The Top Ten Hump Days of 2015

Believe it or not, we’ve done over 400 Hump Day interviews. Up and comers, legends, industry dudes, Olympians and even those with day jobs have been profiled every Wednesday since 2008. Since it’s the final hump day of 2015, what better time to take a break and reflect on the stand outs from this year? From starting brands and shops to nurturing careers, we ask the hard questions and occasionally get some serious answers. Based loosely on views as well as our own memories and gut feelings, here’s a look back at the best of the year that was.

Travis Parker


I feel like we had ownership of a slice of it, you know? And, yes, to me, I was like, “this is our time. Let’s take advantage of this moment.” These times that we have, we have to use them to the best of our ability and enjoy life to the very best. We gave it our all, you know? Beyond that, I think that’s what it is: we’re all given a time to shine and we need to embrace it.

Mike Ranquet


It’s not just a search for Baby Jesus. We can still look for him, but you just want to have some diversity when it comes to brands or the media. Close to 50% of snowboarders are over 25. I mean, that’s a big fucking number. Everyone’s always like, it’s such a young man’s sport. The only people who pay attention to what goes online are people in the industry and other than that, maybe 2-3% of the general snowboarding population goes online to watch those videos. It’s a really small segment that everyone markets to, and most of those people get hooked up anyway. I think the industry is growing up a little bit, ya know.

Louie Vito


In snowboarding it’s like, oh you do contests? That’s whack. But who cares what I do. I’m snowboarding and that’s all I care about. If you just ride rails in the city – sweet. If you just wanna go up to Snowbird and do laps all day, that’s cool! You’re snowboarding. There’s no right or wrong way. Style is subjective, that’s in the eye of the beholder. There are people who’s style I’m not a fan of, but I’m not one to say you have whack style or you have good style. It’s not up to me. I’m not the one voice above all, no one is. That’s what’s so annoying to me is why do people hate on how other people wanna snowboard? Why do you hate on someone because they want to do contests or double corks. Why is there so much hate?

Danyale Pattersondangy_life

I get so harshed for partying. I don’t get it! We all party! God, the cover of that 32 movie was Dylan Alito puking. We aren’t doing anything that sloppy. Why can’t girls party?! I mean they all do but we aren’t allowed to show it?? Why? It’s fun. It’s really fun. I have a lot of priceless stories and memories of partying with my friends. When I edit I like to show those good times. They make me smile. I meet a lot of good people while partying. It’s a douche bag male run world and women are supposed to be clean lil virgins for the boys. Grow the fuck up, bros. It’s not offensive, it’s fun. I don’t drink or get high while snowboarding. Apres, dawg. If you get worked up over a flipping Too Hard edit your life must really suck and you should go have some fun. But yeah sponsors are always saying wack noise like “can’t help you out cuz your image is too risky.” Guarantee no dude is hearing weak stuff like that. If you ask me they should be shut’n the hell up and enjoying the show.

Dylan Gamache


…don’t think so.



The one thing about Tite is I want it to work out to still be in snowboarding, and snowboard, and have it make sense for me to be snowboarding. If I shred a bunch, that’s one more reason to support the brand. If you know the behind the scenes of it you know what’s up. At the Agenda Trade Show in New York people were stoked on it, but I didn’t have to tell them that I have this crazy snowboard team, and they don’t have to know that I’m a pro snowboarder or care what I look like snowboarding. They were just down with the logo and the brand. Snowboarding didn’t have to sell it. But then in the inside world, in the snowboard industry, I feel like people are more likely to want to represent or support your brand if it’s going back into you actually snowboarding, not partying. Like [they’ll support it] if it’s gonna allow me to keep snowboarding. Before, I did have this party image where if I had started a brand back then, people would have been like ‘oh yeah, let’s fucking support that brand so Deadlung can just party his life away.’  It’s like, no, that’s not what it’s going towards now. Tite isn’t going towards drugs and bar tabs and shit, it’s gonna go towards me going snowboarding cause thats all I really care about. Like supporting Tite is promoting a healthy lifestyle for me, and will bring hella nollies in the future.

