Stay Hungry – Japanese Kids Give No Fucks

Some people take snowboarding very seriously. These guys are not among them.

Lozone’s Rap Game

There was a time when men were men and snowboarders gave no fucks. Well, these guys are keeping the dream alive. They skate on dirt and snowboard in the summer! What the fuck ever man.

Also, they have a movie coming out this fall.  Get hyped.


Ft. Treyson, Chicken Bone, TurndaBurn, Terrance, Dion, Eythan, Pairitz, Stanley Wozniak Jr., Kornbread, Brenton, Plant, Dab, Tucker, Jack C., Bunsen Delfino & Unkle Andy

Film: LDF & Wilson

Shorts and Shades 6

Shorts and Shades is an epic Mt Bachelor tradition dating back at least a six years to ride closing day in you guessed it, shorts and shades. The result is a epic time filled with super progressive boarding, or whatever. Watch it, or if you don’t feel like watching all 15 minutes, just skip to the end for the real action.

Featuring the ripping of: Austin Ford, Gus Warbington, Sage Kotsenburg, Lucas Wachs, Will Dennis, Justin Sampson, Jake Foster, Alex Lopez, Jordan Rymer, Desiree Melancon, Tanner Annichiarico, Dylan Craig, Kenny Strofe, Connor Turney, Demetri Bales, and some legendary dude on a lamar board.

Filmed by Max Warbington & friends. Edited by Max & Gus Warbington

Spot Check: Mammoth

Word to the wise — Partying is awesome, but if you drink beer first thing in the morning and then snowboard all day, you’ll probably pass out before the babes get loose enough to wanna go home with you.

Riders: Spencer Schubert, Brandon Hobush and Dylan Alito plus Jared Dawoud cameo.

Hump Day Smashes Life with Shane Stalling

In memory of Aaron Robinson. Photo: Jeff Hawe

Shane Stalling isn’t a pro snowboarder, but if you’re looking for someone to define what snowboarding is, look no further. He rides as much as he can, he plays music, he helps anyone who needs it, and he does it all because he wants to — not because he’s supposed to. With no shortage of energy or motivation, over the past ten years Shane’s unfiltered charm has earned him well-deserved “local legend” status in Big Sky, Montana. If you ever have the chance to meet or ride with Shane, do it. It will be the best time you’ve had in your life. Just watch out — what he thinks is possible, might not actually be — but that’s no reason not to try.

How would you describe living in Montana to someone who’s never been here?

I don’t want to answer that. I don’t want to say it’s good here.

Why not?

Cause then people from Portland will move here. (laughs) It’s still pretty raw. There’s a good shred scene, there’s not like a big pro scene. There’s a lot of mom and pop ski areas, you see a lot of people who wear jeans. It’s a good place. It’s mellow and not mellow at the same time.

Wearing a shirt is stupid. Photo: Reid Morth

You just put on the Smash Life banked slalom for ARob for the second time this year, how did you think it went?

It sure went a lot better than last year. I learned a lot last year organizational wise, kinda how to run the event. This year I was able to start it earlier and bring in different categories. The nice thing is, last year the timer broke kinda right at the end and some people still hadn’t taken their runs. Everyone knows why we’re there, so we just party boarded it. No one really cared, no one really cares what happens at it. We’re there for a good cause. This year was good, the timing worked, we had a big crew of people there, a big crew of rippers.

Like Lucas Debari.

Yeah, Lucas Debari was there, the whole Go Boarding crew was there. It’s a big deal for someone to drive all the way up to Big Sky just to do a Banked Slalom, it’s pretty sweet.

Montana. Code word: Horrible. Photo: Jeff Hawe

How does it compare to the other banked slaloms out there?

Other banked slaloms don’t have a super G at the end of the them. You don’t get core shots in other banked slaloms, and have everyone be like, well, there’s nothing we can do about it. There’s fucking rocks there. There was one really sharp corner and the rocks were seriously starting to stop people, but no one gave a shit. Everyone still dropped in and charged over the rocks. (Alex) Yoder was standing there and he was just like, whatever, what are you gonna do, which is kinda the whole Smash Life scene. There’s always gonna be obstacles that you gotta overcome but people don’t care. No one bitches about it. At least I don’t hear em bitch about it. You guys were probably bitching about it.

Ha no way. Today we hiked out into the backcountry and it was awesome — endless pow and pillow lines. How do you find crazy spots like that?

You just explore. Go wander around in the woods basically, that’s how you find stuff. If you just drive on the road and never walk off the road you’ll never find anything. That was a special spot today, I’m glad you guys got to experience that. It was awesome.

This one’s for ARob too.

It was amazing. We were up there to hang a board for A-rob, what’s the story behind that?

