O.P.C: Wasted Youth: The Sequel

Because working hard on a Friday is harder than working the rest of the week, we bring you O.P.C. (that’s other people’s content) complete with the clever and hilarious write up from the guys who were likely inspired by the guys who made Whiskey. 

The movie the New York Times has so far been tight lipped about, WASTED YOUTH: The Sequel, is a raw and gritty look into the lives of the Revelstoke snowboard crew. Having made a name for themselves as being tree-burning-cigarette-smoking-whisky-drinking-red-neck snowboarders, they have once again pushed the limits of DIY snowboard film-making. After the success of their first full length snowboard movie, WASTED YOUTH had nowhere to go but down. Fortunately for themselves and their fans they have managed to once again raise the bar on what is considered “decent snowboarding”. This movie will surely be remembered by someone, somewhere for something; probably not for the snowboarding though.

Keith Martin
Taylor Roberts
Seb Grondin
Chris Boyd
Ben Bilocq
Jess Kimura
Sean Barrett
Johan Rosen
Friends: (Tommi Ollikainen, Samu Mikkonen, Jopi Elooranta, Johan Nordag, Shreddie, Nick Khattar, Twan,
Danger Leblanc, Justin Cahill, Andrew Clark, Karl Jost).

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Wig Party 40 – Chessbumpin

Angus Hills 2015/16

DWD at the S Games

Ahh Spring. A time when even Canadan experiences warmth and slush. Or in the case of this season, a giant hip that seems to be made mostly of mud. Whatever, the S Games in Revelstoke looked like one bitchin’ time.

Andrew Geeves
Lucas Ouellette
Kevin Hanson
Matt Heneghan
Ben Bilocq
Dwayne Wiebe
Jess Kimura
Jeff Keenan
Danny Koriath
Steve-o C

Filmed and Edited:Matt Heneghan

Shredtown Showdown: Elite Eight

Things are really heating up in the Shredtown Showdown. After what looked like a devastating loss for Salt Lake, the beehive state came from behind to beat out Summit County by some 200 votes. And in another shocker, Marquette topped Plymouth by a mere 7 votes (no, we will not recount) and the Eastern bracket now looks especially Midwestern. Semantics though, there’s two more rounds to go before we crown what will henceforth be known the best shredtown, ever.


Truckee vs Mammoth


Marquette vs Minneapolis


Whistler vs Revelstoke


Salt Lake City vs Jackson Hole

Cody Shepherd FULL PART

Voleurz makes some of the neatest videos, but you probably don’t watch them cause they insist on including a bunch of fruit booters. BUT Cody Sheperd had a full part in the latest Voleurz flick “Kill Your Boredom” and he boards well.