Jason Robinson


I knew that was the type of train he would want to catch, cause you don’t just wind up in the middle of nowhere, it’ll take you all the way there. So I ran up and I started getting all excited. I packed my sleeping bag, put my pants and hoodie on and just freakin went. It was a full moon, the super moon actually, so like a huge bright sky. I get on the train, and it’s pretty much like a semi truck trailer on top of a train. I crawled in there lay down so I’m hidden behind these tires, and all the sudden it just starts making a wooshing noise, which are like the brakes airing out. Then it starts cruising, past the train station, past all the employees, and we’re picking up speed and I’m just like all by myself. I got a decent little buzz from when I was looking around for Hillbilly and I ran into some friends and had a few beers and so now I’m just on another planet it feels like. I’m just on a freight train for the first time by myself, no idea where I’m doing or what’s gonna happen. I’m just off into the unknown, you know?

Chris Larson


I watched Johnny Lazz’s edit today and I was like, “damn, I fuckin suck at snowboarding compared to this kid.” But pretty much all of his shit is in the park. He rides the park all year. So, I can’t compare myself to that because I don’t really ride park. Louif [Paradis] is my favorite snowboarder at the moment. He reinvents himself like every year, constantly changing. And he’s a humble dude. He doesn’t talk a lot. Low-key. He does his thing and helps his homies out. That’s what I respect. Not the kids who wanna be a fuckin actor.

Jason Borgstede


It’s cool, but a bit of my ego was there, and it’s tough to deal with. I tried to never be this guy who was like, “oh I’m a badass snowboarder, you guys are wack.” But there’s a part of me that’s like, “oh cool, I won the X Games, now can I get you some bread and some water?” And you kind of feel like, oh now they look at snowboarders like snowboarding isn’t a real career because look where it gets you in the long run. I felt like I was a bad example of snowboarding at that point and it hurt my heart a little bit to feel like that.

Lucas Magoon



Actually no, that was mostly cause the misses there was getting a face tat. You gotta be careful when you drink and say what you’re gonna do. If you’re gonna do what you say, you might as well, so I kinda put myself into that. But I couldn’t let the misses have a face tat or more tattoos than me. We both got both sides of our necks done. I just got a new one on my temple too.

Louie Vito Addresses the Haters on Hump Day


Photos courtesy of Red Bull Content Pool

As snowboarding matures, it’s only natural for people to take different paths. And while the number of different ways you can enjoy snowboarding is seemingly limitless, on the business side there are two distinct approaches. One side sees snowboarding as a sport like any other, which can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, whether it’s watching it or doing it. The other, looks at snowboarding as an underground activity, which should be appreciated only by the corest of the core, and definitely is not about the money. Now we’ve heard all sorts of chatter from the latter, but we figured it was time to talk to someone who’s chosen to embrace the former. Louie Vito has been to the Olympics, Danced with the Stars, taught rappers to snowboard, taken lots and lots of corporations dollars, knows all the celebs and is still one of the nicest guys in snowboarding. Not bad for a kid from Ohio.

I think what you’ve done with your career is super interesting and not a lot of people take that path in snowboarding. What’s it like being famous? Do you get recognized on the street?

I don’t even really think of myself as famous. It makes me laugh when people do. Especially right after Dancing with the Stars time, I used to try and guess when people came up to me whether they knew me from snowboarding or Dancing with the Stars. It started to get to the point where people I thought would know me from Dancing with the Stars knew me from snowboarding and people who looked like they knew me from snowboarding knew me from Dancing with the Stars. But I don’t really think of myself like that. I just always wanted to keep going forward and do more and more. I hang out with people that are real celebrities and there’s a big difference from them getting noticed and me getting noticed.

Do you ever worry about getting to that point where you’re too famous and you need a bodyguard?

Nah, I don’t really see that happening. I think it’s cool to have a bodyguard. I have some friends that are bodyguards and it’s just kinda fun to have a dude that’s massive parting the sea for you when you walk around. But then it’s also kinda like, is this really necessary? I don’t think anyone is trying to get me or anything. It would just be more fun than anything.

Maybe you could get a big black guy and you guys could have a reality show…

Lou and Big!


Do you have plans to go back on reality TV?