Aaron used to spend a bunch of time here. To pay to get to his next place, he would sell old boards off, so a bunch of our friends have old boards that we were given or bought off him sitting around. The spot we went to today, Aaron used to go there with us all the time, and show us how to snowboard, basically. We thought it was a really cool, special place. Super quiet back there. So we thought it would be nice to have Aaron’s board there, be able to high five it, or salute it every time you drop in from a run because you’re about to go bash 20 pillows in a run or get face shots. When you’re dropping in, you’re not going to have a bad run, guaranteed. If you can go in with A-rob’s stoke into your run that’s already going to be sweet, it’s perfect.

Last year we wanted to hang the board but we had a bad snow year, so we didn’t go back there even once, which worked out well because we got to hang out with Jason today, which was awesome. Having him there to hang his brother’s board up, that meant a lot. And a bunch of his other friends. It was perfect. A lot better than just a couple of us going up there.

It’s a big scary world out there, so whatever. Photo: Reid Morth

What was the highlight of today for you?

Losing my hangover. For sure. (laughs) No my highlight of today was party boarding with 24 people on light, deep snow. I was surprised at how good that snow was. But other than that, just having people from all over. You have Mitch Kirby, it’s his first time in the backcountry probably, and then riding right next to him is Lucas Debari. You have the high fives between the two of them and everything, you just have such a wide range of people of all abilities, all shredding and being stoked.

We can thank Aaron for today. Without Aaron, stuff like today wouldn’t have happened. We kept that place a secret for five years — Todd Kirby and those guys found it too — but I never ever would have thought of bringing 20 people back there. Ever. But because of Aaron, 24 people today had an epic today, and that’s awesome. That’s the whole idea of the smash life thing, get everyone together boarding and not care if it’s your first time in the backcountry or if you were just in Antartica with Xavier de le Rue.

Montana urban action. Photo: Jeff Hawe

That’s awesome, as is your band.  Tell us about it.

We have a band called the Riot Act. We have a song called “Show Me Where you Pee From.”

Can you give us a sample lyric?

There’s only really one line it’s, “Girl, drop your shorts to your boots and show me where you pee from.”

Who wrote that?

Actually it’s a line our friend Yomar used to say a lot when he would be kinda buzz drunk to girls. And so we wrote the song and Brian couldn’t think of any lyrics for it. Earlier in the day I had heard Yomar say that to someone and I was like, show my where you pee from! Just start yelling that. Then Brian added the line about drop you skirt to your boots and then it became a pretty badass song. It was the first song we played last night.

Actually, on Halloween I had a girl do that before we even played that song, so that was awesome. Seriously. It was weird. I was playing the drums and this girl was really high and all of a sudden I look up and her dress is just pulled up. We played Ween’s Chocolate and Cheese all the way through, and she got a little loose.

In Montana, this is a perfectly sculpted quarterpipe. Photo: Jeff Hawe

So what you’re saying is, girls do like guys in bands?

Yeah, but the problem with being in a band playing at the bar is you get done playing at 1:30 and then you have to pack up all your stuff. So you’re done at like 2:30 and then some dude’s already taken the girl that you want to hook up with home. It’s the artistic plight.

How many Eskimo brothers do you have in Big Sky/Bozeman?

I’m not answering that question. But you’re sitting next to one of them. (laughs)

Fine… So, you came into two kids, how did that change your life?

That sounded horrible. Listen to the question you just asked. That’s fucked up. I’ve never come into two kids.

(Laughs) Let me rephrase. Your girlfriend Amy has two kids, how’s being a dad?

Well, I’m not a dad, more of a “role model.” It’s super fun though. Christmas is super fun because you’re not just like, thanks, I got socks, you actually have kids excited about opening presents and stuff. Kids are awesome. I babysat them the other day, they’re 6 and 8, we rode the Big Sky tram, so that’s awesome.

Role model. Photo: Jeff Hawe

Do you have them snowboarding yet?

Not yet, they have snowboards though, so they’ll pick it up.

Are you afraid that they’ll ski?

Nah, they can do whatever they want. Amy will read this. She does not like when I make fun of skiers. You’re getting me in so much trouble.

No I won’t. I’ll get you in trouble with all your friends but not your girlfriend. Let’s talk about Todd Kirby. Why is he so good at snowboarding?

I don’t know. We had like the same snowboard coach growing up and I’m not nearly as good as him, so Matt Gustafson must have gotten a lot better at coaching. That’s my only reason. The only thing I can think of. He’s way better than me, which is not fair.

Just think of him as a snowboarding Johnny Cash. photo: Jeff Hawe

You didn’t grow up in Montana? Where are you from?

I grew up in Minnesota. Grew up riding Buck Hill and once I had a drivers license I started riding Hyland. Then I moved down to Mammoth for a year in 2003, but I got sick of Los Angelesers, so I moved to the exact opposite of Mammoth, which is Bozeman. Been here for 10 years now. Don’t even want to leave. It’s awesome.

