@sendfreebeerentertainment – Tahoe

Two days in April in the midst of the best season Tahoe has had in well over a decade. Featuring: Dan Danzberger, Mickey Gardner, Trevor Kekke, Kevin Hair, Woody Wilcox, Chip Snyder and Matt Shaffer

Southside Rats 2

The Southside Rats are back, with more Russian powder boarding, mixed with artsy found footage.

Wise Guys #3

Backcountry mini-movie from BC, featuring Adam Chuntz. Eric Brown. Jordan Philips. Duncan Mainland. Cody Shepherd. Ryan Paterson. Bruce Johnston. Geoff Brown.
Filmed By:
Alex Beil. Vanessa Chan. Rob Lemay, Jordan Mcdonald. Dan Norberg. Bruce Johnston.
Edit- Dan Norberg

White Waves – A Powdersurfing Documentary

White Waves explores the history, contemporary, and future of true binding-free powdersurfing from an insider’s perspective. Watch as a new style of mountain riding has emerged from the hearts, hands and minds of a few pioneers who are paving he way into the future by nodding to the past and re-approaching the way we interact with mountains. Take a ride in the shoes of the most experienced shapers and riders in the powsurfing world and learn more about the pursuit of what they feel is the most incredible feeling on earth.
Riders: Jeremy Jensen, Terje Haakonsen, DCP, Ian Provo, Scotty Arnold, Atsushi Gomyo, Tasuku TSK, Neil Provo, Mads Jonsson, Craig Stevenson, Brock Bitton, Cody Townsend, Rob Patterson, Howard Sorenson, Kanika Koh, Al Clark, Dave Smellie, Rob Stevens, and Josh Serna
Shot on Location in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, British Columbia, Hokkaido, Nagano, and Alaska.
There were no bungi ropes, foot hooks, magnets or any other form of binding used in the making of this film. Just 100% pure binding-free powdersurfing.

Circum Volution – Powder Part

Featuring William Arnold, Yannick Imboden, Pierre Clivaz, Jonas Zbinden, Roberto Zumstein, Ariana Bellwald, Tim Basler, Markus Stoffel, Valentin Zimmermann, Matthias Schwestermann, Jannick Jungo and Friends
Editor: Janis Perren

Seth Hill – Mt. Ashland

Seth takes you through some damn fine powder runs at Mt. Ashland in Southern Oregon. Filming: Michael Stringer, Hiram Towle Jordan Boyd, Justin Norman, Parker Gokey, Brian Jimenez and the rest of the Mt Ashland staff. Editing: Seth Hill, @RGWproductions

Walk the Plank: Episode 2

Powdery goodness from Bachelor and the Three Sisters backcountry. Featuring: Forrest Devore, Randal Seaton, Jonny Sischo, Nora Beck, Will Dennis.


Artsy, high contrast, slow, and powdery. Featuring: Mike Ravelson, Katie Kennedy, Kevin Court, Nick McCarthy
Film/Edit: Paul Osborne

BoyznToyz “Blackoutdayz” – Full Movie

A European powder porn featuring the Boyz n Toyz crew. Featuring Mario Käppeli, Mario Wanger, Tom Klocker, Werni Stock,Tom Tramnitz, Alex Walch and friends.

Gold for the Soul

“Gold for the soul is about water, its energy and snowboarding. every snowboarder knows how stoked fresh snow makes us, especially when it’s falling from the sky. we get completely hyped just thinking about riding it. A fresh snowfall is just a whole load of energy waiting for someone to suck it up. We as snowboarders experience this energy first hand as it sends us charging down the mountains and through the trees with huge smiles on our faces, each face shot getting us more and more pumped.

Featuring: Marco Feichtner, Sebi Geiger, Alex Fischer, Lukas Ellensohn, Joris Doorn, Simon Pircher.

A film by by Sebi Madlener.

Hello Winter

A French powder mash-up from the Matiere Blanche crew. No French speaking required, powder is an international language.

20 Sicksteen

A POV Bonus feature from Think/Thank’s The Weather Outside is Weather. A film by Josh Poehlien, from Baker, Stevens Pass and Alpental.

Alex Rodway 2016

A season of Utah Powder landings and shredding from Alex Rodway.

#laaxisniceyo Chapter 1.2 – Rookie Squad

“In the first chapter of the #laaxisniceyo video series we introduce the Rookie Squad – made up of young guns Leo Eigensatz, Lou Staub, Lucas Baume, and Elio Fumagalli – and join them on a mission to shred pow and destroy the P60 pro kicker line. Don’t worry, this chapter comes in three parts, so you haven’t seen the last of these guys yet. There’s plenty more air-time, slashes, butters, tweaks and bangers to come! Also featuring guest appearances by Christian Weber, Lukas “Blume” Rösli, and Luca Kuppelwieser.

Diaries Downunder Ep. 2 | Mount Cook Heli

“Snowboarding, A Helicopter, Knee deep powder and the best terrain in New Zealand.
This really is as good as it gets!

In this episode we venture to the heart of the Southern Alps, Mount Cook National Park. Mount Cook is New Zealand’s highest mountain peak. Cascading out of the valley floor above Lake Pukaki – this is one of the more scenically epic locations in the world and we go to snowboard here – and it was incredible!
With the use of a helicopter, the crew are scooped up to a field of insane New Zealand terrain that is covered in ‘marshmallow-like’ snow. This is Mount Cook Heli. Nick Brown, Stef Zeestraten and Nick Hyne waste no time in finding every last nook and cranny on the mountain to jump off and hack to pieces.”

Riders: Nick Hyne, Nick Brown, Stef Zeestraten.

Filming: Heath Patterson
Additional Filming: James Holman
Editing: James Holman
Thumbnail Image: Trev Streat

Music courtesy of Bright Mind Music:
Artist: Black Hat Brigade
Song: Zombie City Shake