I think what Jamie (Anderson) did on the Celebrity Apprentice was cool, I would for sure do that. I think the show’s cool and the people you meet are cool. It’s kinda like, you work on things and collaborate with people on stuff could really happen. There’s always that life after snowboarding and that’s all like business-related stuff. I think that show is cool and I think it was cool that Jamie did it.

Yeah I was psyched. And a little bummed she got fired so soon.

I’d go on a show like that, but I don’t see myself going on the Bachelor – well, I already did as an instructor – but not as a contestant. Anything in the world is so much about your rolodex. Look at skating too. There’s definitely skateboarders and snowboarders that are really good and just haven’t made it. It’s not about their skill or anything, I think a lot of it has to do with being in the right place at the right time, marketing yourself the right way. Knowing the right people.

They do say, it’s all who ya know.

I definitely think in skating especially, how many times do you show up at a skate spot and you see a kid that is just insane? But there are so many kids that are insane, you gotta be able to separate yourself from the rest.


How did you get involved in Hollywood stuff?

Dancing with the Stars came from a friend of mine that was an agent who had booked some other people. They were looking for someone that fit what I was all about and my style, so I was like yeah, I’ll take an interview. There’s no harm in that. I never really watched the show. I had just torn my meniscus and I think that was the year we were finishing the Boned Age, so I was trying to keep riding. So I did the interview and it went real well. They told me that they liked me, but it didn’t fit with that season, so I was like they’re just gonna see how I do, see if I make the Olympics. And then they asked me again, and it was like, damn this is real. This could really happen. My dad was like, just say yes until the paper work is in front of you and then we can make a decision. I actually talked to a few people like Todd Richards and some people at Nike at the time and made sure they were cool with it and get their thoughts, too.

I was stoked. It was so different than what I’d ever done before. It was a new challenge and a whole new demographic and the way I looked at it, well there were a couple things. One, you’ve gotta be able to make fun of yourself. I was doing funny things, wearing clothes that you’d never see me in on Halloween, and moving in ways that I’ve never moved in my entire life. So you’ve gotta have fun with it, you can’t go on a try and portray something that you’re really not. People are gonna laugh at me regardless. And then also, 22 million people were watching my season, so if I can take less than a percent of them and introduce them to snowboarding, that would be huge. Get people interested in the sport. It’s like, Rugby is really boring to watch, but you go to New Zealand or Austrilia and watch rugby with someone who knows and they tell you about their team. Then that becomes your team and you’ve got something to root for. And then the other thing was, if I could do this, where I’m so far out of my comfort zone, with a live audience watching, then snowboarding is gonna be a walk in the park. I’m confident doing it, I know what they wanna see. It all worked out and I made some incredible friends from that show who I’m still really close to.

I think it was awesome, honestly I was a little jealous, but not really cause I can’t dance.

It was so hard, so stressful, so frustrating, but so good at the same time. I still laugh when people bring it up. It just makes me laugh. When you look back at it, me, ballroom dancing, was funny. I loved it.

I wanna go back to what you said about introducing people to snowboarding. Do you really think the average, mainstream person doesn’t already know about snowboarding? Or is more inclined to go snowboarding because they see you on TV?

I have some fans that have followed me through Dancing with the Stars and into snowboarding, and started following my friends because they’ve seen them with me. I’m talking about grandmas and old ladies that otherwise, what does snowboarding mean to them? Like nothing. It’s not that they’re interested in going snowboarding, but if they’re flipping through the channels and snowboarding is on they might start watching it. Like Rugby, anything is more interesting when you have a team to root for or know something about an athlete in general. It’s way more enjoyable to watch because you’re cheering for someone rather than just watching it go back and forth. I like to have something to connect me to what I’m watching.


It’s interesting that a lot of people who do snowboard don’t pay attention to or care about competitive snowboarding at all. Why do you think that is?

You get some people that do. Core riders that watch contests and are up on it, and then there are some that just turn it off, because it’s contest snowboarding. It doesn’t matter anything about what’s happening. There’s no hope for it regardless if it’s the sickest thing ever. What makes it hard is competitive snowboarding is a subjective sport. You can have 10 different riders from across the board watch the same run and you might get lucky and have a lot of them say, this person definitely won. But there’s no way that everyone is gonna agree on everything. I’ll get texts from people who’ve worked in the industry for a long time and hearing what they say compared to what the judges say is always different.

