Olympic Halfpipe Pipe Training Session with the Swiss Snowboard Team

While our desire to go the upcoming Olympics – taking place next to a place that’s threatening to start a nuclear war – is slim, the chance to play the Lick the Cat Drinking game from the comfort of our couch while NBC seamlessly shows a live stream* of everything we care about sounds pretty alright! And that’s not all! In fact for our money, the best part about snowboarding being in the Olympics is resorts such as Saas Fee have dumped serious loot into building a superpipe, and we all get to enjoy videos such as this one from DVP of the Swiss team “training.”

Featuring: Pat Burgener, David Habluetzel and Iouri Podladchikov.

Videography by: Marco Morandi

Music by: Lana del Rey “Blue Eyes”

*wishful thinking.

Hump Day with the Entire Anon AM Team

When you’re asked to interview an entire Am Team, you either bounce of the walls with excitement or shake your fist at God. I decided to do both and now approve of the Anon Am Team. The two dudes familiar to Yobeat were pretty used to our bullshit, but all the new guys brought smiles to our faces when they decided not to be politically correct pansies. Seems to me like Ben Ferguson could even have Brooke Geery’s job after his snowboard career fades into nothing and he learns to do research. Enjoy the snappy wit and awkward moments of ruining what could have been a great moment for these young fellas.

Click on the dude of your choice and learn away.

Johnny Brady

Brandon Hobush

Ben Ferguson

Roope Tonteri

Jordan Morse

Pat Burgener

Manuel Diaz