds, some good boarding for the snowboard nerds, and Ben Maki, shirtless, for the ladies.


In a world obsessed with lo-fi effects, this baby is coming at you in 720 p HD. Wah-bam.

riders- Jeff Holce, Ben Maki, Alex Cato, Dylan Trewin, Aaron Fraher, Orie Katsilometes, Griffin Lancaster, Ryan Lanham, Seamus Foster and Sean Whitaker.
edit- Andrew Nagel.


This teaser is best watched in HD. For more info on the film dropping this fall, find SEGCOS on Myspace.

The Super Exclusive Gentleman are Alex Cato, Dan Wells, Erik Overson, Jeff Holce,  Jeremy Estorga, Jon Overson,  Jordan Small, Richie Conklin, Ryan Lanham,  Sean Whitaker, Tucker Brown,  and Gents.

Filmed: Andrew Nagel and Seamus Foster
Edited: Andrew Nagel


Just a bunch of gentleman enjoying all that Bear Mountain has to offer.

riders: ryan lanham – jeff holce – richie conklin – pat fava – josh whitlock – oliver dixon – jimmy hay – jeremy estorga.

Jeremy Estorga’s Feline-Friendly Hump Day

Photos Jordan Harper (unless otherwise noted)

Jeremy Estorga is a fine young man out of somewhere in Southern California, probably LA or some shit. Despite coming from endless summer he found his way into the snowboarding community and I’m glad he did. With pockets full of sour candy, he handles his business on a board be it for the Sunday in the Park series, Cats of Anarchy’s Heavy Quitters, or just straight up getting street shots. He currently resides with me, in Big Bear Lake, CA so there’s a lot that I already know about him and can answer for you right now. Is it true he loves cats? Yes. Is it true that people give him shit for riding for Saga? Yes, and I know he doesn’t care what a hater gotta say. Is it true that we sleep in the same bed? No comment.

Age, Sex, Location?


You grew up riding Mountain High, right? What was that like?

It was Hell. No, actually it was alright. I rode by myself a lot. I met a real good group of people out there and rode with them for my last season out there. They got my drunk for the first time.

Got you drunk for the first time? Tell me more sir.

I was with my friend Creature. We got super drunk and we stayed at my friend Mikey’s house. My mom let me basically live at this dudes house. If she knew him better she wouldn’t have. But anyways, we just got drunk and walked around thinking we were going to get into this bar in Wrightwood. We were like 16 then and we probably looked like we were like 13. We walked into the bar and got 86’d immediately. So we left and bought a shit load of candy. Bad boy stuff.

As seen on instagram: One poked ass indy.

So, when did you move to Bear then?

I moved there my senior year. That’s when Ashbury started blowing up and everyone was like, super trendy and shit.

Is that when you used to be a Gypsy?

Hahahaha, yeah…

Don’t stress, we all went through that phase. I don’t think I met you until we lived in Mammoth though. I heard you got arrested here! (bear)

Yeah, haha we went to this party and it was a bit overwhelming for young Jeremy. There was coke and weed everywhere and I was super sketched out. The police knocked on the door and the chick that was hosting the party just let the police right in. They blocked off all the exits and didn’t let anyone out. One of the cops randomly pointed me out and yelled, “Aren’t you the dude I caught fucking his sister the other day?” Uhh, it definitely wasn’t me but I was the only one there under the age of 18 so they took me in. I got off easy though, this one cop who had helped me change my tire the day before recognized me and got me out of the station, low-key bro style. So it was pretty cool I guess.

You’ve spent quite a bit of time in Salt Lake City this year, huh? Want to tell us a bit about that journey?

‘Twas dope. I was greeted very warmly by Jeff Holce (the athlete). We were super productive, hitting like 2 spots a day for like a month straight with all those SEGCOS guys, up until SIA.

ROFL, Please send n00dles.

What the hell is a SEGCOS?

You probably already know about it and you just can’t get in. It’s the Super Exclusive Gentlemen’s Club of Snowboarding. It’s a finely tuned group of young rippers. We’re working on a video at the moment and that shit’s about to be HAMburguesa.

What’s a couple shirtless laps amongst roommates?

Whats up with the Cats of Anarchy?

Those guys are a bunch of a-holes. It’s actually a merger with the Zombie Death Crew. Zombie Death Cats of Anarchy. We make these weak ass edits called “Heavy Quitters” because no one is better at quitting than we are. We did a full video last year called “Family Style”. We put a curse on that video and whomever so watches it, beginning to end, will be turned gay.. or they will be turned straight if previously gay.

This may change your sexual preference.

So it’s true then, that you’re actually a wizard? I’ve heard rumors.. maybe now is the time to address them.

Sorcerer, mage, alchemist, whatever you want to call it. I’m no studio wizard, I don’t do it for the fans, I do it for the shire. There are some real life problems out there, no need to run around in the woods with costumes on, I’m out here making moves. I got that dragon saddle diamond caked out.

Is it true that wizards derive their powers from sour gummy treats and wizard weed?

That purple magic. Basically just candy. I have a “no parents, no rules” sized box of candy in my room. I derive that wicked shit from that all the damn time.

No Parents, no rules.

Your favorite past-time?

Fern gully.

A lot of fools on Yobeat seem to really dislike Saga. What are your thoughts on that?

Saga is fucking awesome. They help me snowboard, and I love that. It’s what I’ve wanted to do for years. I can understand why people might hate on them, because it started as sort of a ski company but, Jed Anderson rides for Salomon, Jake Kuzyk rides for K2, what’s the difference? People get all militant about snowboarding thinking it’s a super serious thing, like it’s a cure for cancer. It’s not. It’s a cure for happiness.


You seem to have a knack for creating instagram names.. what are your favorite ones so far?

Flaccid Girth.. or Sober Boner. I’m keeping it PG at the moment with @Jeremyscats because family members are starting to catch on. I was really getting put off by my mom asking me about my Flaccid Girth. That name actually originated from a show I used to watch when I was younger called MXC

Don’t eve get me started about MXC, we’ll get way off track. Actually, lets shut this down and go watch it now.. Wanna list your sponsors?

Saga, Bataleon, Celsius, Ashbury, Active Ride Shop, Switchback Bindings, Weather Mtn, British Petrolium, Mr. McArthur’s 4th grade chemistry lab, and Brazzers.


To all those ninth level mages out there.. alchemists, I see you.

Switch back lip! Photo Cole Atencio