People are anti triple corks in slopestyle. I’m not for or against them, but at the end of the day, you can hate on triple corks but it’s still a triple cork. There’s still a gigantic risk of getting absolutely played doing that trick. You can get played doing any trick, but you have to weigh the fact they’re going upside down three times, and that’s gnarly. People are so subjective watching it themselves – oh that’s whack, that’s cool, that’s not cool. Everyone has their own opinion and that’s how it is in snowboarding. That’s how it was with Dancing with the Stars. I knew I was gonna get hated on doing that, but at the same time, I don’t ever do anything in my career or my life because of what someone thinks about it. That will never change what I want to do.

But that’s kinda the problem with snowboarding. My idea with snowboarding is you do what you want. You can do the same trick, the same grab and make it look completely different – there’ s no right or wrong way. In dancing there was, that’s what baffled me. They would be like, or you can’t do that. it’s not a dance move. Well why not? At some point, someone invented this move, why can’t we just invent the move? In snowboarding you can. Like oh shit, that didn’t come out how I planned but it worked out completely different.

In snowboarding it’s like, oh you do contests? That’s whack. But who cares what I do. I’m snowboarding and that’s all I care about. If you just ride rails in the city – sweet. If you just wanna go up to Snowbird and do laps all day, that’s cool! You’re snowboarding. There’s no right or wrong way. Style is subjective, that’s in the eye of the beholder. There are people who’s style I’m not a fan of, but I’m not one to say you have whack style or you have good style. It’s not up to me. I’m not the one voice above all, no one is. That’s what’s so annoying to me is why do people hate on how other people wanna snowboard? Why do you hate on someone because they want to do contests or double corks. Why is there so much hate?

Obviously Yobeat is known for it’s hate comments…

Yeah, but you guys aren’t like, oh this guy’s a pipe jock, fuck him. It’s more fun. But there are people who are like serious about it, which makes me laugh so hard. Like why do you care?

I tell myself a lot of the hate online is people trying to be funny or kids that just have no idea- but maybe it is just industry people trying to be jerks.

I had someone hate on me the other day, but it’s always over the Internet. No one ever comes up to me at a contest or where I am talking smack to me. That was the whole thing with my glove that said Hi Haters. Anyone that’s hating on me when I’m in a contest, it’s like, where are you when you’re hating on me? You’re sitting at home. You’re watching me on TV. You’re seeing me on Yobeat or Transworld or Snowboarder. Wherever it is. That’s where you see me. I don’t know you. I don’t care, I’m doing me. Why are you hating?


I think a lot people with their friends talk shit to each other and it’s funny cause you know each other, but then you do the same thing on the Internet and it sounds so harsh. So that’s an issue. 

I just watched the thing on Vice about the girls snowboarding crew. I’m pretty disconnected from some stuff, I didn’t know who any of them were, but at the same time, I’m reading the comments and it’s like, these girls are out there living. They wanna snowboard, they wanna go hit rails. Regardless if they’re 50-50ing a rail or 270ing a rail. Maybe a 50-50 gives them the same rush as a guy gets when he lands some gnarly trick. Why are you trying to rain on her parade? She’s out there doing it. I just give props to people who know what they want to do and just say middle finger to everything and go and do it. Like the one girl who blew her knee and was like, I spent all my money to rehab my knee, because she wanted to snowboard. I can’t hate on that. Her passion is snowboarding and she’s actually doing it. Whether she works all summer, she’s enjoying herself snowboarding all winter long. To me that’s cool. And people are like, oh she sucks. Who cares!? She’s out there filming and you’re watching her video on Vice, that isn’t just some slouch thing.

I back those girls for sure. It’s interesting how people in snowboarding can be so close minded and it’s supposedly this free-spirited activity.

