10 Barrel 2017 Hella Big Air Recap Video

A Recap from 10 Barrel with photos by Darcy Bacha…

The 2017 Hella Big Air went down at Mt. Bachelor this last weekend, where an 85 foot rocket launcher was ready for 40 riders and skiers to unleash their bag of tricks for a shot at a piece of the 30K prize purse. The day got off to a sunny start… but seeing as how Mt. Bachelor has been breaking snowfall records this year with 500″ already this season, it wasn’t surprising when the skies quickly switched to clouds with sporadic snow showers followed by pockets of sunshine. The riders kept the show rolling while chasing weather windows throwing down enough spins and flips to make you think you might have had one to many beers…

Meanwhile in front of the main lodge the “Snow Beach” style beer garden crowd rocked out to DJ Flip Flop while enjoying some 10 Barrel beers and playing lawn games. The upper beer garden right off the deck of the jump gave viewers a unique perspective as rider’s practically sent it over the cheering crowd that was enjoying beer poured from the new and improved Minipub!


During the short recess between qualifiers and finals a quick snow shower dropped enough flakes to slow down the drop in to the point that the jump was no longer safe to hit. It was a tough call to make, but riders safety comes first for us and it was decided to cancel finals and use the earlier runs to pick the winners. Luckily, Lyrics Born was down to party on stage early and jammed out tunes for the crowd as the sun set over the Oregon Cascades.

Justin Morgan threw down enough gnarly senders to take home $10,000 for the top prize for the snowboarder’s, and Nick Keefer’s stylish airs landed him on a nice 10k payday in the skiers division. Needless to say, they’ll be buying their friend’s beer for awhile!

From all of us here at 10 Barrel Brewing, we want to give a big ol’ Central Oregon sized thank you to the amazing athlete’s who came out to Bend and threw down, also the crowd for drinking hard and cheering even harder, Mt. Bachelor and the parks crew for building an epic jump, and everyone else who helped bring another Hella Big Air to life. Cheers!


Snowboard Finalists:

1st  – Justin Morgan

2nd – Ryan Linnert

3rd – Dru Brownrigg


Bachelor Party 2017 Chapter Two: Dendrite Delight

Mt. Bachelor as shredded by Jonny Sischo, Gus Warbington, Willis Grigsby, Teddy Shine, Randal Seaton, Justin Norman, Gus Warbington, Jared Elston, Will Dennis, and Andrew Pace

10 Barrel Brewing’s Hella Big Air Coming Back to Mt. Bachelor

Big air is back at Mt Bachelor this year with 10 Barrel Brewing Co.’s second annual Hella Big Air
ski and snowboard competition. 10 Barrel will be taking over the mountain on Saturday, March 25th
beginning at 10:30am and going all day–with live DJ sets, BBQ and beers at the 10 Barrel beer garden, a
full free concert by Lyrics Born and more.

Ski and snowboard competitors will battle it out all day-long showing off their style and skills on the 90-foot
custom jump in hopes of winning a cut of the $30,000 cash prize purse. The bar has been set high by last
year’s finalists, Ryan Linnert (snowboard), JD Dennis (snowboard) and winners, Nils Mindnich (snowboard)
and Alex Schlopy (ski), all of whom have been invited to return and defend their title at this year’s event.
The event is free and open to the public of all ages for spectating. Professional skiers and snowboarders
must apply in advance to compete by filling out the registration link at

Mt. Bachelor
Outside of the West Village Lodge
13000 SW Century Drive
Bend, OR 97702

Saturday, March 25
10:30am – Qualifiers
*6:30pm – Finals
7:30pm – Lyrics Born
8:00pm – Awards
* Schedule subject to change

Free admission for all ages
Beer and food will be available for purchase

Custom 90 ft. jump
$30,000 cash prize purse

Justin Norman 2016

New part out of Bend and Mt. Bachelor.

Max Warbington’s 1st Annual Quarterpipe Campout

The man that is in every snowboard edit and movie in 2016 brought together a crew of shredders to his home mountain of Mt. Bachelor to challenge a quarterpipe and sleep in the wild. Max Tokunaga, Gabe Ferguson, Sam Christie, Tucker Andrews, Kyle McCollum, JD Dennis, Dave Marx, and many more.

Mt. Skyliner

Dire Straits and Mt.Bachelor cruising featuring Stratton Matteson, Destry Serna, Connor Turney, Dylan Craig, Trenton Bliesner, Kyle McCollum, Parker Gonnet, Adlar Thomas, and Tanner Annichiarico

Fresh Flakes with Randal Seaton

I’ve had the pleasure of following Randal around Mt. Bachelor with a camera for the past two seasons. He can be elusive, likely due to the fact that he works full time, year-round in Bend. When we do link up I am always blown away by how well he rides right out of the gate. As a filmer I have learned to never take a warm up lap with Randal because he doesn’t need one. As a testament to this, most of this edit was filmed in one morning over the course of three hours.

