Pretty in Pink: Danyale Patterson 15/16

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Conor Carroll 15/16

Sports Star Isaac Naess

A key player on the team, Isaac goes hard, ya know. He can cab 270 on better then he can do a 50-50, he’s a boy of many words and we just might not understand them all. So check out the past season footage of Isaac showing of his weird personality and decent sports skills.

Filmed by Gavin Matson and Luke Engebretson

Edited by Gavin Matson

Tyler Nicholson Sends It

Canadian kicker killer and Lib Tech Ripper Tyler Nicholson drops the hammer with his season edit! No stranger to the park, Tyler Nicholson is known for being a flat spin power beast always threatening the podium at any contest worldwide on his C3 Hot Knife. With new tweaks, tricks and powder terrain Tyler branches out and throws down in his 15/16 video part

A Season in the Park with Jack Cornell

we trippy fam.


also featuring: tucker brown, pete cimmino, drew elm, peter cerulo, trevor eichelberger, big john gardner

Martyn & Joel Vachon 2014

The family that films parts together, stays together.

Keenan Norton 2014

Pocket Figures’ own Keenan Norton seemed to be on the quest for the most ridiculous rails to boardslide last year.

Forest Bailey’s Hippy Holy Daze

We know this got released on Christmas so it’s a little late, but Forest Included the following message about the video.

This was the first year in a long time I haven’t spent my entire winter putting all my energy into filming a “video part”, it felt strange, instead of thinking of what I was doing as a whole, I was just traveling constantly, living in the moment and not thinking about what the final product would be. however I really like to see the “Final product” for the last 5 years my job has pretty much been filming a video part and this year I never got to see it all come together. So, last minute I compiled all my footage and had fellow vermonter Ian post edit it up, its probably a little rough and last minute, But I hope it gets you all stoked to go rip, because that is the ultimate goal.

I know its Christmas and all, but this part isn’t a about christmas, its just a sign that winter is beginning, I know not everyone celebrates the same thing, But what we all can celebrate is life, family and friends and start of the snow season.

as your enjoying your holidayze, hopefully with all your family and friends, don’t buy into all the holiday brain wash, don’t feel the pressures, just relax and remember, its not about your religion or whatever, its just about celebrating our amazing lives that we are all blessed to live.

and remember the most meaningful gift is something you create. not something you buy.

so much love to you all.


Doglife – Max Buri

I wonder if Max Buri called his full part Doglife because he is such a powder hound. Even I can appreciate the lack of rails in this web-video.

Tanner Seymour

It’s hard to be come up with creative lines, so when Tanner Seymour’s tape landed in our inbox we were automatically down with his unique take on riding in the park and street.

Johan Rosén 2014

From the backcountry of Australia to British Columbia and even a few street spots Johan Rosén throws down.

Cody Shepherd 2014

For someone who worked three jobs all winter long, it’s impressive how much footage Cody Shepherd was able to put together.

Rory Bruder 2013-2014

Carinthia Parks’ Rory Bruder put together a great mix of solid street clips and creative park tricks for his season edit.

Filmed & Edited: Dylan Demers Song: “Lonely Nights” – Santana Esmeralda

Red Gerard Full Part

I’m still not 100% convinced that Red isn’t just a midget trying to pass himself off as a little kid.

Dash Kamp Full Part

Who the hell names their kid “Dash?” Luckily, he ended up with snowboard skills or he would be totally screwed. Or running for president.