Terrible Tuesday: Eat at Spedelli’s

Mac and Sam Spedale are a couple of awesome dudes. We support their new restaurant 100%
Located on 2352 Foothill Drive, Salt Lake City, UT. Bring in your Brighton, Park City, or Snowbird pass for 10% off all year long!

Terrible Tuesday: Ride Pow with Your Friends

Cody Rosenthal, Joseph Arguello, Mac and Sam Spedale demonstrate what its all about.

This footage is some extra goodies from the filming of Commotion. Be sure to check out the full movie here. It’s awesome.

Skate Day Saturday: Double Feature

Now that the snow is falling and snowboard time is upon us, it may seem silly to be posting skate edit since this is a snowboard site and all. But guess what, some people actually skate because it’s fun and not just because there is no snow. SUPER WEIRD, I know. Anyway, Erik Roomet sent us these two edits featuring the skateboard stylings of Luke Mitrani, Tyler Lynch, Mac Spedale, Keegan Valaika, a few other homies, and no stupid fly outs.

Kearns Park, Utah

Filmed and Edited by Erik Roomet

Mush Clan Mini, undisclosed location, Boulder.

Filmed by Erik Roomet and Bryce. Edited by Bryce

Bye Bye Brighton

The lifts are closed at Brighton. Harrison Gordon, Johnny Miller, Parker Duke, Will Tuddenham, Tim Benasich, Mouse, Ted Borland, and Mac Spedale get a few last laps in. (Excuse the dirty lens it was a slushy one.)

Terrible Tues Tips: Slashing Fools with Mac Spedale

[media id=67 width=600 height=340]

Park City is open and really fun. Here Mac Spedale teaches you how to enjoy the most fun part of a day at PC: SLASHING GAPERS!

Now, if you want to see more of Mac, check out his part in Variety Pack’s “not bad!”