ECS Invitational 2017: Suck My Sixth at Seymour

How do you create your own legacy? Do something. And then do it again. And again and again and eventually people will remember it. Hopefully. 

Six years in – @ECSphoto has figured out that if he calls his event “basically the best” enough times, people will start to believe him. That’s a philosopy we can get behind and we think these 9-minutes of good, unwholesome, dirty, community-serving Canadian debauchery will convince you further.

Be careful, if you make it all the way to the end you might just end up booking a plane ticket from whatever-shittier-but-probaby-cheaper place you live to North Vancouver, BC next May for the 7th annual ESC Invitational at Mt. Seymour.

Film/Edit- Dan Norberg
Additional Footage- Russel Lee, Dave Walcer, Troy Erickson
Words- ECS



Put it in the Bowl does Mt. Seymour. Geremy Guido, Death Hixon and Teilhard Volk
Filming/Editing – Liam Hall

Views from the RIG

A short film starring  heavy hitters Al Stathis, Adam Mills, Nigel Joycey, Jake Fine, Russ Lee, Danny Koriath, Jake Kuzyk, Jeff Keenan, Colin Oh, Cody Wilson, Brocklebank, Dave Cashen, Ray Bishop, Nic Heringa, Freddy Perry, Sean Dieno, Ivan, Lucio DM, TJ Kosekela and more….

Sit back and grab yah blunts and enjoy some ripping footage. Yah Dig!


Shout out Mt. Seymour

Hotter than a summer day in california

The boys at Mt. Seymour are jumping out the gym!


Mt. Seymour home to some of the most talented rippers on the planet. Take a seat and watch the boys shred some steel!!


Some seldom seen sunny days at Seymour.

Featuring: Sean Dino. Geoff Stinsen. Mike James. Dave Emann. TJ Koskela. Matt Butel. Logan Haubrich. Alex Stathis. Russell Lee. Darren Smith. Ray Bishop. Matt Heneghan.



So this one’s been in the works for a while…and now the time is right! Dinosaurs Will Die Snowboards and Snowboy Productions are rolling out BARRELy AN EVENT this Saturday up at Mt Seymour in British Columbia. A simple, stripped down, creative and bullsh*t free way to celebrate the start another great winter with all your friends. We’ve got 12 barrels, a bbq full of hot dogs and unlimited possibilities just waiting for you to jib, bonk, race, jump, eat, drink, laugh, fall and high-5 all day long.

Event kicks off at the crack of noon and ends some time later…no entry fee and a free hot dog lunch…under 18 needs a parents signature on the release.

Big ups to our partners Arena Snowparks and for their huge support…take care of those who take care of you!

Tell some friends, grab your board and see you Saturday!

– Krush, Geno and Keenan

More info:

The 6th Annual Ashbury Demo at Seymour


Come one, come all! It’s the 6th Annual Ashbury Demo and this year we’re taking it up north to Mt. Seymour, BC, Canada! Extremely close to Vancouver it’s going to be one of the most fun demos yet. If you’ve ever been to one of these, you know this is something you have to make it to.

Mt. Seymour
1700 Mt. Seymour  Rd.
North Vancouver, BC
V7G 1L3, Canada

Saturday, April 5th at 2PM
The Pit Park

Seymour the Movie

Seymour looks awesome. Let’s all move there and blow out the scene.

DWD x Seymour

Seymour closes this Sunday, and the Dinos hope this edit will inspire you to get out there and have a wicked weekend, eh?

Rob and Ben’s Mt. Seymour Mission

Ben Maki and Robert Bench brave the elements in the Great White North. Featuring cameos by Ryley Goodwin and Bo Valencia, this feel good edit will keep you entertained for two and half minutes!

Video: Garrett Read

Lord of the Lines 2013

Leave it to Footyfiend to drop a contest edit worth watching.

Featuring: Nic Heringa, Adam Franks, Brady Smith, Brin Alexander, David Joncas, Quinn Dubois, Matt Heneghan, Zac Dolesky, Matt Butel, and a few others.

FootyFiend’s Mt. Seymour

Damn it’s like Canada day around these parts! Here’s another one from up North, featuring Q Talbot, Adam Franks, Keenan Filmer, Zac Dolesky, Jake Kuzyk and Brady Smith.

Snowboard Realms’ Best Snowboard Edit Ever

How to get me to post your GoPro edit:

1. Put cats in it.

2. Make it funny.

4. Call it the Best Edit Ever.

3. Be TJ Schneider.

Simple, really.