G.O. Episode 1 (Girls Only)

The first of the all-girl snowboard series G.O.xo @ Carinthia Parks. The season has been getting a rocky start but we’re here making the best of it! Chicks: Noelle Edwards, Mackenzie Quigley, Jaime Del Pizzo, Emma Graham

Filmed & Edited by Jennifer Gonyea & Jaime Del Pizzo

Firing Squad: September 21, 2010

It appears in my absence, order has more or less been restored in the Firing Squad. Glad to see it. I also appears you guys are on a color kick, so this week, we’ve got another blue sky and brightly-clothed snowboard guy for your voting pleasure. The photos have another thing in common: no grabs. Of course, grabbing on a wallride would just be silly, now wouldn’t it.

The Champ

The Challenger


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