On that morning I met up with Randal, Josh Dirksen, and Jared Elson in an empty Sunrise parking lot at Mt. Bachelor on a sleeper pow day. We went straight for summit and dropped off the backside to find a pristine cornice line blanketed in over a foot of the Pacific Northwest’s finest cold smoke. What transpired is well documented in Episode 2 of this seasons Bachelor Party web series and in the above edit of Randal handling some of the most unique natural terrain on the continent with ease. He is perhaps one of snowboarding’s most underrated riders and given that his style and ability make cutting his clips a painstaking endeavor I imagine that his riding will continue to shine bright for years to come, whether that’s off the radar or smack dab in the middle of it. – JP Schlick

Jared Elston 2016

Bachelor Party Episode 5

Bachelor Party Episode 4

2016 Gerry Lopez Big Wave Challenge Video

A bunch of wanna be surfers gather to shred the white wave at Bachelor.

Edit: JP Shlick


Kane: Men’s Open Division
1. Jared Elston 8.1
2. Gus Warbington 7.95
3. Allister Schultz 7.85
4. Alex Yoder 7.65
5. Forrest Devore 7.55
6. Max Warbington 7.55
7. Teepee Harota 7.45
8. Curtis Ciszik 7.4
9. Josh Dirksen 7.4
10. Alex Lopez 7.35

Wahine: Women’s Open Division
1. Ashley Thorton
2. Desiree Melanin
3. Marissa Krawczak
4. Collen Quigley
5. Sarah Gall
6. Erika Vikander
7. Janessa Bork
8. Barret Christy
9. Haruna Kito
10. Bridgette Nelson

Pro Surfer Division
1. Conway Bixby
2. Jason McCaffrey
3. Kea Eubank
4. Chris Christiansen
5. Jason Murray
6. Ian Walsh
7. Kohl
8. Luke Walsh
9. Sean Walsh
10. Shaun Lopez

Keiki: Groms 16 & under
1. Alder Autsch
2. Cole Valles
3. Elijah Pyle
4. Jack Guthrie
5. Noah Brown

Makule: 40 & over
1. Yo Amagai
2. Gordon Bohm
3. JP Martin
4. Ami Voutilainen
5. Jaymo Jamieson

Bachelor Party 2 and 3

No strippers here, but still a good time.

Hella Big Air at Mt. Bachelor Official Recap

2016 10 Barrel Brewing Company Hella Big Air Competition - Mt. Bachelor, Oregon


Hella Big Air went off in true 90’s fashion last week at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon. Around 30 riders vied for first prize sending it deep over the 90ft jump. Due to the abundant amounts of snow Bachelor has been getting pounded with this season, the event was pushed back a day due to high winds and snowfall stacking up even faster then the beer being poured back in Bend Sunday night. But man come Monday did it turn out nice, the sun was shining and the breeze was nonexistent for the event giving everyone a taste of just how great ol’ Bachy can be on a bluebird day after a storm.

2016 10 Barrel Brewing Company Hella Big Air Competition - Mt. Bachelor, Oregon

Twerking it. 

Qualifiers opened up with players making some big moves, and a few taking gnarly slams. Meanwhile the ever thirsty Bend locals in the crowd proved they are second to none when it’s time to party and ran the beer garden out of beer while hooting and hollering for their favorite riders. The talent level among the competitors was impressive and while everyone threw down hard, nine riders showed they knew how to maneuver a man sized step-up and moved onto finals. Ryan Linnert came in hard for 3rd place with big 1080 dubs. Grabbing 2nd was JD Dennis who brought consistently clean landings along with a big laid out double backflip and a couple 1080’s. In the end Nils Mindnich put on the best show with huge 9’s both regular and switch as well as a big ass 1260, while riding his powder board none the less, which earned him the 10k grand prize.

2016 10 Barrel Brewing Company Hella Big Air Competition - Mt. Bachelor, Oregon

Eh, how about that view?

A well built jump, frothing riders, good beer, and a cheering crowd are all sure signs of an epic day on hill. If you missed out this year make sure to tune in and see what goes down in 2017, we all have a feeling whatever happens, it’s going to be Hella Big.

Thanks to Mt. Bachelor for hosting, the parks crew for the amazing jump, all the homies at 10 Barrel for putting the event together, the riders, and everyone who came out to support this event!



2016 10 Barrel Brewing Company Hella Big Air Competition - Mt. Bachelor, Oregon

Nils for the win. 

2016 10 Barrel Brewing Company Hella Big Air Competition - Mt. Bachelor, Oregon

Hella up in the clouds. 

2016 10 Barrel Brewing Company Hella Big Air Competition - Mt. Bachelor, Oregon

Hella dubs. 

2016 10 Barrel Brewing Company Hella Big Air Competition - Mt. Bachelor, Oregon

Hella air time. 

2016 10 Barrel Brewing Company Hella Big Air Competition - Mt. Bachelor, Oregon

Hella peeps.2016 10 Barrel Brewing Company Hella Big Air Competition - Mt. Bachelor, Oregon

Hella winners.

Weekend At Randie’s

Justin Norman, Jonah Owen, Jared Elston, and Jake Selover spend a weekend at Randal Seaton’s cabin in Sun River to ride Bachelor, Hoodoo, and hit the streets.

Hella Big Air Local News Coverage

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Sadly, we missed the hella big air, but luckily the Bend local news was on the scene. Congrats to Nils Mindich, $10k richer! Thanks Mt. Bachelor and 10 Barrel Brewing!