YoBETA: Lofoten and Riksgränsen Norway with Johan Rosen

Johan Rosen is “straight outta the woods of Sweden,” so it’s only appropriate he would give us some tips for living in a tent in Norway. We honestly don’t know anything about him and this is the last one of these we’re writing so check back later for a good intro. Maybe. [Editor’s note: Probably not]

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What was your favorite thing to drink?
Jonas’s special Chaga/Ginger tea

Best food you ate? Grossest thing on the menu you definitely didn’t order?
Camping cooking is always good, wasn’t really anything too gross around just some smelly dried fish

Best technique for hooking up with a sexy member of the same or opposite sex?
Be creative

Most useful second language?

Best place to stay?
The prospector tent, best place to fall asleep next to a fire when you can hear the wind outside.


Click on the Images below to SEE them in their full glory and READ mini Travel Guides for each location, as told by the riders themselves.

NIls Arvidsson


Nils in Sweden Mihaj





Fat and Furious: Full Party Teaser

Gotta say…This sort of brotherly just warms our cold, black hearts.

Full Party is a “double videopart” featuring doubles/ crossovers/ synchronized moves by me and my brother Abbe, recorded in the streets of northern Scandinavia. We met up with Nils Arvidsson and Niklas Mattsson in the Appertiff park in Bollnäs/Sweden, to catch get some airtime.
Lowe Andersson at No Budget production stands for the camera & edit artwork.


Norway park ripping from Bad Plans / Wizard Co. associates Petter Grøn, Sindre Cottis, Stian Karlsen, Håkon Haslum, Andreas Grong, Kristoffer Lerånd, Sigurd Lindquist, Stian Larsen and Håvard Roald.

Film & edit – Stian Karlsen
Additional Film – Andreas Grong, Sigurd Vaagland & Hyttegutta.

Bench Heaven 2017

The event started with a three day invite-only film session on existing benches in and around the streets of Oslo.
The last day was the public event, Bench Heaven, at Oslo Vinterpark that allowed the local kids to hang out and ride with the invited pro riders. The three hour long jam went off.

Cottage Guys – GUTTA PÅ HYTTA

A very serious edit out of Norway. Featuring Didrik Lothe, Petter Engvall, Pelle Pedersen, Ed Smetbak, Magnus Karl Tryggvason, James Sunde,  Sebastian Gabriel Nord, Kasper Brattested and Markus Storsveen.

Film/edit : Amin Olve Klungseth Ullah
Song: KingSkurkOne – Sjalu.

Øivind Fykse at Folgefonna

Park laps on a Norwegian glacier last summer.

Golparken V – The End

Norway at Golparken. Tobias Himmelstrup, Jessi Blackwell, Sigurd Lindquist, Didric Lothe, Alexander Klerud, Andreas Grong, Jørgen Formo, Anders Karlsen, Kenneth Nygård, Håvard Roald, Håkon Haslum, Stian Karlsen & Kristoffer Lerånd.

December at Bergetpark

The woods of Norway’s Bergetpark in December. Featuring Johan Haugrud, Halvard Hermansen, Kristoffer Eide, Ole Johan Stokke, Even Solbraa, Ole Henrik Hovland

Samuel Christensson 2016

Norway park polka.

Dirt Bag Crew / LA River – Geilo

Geilo park in Norway with the DBC: Jessi Blackwell | Øivind Fykse | Thomas Hubert | Tobias Himmelstrup | Sander Danielsen

EZO – A Short Powder Movie

“From the Land of the Midnight Sun to the Land of the Rising Sun”

EZO follows Krister Kopala and his friends on an epic journey from Tromso in Northern Norway to the North Island of Japan, Hokkaido.

Krister Kopala grew up surrounded by snow, but January in Norway isn’t ideal for snowboarding. 24-hour darkness, erratic weather and temperatures well below minus 20 force these guys to find snowboarding opportunities abroad.

This year they’re landing in six meters of deep, fresh Hokkaido powder!

Directed, produced and shot by: Kristian Kvam Hansen. Produced for PUSH

Riders: Krister Kopala, Michael Stoerdal, Truls Berg, Roy Olsen, and friends

Additional Cinematography: Charles Lanceplaine

Shadows and Fireflies

Golden hour glow and slow motion from Fonna in Norway featuring Sven Thorgren, Sage Kotsenburg, Sebbe de Buck, Tor Lundstrom, Måns Hedberg and Ludvig Billtoft.


Norway vibes featuring Marius Smith, Johan Selmar, Olav Vang, Ole Christian Hagen, Henning Abrahamsen, Jostein Robstad and more.

Frankinsnow // 2016

FILM & EDIT: Thomas Bøthun

RIDERS: Rasmus Brøgge, Leander Riple Vetti, Eirik Nesse, Jøran Pedersen, Magnus Waage, Andreas Storebø, Thomas Bøthun, Samuel Christensson, Didric Lothe, Mikkel V. Jørgensen, Joakim Danielsen, Espen Andre Ulvatn, Joachim Eltvik, Marius Urbonavicius, Halvor Dale Vindal, Tobias Hjertonsson

ADDITIONAL FILMING: Andreas Storebø, Stian Karlsen, Håkon Kvarven, Morten Gloppa

Trill Shredlife 2016 – Full Movie

Martin Hřivna, David Rozkošný, Pavol Michalisko, Jeník Vavřín, Pavel Vyroubal, Radek Czastkiewicz, Lukáš Bendák, Tomás Císař, Dávid Vereš, Martin Rybanský, Julius Petrik, Darek Bergmann, Radim Hovad