The Final Rejected Edits of November

If you’re going to send us your edit, you’d better be prepared for rejection. Especially if it is not exported correctly, out of focus, excessively long, something we’ve already run a bunch of edits of or entirely filmed on foot high park boxes. Our standards aren’t really that high here people, but at least be realistic about what you’re sending us. And if we do reject you, there’s no need to be offended, after all, we are “really just a couple of annoying writers that couldn’t get a job at a real magazine/blog.”

Coolbeans from the Critters

The Critters Crew was really going for something with this edit. We appreciate the “concept” but we kind of liked it better when the Bang Show did it.

It’s on TV internet episode 1 season2

This year, the Swedes are taking their web series “global” and actually, this has a lot of potential, until the 15th or so shot on the corrugated tube. The episode may get better after that, but we stopped watching.

Welcome Back to the Hood


We are biased that Mt. Hood is sweet because you know, we live here. But we also know that no one else cares enough to watch ANOTHER Hood Opening edit. And since this one came with the disclaimer: “I know the video quality is not great, but we’re poor high school students saving for a better camera. Also, the filming is a bit shaky, but we promise, we’re working on it,” watch at your own risk.

2010 SnoMotion Webisode 1

Our initial inclination was the reject this one on the grounds of the artsy double letter box exporting (maybe that’s what they were going for?) but then at :57, well, you’ll see.