I’ll tell you what’s funny. It’s funny when people go out of their way to say, I would never do that. That’s so wack. But it’s like, you’ve never been in that position where it’s presented itself to you. I know a lot of things that I’ve done or my friends have done that people have hated on, I guarantee if those people were in that same position, they would have taken it. I love snowboarding. I’m not selling out, but if I’m gonna put my life on the line and I can get paid to do it? Why am I not gonna try and get paid? I love to snowboard and I get to get up every day and do what I love, with my friends, travel the world and the mountains every day. That’s awesome. Why is it bad that I’m trying to do that?

I imagine riding for Red Bull affords you crazy opportunities to do stuff too.

People that hate on energy drinks, right. But one of the heaviest, most amazing rail contests that ever got put on was the Red Bull Heavy Metal. I could still watch that today and be super stoked. That rail contest was so sick, everybody was there and it was a real sick set up. Red Bull has been backing action sports for so long. They sponsor things that I didn’t even know were sports.

Like downhill iceskating. Have you seen that?

Yeah I went to one last year in St. Paul and they created their own sport, but I tell you what. People are into it. It was packed and insane. Ali Goulet did it on a bike and that was sick because I grew up watching him as a pro snowboarding. It was sick. My whole theory is you can take some of these big sponsors and take their money without them taking everything from you. You can take their money and use it how you wanna use it. You say how this is how it’s gonna go. Like Ultranatural or the Double Pipe. How is that bad? There are great events that help so many riders and produce so much footage and whole TV shows. It helps everybody, but the money came from Red Bull so you’re gonna hate on it? If Mcdonalds wanted to do more things in snowboarding, yeah ok, let’s do a contests together and I’ll set it up. You can help them help you. You give them the cool factor of being part of snowboarding and do whatever you want with it and make a cool event or a sick snowboard movie. The best is when people hate on corporate sponsors and they’re riding for a company that’s part of Jarden corp. That’s a huge corporation. You’re talking smack about people riding for energy drinks and you ride for one of the biggest corporations there is. Red Bull is privately owned! There’s like one dude running that whole thing. It’s kinda hard to be super core – more companies are owned by corporations these days. Or when people hate on Burton, that one cracks me up too. It’s owned by Jake Burton who’s been in it since the beginning.


A lot of the companies that support snowboarding the most are the ones that have nothing to really do with it. We wouldn’t have a lot of the cool events, movies or anything if it wasn’t for non endemics. Yet there is all this hate in snowboarding for corporations or energy drinks, do you think that dissuades these brands from wanting to be involved in snowboarding? The vibe that snowboarding puts off can’t be productive.

Yeah, but skating is a way harsher industry on hating on things, and you’ve got lots of guys getting support. I think what scares these corporations more than anything is that they have to answer to a lot more people and when you’re dealing with a corporation you’re a lot more in the spotlight. Like if you were to get a DUI with no corporate sponsors they’d be like, damn well, guess you’re not coming to Canada. But if you were to get a DUI and ride for a mega corporation, there’s a lot more issues that they’re gonna have and you’re most likely going to get dropped. I don’t think they’re scared of athletes not accepting them, it’s more like, is this gonna be the right move or are we gonna have to do a lot of clean up with this person?

Snowboarders are too edgy, haha.

Yeah, they want that, but also don’t want what goes along with it. Really any company could come into snowboarding if they wanted to, to be honest. There’s always gonna be some one that’s gonna be down. But we’ve also had so many bad winters lately, that it doesn’t matter who you are, you have to see if you’re gonna get an ROI on this.

Yeah, all the talk of snowboarding dying, if you’re a marketing manager for some brand, it’s probably not real inspiring to get involved. Have you noticed the bigger brands being less interested?

I think there’s a little less money in some areas. I mean, Nike was doing well as far as snowboard standards but it wasn’t enough for the executives who just look at the bottom line. It’s more budgets than anything, if they don’t sell, there’s no budget. That’s the hard part with not getting snow. But let’s be honest – that’s what some people wanted. They don’t want big companies to be involved. There are some people out there I feel like would be happier if no pro snowboarders were getting paid.