You must have lived in Mammoth during the glory years of Grenade.

It was 2003, definitely when Grenade was going on. It was before the village was there, La Sierras was like the drinking spot, it was still like kind of a raw ski town. It’s kind of a little more uppity ski town now.

Do you have any good stories from those days?

I lived right near Danny (Kass), there would always be crazy shit going on in the parking lot, but none that I can remember.

That’s the problem with old stories.

Nah, I forgot those by the next day. (Laughs.)

Wish you were here. Sorry, had to do it. Photo: Jeff Hawe

What’s your personal favorite part about Montana?

The fishin’. If there’s a body of water that’s moving, there’s probably fish in it. Even like irrigation ditches that run through town have like 24-inch fish in them. The fish are bigger than the irrigation ditch is wide. The snowboarding is good too, but I’m getting old, so, fishing.

How old are you?


While we’re talking age, why was the cut off 38 for Masters in the Banked Slalom?

Well it was 40, and then our friend Travis Boss, who used to be a Ride pro, has bad knees or something, and called me and was like, I don’t want to compete against all you guys. So I asked him how old he was and he said 38, so I moved it to 38. And then Erik Morrison, who ended up getting like 13th overall, he thought he was in the old man division at 36, but he’s got two years to wait. He ended up beating me. I might just keep it with whatever T  Boss’s age is from now on.

This definitely didn’t suck. Photo: Jeff Hawe

Can you explain to be how RC beat all of us in the Yobeat cup?

RC stood around in the cold, filming all day long while you guys were snowboarding. He didn’t even have a warm up run and he still beat all of you. It’s cause he lived in Montana and he knows how to ride fast.

Fair enough. Is there anything else that you would like to say to the Yobeat public?

Yeah, keep hating on videos, it’s awesome to read. We had a video up and someone said they’d rather “hammer a glass pipe into their dick hole than watch that video ever again.” It’s one of the best comments I’ve ever read. But don’t submit stuff to Yobeat if you’re gonna be offended if it gets made fun of. Every time I submit edits, I submit them to see what people say about them. What is the meanest thing that’s going to be said, cause I want to laugh, because I don’t care. If it wasn’t for that, Yobeat wouldn’t be what that is. Also, Joe Pope can get fucked, so go to the Smash Life Banked Slalom at Alpental on the 19th of January.

Andrew Geeves Talks Dope on Hump Day

Andrew Geeves’ signature snowboarding style matches his personality: loose and wild with a lot of character. He has strong values regarding snowboarding, and no intention of selling out or changing who he is. His approach might be unconventional but he has passion and energy to fuel his natural talent. He’s super entertaining both on and off the snow, plus he taught me how to snowboard. He’s pretty great.

I’ll just start with the big question… After a 5-year relationship with DC, why the mid season switch back to DWD this year?

7 years I think. Fuck. I got let go, kicked off, the boot, whatever you wanna call it. Canned.

Did they say why?

Yea but I don’t wanna get in to it cause there’s two sides to this story and I don’t think I should be talking about any of it. Sorry. Well fuck, I got a paper a while ago from DC I had to sign but I never did, probably said something like don’t badmouth or trashtalk our shit you know…

Fast (plant) and loose. Photo: Travis Williams

Alright, would it be safe to assume possibly that your image and attitude regarding snowboarding is a bit too much for the safe, wholesome image DC is trying to sell to 8-year-old kids these days?

Hahaha yea… for sure.

You told me a little while ago that you thought Dope was going to “save snowboarding.” How are you guys doing that?

Hahaha was I wasted when I said that?! That’s epic! Fuck yeah. Brockle just keeps it raw. The whole crew does, it’s sick. They just love boardin on whatever, it’s cool. I like the whole party image too. It’s what I grew up on. I watched Wildcats videos everyday. I just think snowboarding’s gotten soft and Dope keeps it raw and sick the way it’s meant to be.

Insta gold! photo: E-man

Yeah, I’ve seen you guys in action. You go about filming way differently than any other crew I’ve seen. How is filming with them now compared to Standard and Sandbox in the past?

A lot different… We always got booze and weed goin at the sessions which I think is a good motivator. Get your shit done so you can party with your homies after. We all like to have a good time.

Plus you go to spots with like 20 people

Haha yeah that too! I remember goin on trips with Sandbox and it was like 3-4 rider crews. Dope is open to the public.

How did you get into backcountry coming from the prairies of Canada?

Once I got outta WPG and got here I realized there was so much more to riding… I could barely turn. So that opened up my eyes to a whole new world of epicness. I bought a sled and my parents bought a house in Bralorne so I moved up there. Stayed a winter and learnt a bit, went a little crazy and came back. Sorry I’m so baked. Is this all good? Am I doing ok?

