The Exciting Sponsor News Continues!


-Scotty Wittlake might not be a “pro snowboarder” any more, but he is getting free socks from stance as part of its “Punks and Poets” program.


-686 signed Sammy Leubke. Now that we’re trying to trick you guys into liking “real mountain” riding, we should probably give that guy a Hump Day. Shit, shouldn’t have said that out loud.


-Rusty Ockenden brought things back to his motherland, and joined Endeavor. The enterprising Canadians also signed Cam Pierce and Kareem el Rafie to their Professional Snowboarding team.


-Pat Moore is making moore moves, and will be a good person to hit up for free shoes, as he’s now riding for Vans.

For those of you who were all like, oh man, Jed Anderson’s blowing off Airblaster for Nike money, well actually he’s still on the Ninja Suit team and also enjoying fruits of Bonfire money. We heard his check comes out of Colleen’s salary though. That, or he replaced Bode.


Flow picked up Kotaro Kamimura, because those Japanese kids are RIDICULOUS.


Jamie Anderson got a real big time agent, and now she’s on Oakley.

If you want to read press releases about this stuff, they’re mostly on Boardistan. Another good plan for keeping up with this crap is following brands on Instagram. It’s the new press release, really.

COC Full Part: Jody Wachniak and Rusty Ockenden

Jody and Rusty are Whistler locals. While one is more of a rail riding fellow and the other more of an air catching gent, the two put their talents to work this summer to make a well rounded video segment (despite Rusty’s recovering ACL which led to less jumping and more rails). Either way, here’s your latest and greatest summer snowboarding fix.

Cameo by Matt Belzile.