To me it’s like, if it’s dead, was snowboarding dead before it was as big as it is now? Was that considered dead or in its infancy? But it’s still happening. There are still pro snowboarders, still magazines, still movies. I’m still gonna be snowboarding. I have a passion for snowboarding. My dream is to make enough money that when I’m retired I can call up my homies and be like, hey, let’s go to Baldface for the week, I rented it out. Come hang out. How are you gonna tell me that I’m selling out? My ultimate goal is to keep snowboarding as long as possible. I don’t party and I work out and stuff because I want to stay healthy and snowboard as long as possible. A lot of these things that I do, it’s like, you work out? You’re a jock. But I work out so I can stay healthy or if I do get hurt get back quicker. At the end of the day it’s all about staying on my snowboard and if I get knocked off it, how quick can I come back. If you’re healthy it’s a lot faster. Everything I do is based around snowboarding more or less. I want to be able to enjoy it with my friends. My best days are the days you go on a trip with your buddies and just dicking around. Red Bull Double Pipe was so fun because it was a handful of riders, unlimited sleds and you’re just ripping runs. It’s sunny, you got slope style riders, pipe riders, everyone is cruising and your collaborating. I would do that a lot more if possible.


Why do you hate the term pipe jock?

That cracks me up because most of the pipe riders that I ride with can all hit jumps. I was at Red Bull camp and doing some tricks on jumps and learning some new ones. I’m not saying I was going apeshit or anything, but I was getting some tricks I was happy with and someone was like, how come half pipe riders can jump but it’s not vice versa? Why don’t you call people that just ride slopestyle park jocks? Greg Bretz, Ben Ferguson, Gabe Ferguson, Benji Farrow are all really good jumpers, but most people just see them riding a halfpipe and people think that’s all they can do.

Do you get to snowboard a lot? It seems like you have a ton of shit going on.

This year I did a lot more just snowboarding, which was great. I went to Aspen and rode pow, I went to Silverton and Wolfcreek for a day, which was insane. I went to Vail and came back down and did double pipe. I really only rode 3 contests this year. I rode Park City and bunch and I had a pass at Snowbird so I got to rip there, which Snowbird is insane so I love riding there. I did a lot of just snowboarding, and of course riding pipe to get ready for contests, but I got to actually ride this year. I kinda made a point of that, and it was sick, I was pretty hyped on that.

Do you ever sit back and think, I can’t believe this is my life?

Yeah, all the time! I’m from Ohio. I never dreamed of this. When I would go to Windells when I was little, people would say to my dad or to me, oh your son’s really good. And I was like yeah thanks, but I was still getting middle of the pack at USASA nationals. My season was maybe middle of December or middle of March unless we drove somewhere.

My first year at X Games I remember looking up and around and being like, holy shit, I’m at X Games and competing. This is unbelievable. I used to tape X Games and watch em all the time. Growing up in Ohio you know about the magazines, but I remember going to a book fair and they had a sports illustrated snowboard edition, and I got it and read it cover to cover instantly. I was so into it. But I never thought that I could become a pro snowboarder and now that I am, it’s like, what can I do now? Setting new goals. When I was a little kid I read something that said if you read your goals every day you have a higher percent chance of achieving them. I went home and to this day, it’s still there, I have a sign above my bed that says I am going to be a pro snowboarder. When I was laying in my bed every day I’d be staring at it. That’s what I wanted to do, but I didn’t really know what that meant. I was just stoked to get free stuff. I still get hyped, it’s like Christmas!

I remember one time I was at Hood and I was in an ad for Alphanumerics, I think Whitey shot it, with Jeremy Jones nose pressing this rail. I’m standing in the front with this big old helmet on watching Jeremy Jones. I definitely wasn’t like balling when I was younger, we did well enough to snowboard, but anyway, I was like, man, let me buy one of your Nixon watches off you. And he was like, no, no I’ll give you one. He ended up sending me a box with like sunglasses, goggles, hats stickers, a Nixon watch. That was the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me in snowboarding. That kinda set the bar. Jeremy Jones and JP Walker were the two guys that gave me so much attention, so much time that that’s how I set my standard for how I am at X Games with people. One time when we were on vacation in Park City Jeremy Jones and his wife came to my hotel, brought me a copy of the Resistance, hung out for like an hour. I was nobody, just a little grommet from Ohio.

Poor Jeremy Jones, just got dropped.