We’re not sure if this was on purpose or not. Photo: Travis Williams

Yeah you’re good… so you went from living in a 1 bedroom apartment in Whistler with like, 5 other dudes, to all by yourself in Bralorne. How was that, and since no one reading this will know what Balorne is, can you describe it?

Bralorne is a small mining town just north of Pemberton with a population of 65 or something. Its an hour snowmobile ride over the hurley in the winter or a 2 hour drive to Lilloet then another 2 hours down “highway 40” which is a sketchy fuckin road with death drops the whole way. It’s insane. It’s really secluded in the mountains. Super sick backcountry zones and you can sled to your front door. No cops. Pretty much the best place in the world, and yeah I went crazy there. I was just so young living alone so far away from friends and family. It got kinda rough sometimes. It didn’t help when my ex dumped me on Christmas. Fuckin bitch. I was 19 though, I don’t think any 19 year old should be alone for that long.

True. What are your plans for this winter? Will you just film around Whistler again or do you have plans to travel? Have you ever thought about trying to break more into the American snowboard scene like fellow manitoban Jake Kuzyk?

I donno how to I guess. I mean maybe if I kept jibbin I would have but I don’t know. I just don’t see the point in traveling anywhere when I got sick backcountry terrain right beside me. As far as jibbing goes, I’m not gonna waste any money doing something I don’t really care about. I’d rather use what money I have on sled gas.

Guess it worked out. photo: Travis Williams

Will Erin be dropping you and your sled off at zones again this winter or did you get your license yet?

Hahaha! Nope I just got my license 2 days ago! She’s so stoked. I have to drive her everywhere now though. I don’t mind it though she deserves it. She’s hooked me up so many times with driving me and picking me up. People made fun of me but they’re just jealous. I donno too many chicks that would drive their boyfriend from Pemberton to Brandywine at 6am to go sledding. Or wherever I had to go.

Yeah you’re a lucky guy. You and Erin both have face tats, hey? What’s with all the ink in recent years? Any plans for more face ones?

Yeah we both got some. She just got her first one. I don’t know. Kinda crazy I guess. I just like tattoos really. I kinda wanna die an art piece. Kinda weird and creepy, I know. I think it would be sick though.

Do you have any particularly fond memories from your days of being a corn-row sporting, grill wearing, 16 year old celebrity in Whistler?

Fuck yeah. Dating Peak Season’s Amanda Schellar. Good times. I was such a little fucker. I’m embarrassed when I look back, to be honest. I have come a long way since then.

Yeah you’re all grown up. Are you excited to be back on DWD? Big plans for this upcoming winter?

I’m hyped to be back on DWD. They have always had my back. I plan on filming with whoever I can get out with, get all my shots together hopefully and give them to Dope.

The greatest snowboard photo ever taken?

What are you doing for outerwear?

Mikey’s old Burton gear. I’m stoked. Finally something that fits me. It’s hard being 6’3.

Forum was your first sponsor when you were like, 12, right? How do you feel about hem being over?

It hurts me a lot but to be honest I feel like Forum was done a long time ago. I mean the whole vibe and spirit you know. Pretty much when Burton bought ’em and Fourstar was no longer. Forum, Blend, and Foursquare were all my favorite companies when I was a kid.

The other day your status on Facebook read something like “Snowboarding has become wack” can you elaborate on that?

Yeah let me rephrase that. Snowboarding is sick, everything else about snowboarding has gotten lame. Same with skating too. Street league and shit. Skateboarding is on tv… wtf. Snowboarding too, but skateboarding?? The snowboard x games street parts…. good job dudes, now the whole world knows you’re jumping off roofs and sliding rails. Gonna start caping rails and getting kicked out faster. I donno I just think it’s so commercialized or whatever you wanna call it. Wack, gay, lame, shitty. I love snowboarding more than ever but I don’t like what comes with it you know. I know people that rip, tear it up, and don’t make a dime, rip harder than a lot of pros.

Logan Haubrich?

Haha yeah exactly. And then you got buddy there sucking his dick to the top with half the skills. Just cause he can write a good e-mail. It’s fucked up. We wanna progress snowboarding not sucking dick. I don’t wanna sound like a negative nancy, I love snowboarding and I always will. I will always shred with or without sponsors.

More insta gold.

You’re a pretty experienced partier, wanna end this with a memorable story?

Party stories… I got lots of em. Lots of x-rated ones that I should never share with the public… One time when I was 17 or 18 I went on a 3 day bender before the U.S. open. No sleep or nothin, was insane. Came 3rd in my heat, then I slept, lost my passport and ended up coming 3rd last in the whole event. I had to get a letter of facilitation to get back in to Canada. It sucked. I hate contests. I think that was the last big one I did.

Aha thanks that’s perfect.

Thorblood at Big Sky

Thorblood wants you to all know, people in Montana don’t give a fuck.