Of Life and Love: Alpental & Baker

Two of the best places on earth, shredded by some of the best dudes on Earth. Watch until the inspirational message at the end, and realize, hey, maybe someday this could be me. But let’s be realistic, probably not.

Of Life and Love — Blake Paul

Happy Birthday Blake!

Cameo: Alex Yoder
Shot by: Liam Gallagher, Cameron Fair, Colton Feldman, Alex Pashley, Jesse Brown

Of Life & Love: Jackson Hole / Montana / Oregon

Montage time! Tim Eddy, Kyle Miller, Tucker Andrews, and Alex Yoder rip powder through Jackson Hole. Montana-bred Shane Stalling gets behind the lens in his home state. And Blake Paul, Gus Warbington, Skyler Thornton, and Jonah Owen have some fun at last year’s Superpark.

Filmed/Edited By Cameron Fair
Additional Filming: Chris Cressy, Sam Tuor, Eli Weiner, Jeremiah Favara

Presented by The A Rob Plant a Seed Project.

Of Life & Love- Fernie BC

Jason Robinson and Forest Burki head up to Fernie Wilderness Adventures Catskiing Operation just north of the boarder in British Columbia. Over head conditions in full effect they ripped deep pow the entire trip. Get pitted!

Stay tuned for new parts releasing every week.

Filmed/Edited By Cameron Fair
Presented by The A Rob Plant a Seed Project.

Of Life and Love: China

Trips to China are all the rage these days. In the latest segment of Of Life and Love, Jason Robinson, Blake Paul, & Blair Habenicht over populate the land of exports.

Filmed/Edited By Cameron Fair
Presented by The A Rob Plant a Seed Project.


Of Life and Love: Intro

On January 6th, we party boarded 24-deep at a backcountry Montana spot that I wouldn’t believe existed if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. The entire thing was made possible by Aaron Robinson, who’s influence will be felt throughout Montana, forever. Stay tuned for lots of stuff all week long, but for now, get primed with another of ARob’s lasting contributions to snowboarding — the intro to the full flick “Of Life and Love.”

Brought to you by The Aaron Robinson Plant A Seed Foundation.

Featuring: Alex Yoder, Blake Paul, Jason Robinson, Gray Thompson, Curtis Woodman, Kyle Miller, Tim Eddy, Kael Martin, Skyler Thornton, Forrest Burki, Tucker Andrews, Blair Habenicht and more.

Hot Today, Chile Tomorrow

No, it’s not a climate change joke. It’s Blake Paul, Alex Yoder, Gray Thompson, Jason Robinson, and Sammy Luebke’s trip to Chile for the making of Of Life And Love.

Video: Colton Feldman

Funblock’s Secret Stash

Actually this is no secret, it’s the Stash Park at Jackson Hole and it’s open to the damn public! Enjoy a couple clips with Blake Paul, Cam FitzPatrick, Alex Yoder, Jack Hessler, and Jesse Birt.

Filmed by Chris Cressy