Camp Backflip: The Summer Movie 2017

Camp of Champs may be dead, but summer boarding at Blackcomb will never be! Camp Backflip forever and ever and ever.
filmed & edit by Colter Heard
Riders:   Lucio Doglioni Majer, Nick Elliott, Bryan Bowler, Martyn Vachon, Coulton Conway TJ Koskela, Derek Molinski, Ben Bilocq, Keenan Filmer, Matt Butel, Taco, Marc-André Séguin, Kody Yarosloski, Quin Ellul, Mark Goodall, Matt Heneghan + more.

Dream Date with Darrah

Marcus Rand, Mark Goodall and Kai Ujejski vie for a dream date with Darrah Reid Mclean. Will any of them win her heart? Only their snowboard skills will decide.

Edit: Keaton Rodgers

There Can Only Be One Stairmaster!

Once again all the entries for the Snowboard Jamboree Stair Masters were insane, but in the end the judges decided to give the win to Anto Chamberland.

Stair Masters Pro Teaser

With Stair Masters going down this weekend, Snowboard Jamboree put together ten second mini teasers of all the PRO entries for the event. Who do you think will walk away with all the cash?

Riders: Anto Chamberland, Braedon G. Wheeler, Niels Schack, Mamouth Durette, Aidan Flanagan, Alexis Mailhot, Shane Ruprecht, and Mark Goodall

A Dreaded Hump Day with Mark Goodall

From the dreadlocks to the single color outfits this dreadlocked geographer is easily recognizable on the icy slopes of Ontario. When I first met him he was swizzling his way to the podium of all the rail contests he entered. Back then he was always doing things a bit different, and a bit better than everyone around. Nothing has changed since then except that he juggles going to school full time and a life of confirming conspiracy theories on the side. – Mike Chmil

P: Max Wharin

P: Max Wharin

Right off the bat lets put something to rest. Is Ontario really Onterrible or does that reference need to be thrown out?
No, Ontario is not Onterrible. I cringe whenever I here someone use that reference. I agree that Ontario lacks big mountains, but big mountains aren’t necessary for individuals to have fun with their friends. However, I don’t think the reference will ever be thrown out because people will continue to compare Ontario to different places that aren’t even really relatable.

How were things in Ontario last winter?
Ontario was really good for snow this past winter, and between riding park at Blue Mountain and filming in the streets, things went swimmingly. I spent the entire season riding and filming with the Trash League boys, Mike, Gord, Denny, Chris, Danny, and Ben. We were back and forth between Collingwood, Guelph, Toronto and Sudbury all winter, filming for the Digital Weekend series. After the snow melted in the streets, we spent the spring riding park and building DIY features at Blue Mountain and Georgian Peaks, which was a lot of fun.

P: Mihail Novakov

P: Mihail Novakov

DIY because Blue Mountain wont change anything themselves. What’s up with Trash League this winter?
From the beginning of Trash League, there has always been the intention of making a video. But with an overwhelming amount of small-scale videos coming out within a sea of really good pro and am videos, we decided to try an take a different approach by using Digital Weekend as sort of an introduction to Trash League. Now that we have been introduced, we plan to spend the upcoming winter making a video. Riding a lot and having fun is also a part of the plan.

You’re part of a very small white skinned dreadlocked community, Dread Anderson. Are they here to stay as long as you’re boarding?
Indeed, dreadlocked white people are here to stay whether I’m boarding or not. But if you’re referring to the white people dreads on my head, than yea, they are here to stay as well.

P: Mihail Novakov

P: Mihail Novakov

How was your trip to Bulgaria last winter?
Bulgaria was definitely the highlight of my season. Having not knowing anything about the place, Mike and I decided it would be a good idea to go visit and snowboard with Hristo Petkov, the man behind Stinky Socks. We had no idea what to expect before going but it ended up being one the best experiences of our lives. Everything was very different from home, from the city layout and architecture to the social and cultural characteristics. Despite the differences, the Ninja Squad dudes made it very easy for us to feel at home. We were lucky enough to get an unforgettable powder day at Pamporovo Resort, but some of my favourite memories of the trip are walking around the city of Sofia as well as going inside of the Buzludzha monument.

It was definitely insane snowboarding there. So many oddities, what was the craziest for you?
Aside from the dog fighting, the thing that stood out the most was the absurd amount of half-built and abandoned buildings. Apparently when Bulgaria’s government switched from a communist system to a democratic system, many loans were given out to people for the purpose of starting businesses and developing new buildings to get the economy going. Many of the people receiving these loans would start to build the foundations of buildings, and then flee the country with the remaining loaned money. From what I had seen and learned on the trip, Bulgaria has come a long way since the fall of communism but there are still many issues that wait being addressed.

P: Max Wharin

P: Max Wharin

With all the floppery and crazy tricks happening in snowboarding right now do you think swizzling will ever come back into play, so you can reclaim your thrown as Swizzle King
The floppery going down right now is really out there. Mike Rav acting like a dreidle and Lucas Linwood Magoon acting like an amputee, the creativity is alive. And yea, reincarnation is a possibility… but first you have to die.

Why don’t you have Instagram? You’re one of the only boarders I know without it.
I think Instagram is cool in the sense that you can stay in the loop and see what your friends and idols are up to, and I guess also in the sense that you can market yourself to sponsors. But at the same time, Instagram, like any form of social media, is a stimulant. Receiving likes or followers provides the brain with immediate rewards and causes the brain to rewire neurologically and crave additional rewards, like a drug addict. I have already been consumed by Facebook, I don’t need the headache that would be caused by an iPhone or Instagram.

P: Connor Dudegons

P: Connor Dudegons

What is on the reptilians agenda?
All I can say is that Obama went to mars in the 1980s, the Earth is hollow, and the main objective is manipulation and control.

Shouts out?
Thanks a lot to my family, friends, sponsors and TJ Schneider. Shout out Liam and Jeffrat Robinson at Boobeyes, Michael Baker, Dawson McLachlan, Max Wharin, all the boys at Trash League, Dialogue Headwear, FootyFiend, Pocket Figures, Nowmean, DOPE trilogy. And thanks Yobeat, Chas and Mike for doing this!

P: Mihail Novakov

P: Mihail Novakov


FootyFiend at High Cascade

Kai Ujejski, Jordan Small, Quinn Dubois, Mark Goodall, Brandon Hobush, and Braedon Wheeler finishing off the summer at HCSC.


Glen Eden #1

Mark Goodall and his roomates do some boarding in the Glen Eden park, not to be confused with this Glen Eden, which is a nudist resort. You would be bummed if you didn’t wear clothes outside in Ontario in the winter, we think.

Mark Goodall is on Deeluxe

Mark Goodall with some of his street hammers from 11/12 Season.
We are glad to support that this dread shaking Kid is on our Boots.

Check Marks Part in the upcoming

Stinky Socks Welcomes Mark Goodall

We’ve been following Mark’s snowboarding years before we have realized that Stinky Socks will exist. We were like “if we ever have a brand Mark should be on it..”and so we are super happy to welcome Mark to the Stinky Family!

Find out

10 Tricks at Summer Camp

Let’s face it, there is no shortage of tricks coming out of summer camp. So we figured we’d just squish these two edits into one post to show 10 cross-cultural maneuvers you may enjoy. First up, Canada-land, where Mark Goodall and Daniel Gardiner rode the stairset at Camp of Champions and Kody Yarosloski made this video.

And now let’s travel south to Windells, where Hood local Jeff Hopkins has the ins and put down 5 moves all by himself.