Let’s be honest. Now a days it’s more about everything. You have to be a good snowboarder but you have to be the whole package and if you’re not selling boards you’re not getting deals. Look at Taylor Gold, he won the Burton US Open and got cut.

Does any snowboarder sell snowboards anymore?

I don’t know, that’s why it’s like, get it while you can. Every time a contract is up you’re gonna be on the edge of your seat, a little bit. Doesn’t matter who you are.


Tough times. Speaking of, who are you riding for?

Red Bull, G Shock, Toyota, Spy, Kicker Car Stereos, Neff.

What about beef jerky? Do you have a fuck ton of beef jerky at your house?

I did for awhile, I had a deal with Oberto, but they didn’t renew anyone. I think that was just one and done thing for right now. But I still have a great relationship with them so hopefully in the future if something comes up we can work with them again.

Snowboarding [Still] Sells

It’s happening every day: Marketing gurus sitting in an agency conference room, using words like “ideation,” with the intention of trying to connect a brand “authentically” to that all important young consumer audience. They’re selling everything from soda to cell phones, and damn it, they want you to believe the products they’re preaching are all about you. Without fail, a few times a year (dating back to the Snurfer), the “big idea” that’s going to engage consumers involves hitting them with something they can’t resist: Snowboarding. We’ve written about this phenomenon on Yobeat countless times over the last decade, but with new commercials coming out every winter holiday season, there’s always some treats worth talking about. After all, that’s what they, the marketing experts, want… us to talk about this shit, right? Fuck it, we’ve bought in.

The authenticity of these advertisements is undeniable. Snowboarders do eat. They do use cell phones. They drink beer. Some of them even drive cars. So let’s delve in and be tempted to spend money. Maybe.

This past Olympic year marketers really turned up the heat (snow makers?) to push the all-around extreme. Nothing sells investment strategies, banking, and credit card rewards like snowboarding, right? It’s no secret winter snow sports cater to demographic with money, and with the Sochi games we learned how Shaun and Louie handle theirs…

If a handsome Olympian and Shaun White can’t sell you on solutions for your money, how about a Fakey-2-four double-cork 1080 half-in quad doublemint twist 1260? Great Southern Bank has your back.

Snowboarding certainly caters to a crowd with the munchies. That’s right, they’re using your beloved snowboarding to target stoners. Danny Davis sold them Mountain Dew and Party Pizza a few years back and it went over so well, that our favorite Tiny Dancer has been enlisted to induce the munchies and get TV watchers craving everything from chicken nuggets to beef jerky. “… and will you please quit it with the double corks?”

Snowboarders drink two things: Energy Drinks and Beer. And damn it, the ad industry is going to make sure the rest of the world takes hydration to heart. How? Snowboarding bears, that’s how… and we’re not talking about husky, overly hairy human men, we’re talking a black bear taking powder turns. This was from the last Super Bowl season, so just blame football.

Tom Sims was rumored to have driven a car, and Mazda harnessed his board building legacy to sell you the CX-5. Nissan doesn’t need a legend, though. On the heels of their barrel rolling pickup truck back in 2011, Nissan did what anyone needing a back up plan would do: they headed straight for the pipe.

If you drive a car you’re going to need new tires right? This is from a year or two ago, but still airing, at least here in Portland.

Cell phone carriers and makers have taken to using snowboarding to hawk handheld devices for several years running. AT&T did it a few years back with Gretchen Bleiler. This during the Olympics Stale Sandbech hyped up some sort of Samsung iphone like device.

We’ve established you can use snowboarding to market to stoners, but Sony has taken it to the next level going to straight toward those of you on hallucinogenics.

T-Mobile has a zeaching Santa Claus in their commercial this year, and while we couldn’t find the commercial online, we did find the stock video site where you can license the very same clip to hype your brand.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 11.54.27 AM

They’re going to keep coming as one thing has been proven: snowboarding sells. Now, if  all these jerky eating, acid induced texting while driving consumers would tap their TD America funds, and break out the AMEX cards in the snowboard shops this season… well that would be something.

Louie Vito’s Bachelorette Snowboard Lesson

Our favorite Tiny Dancer is pretty big in Hollywood these days, so who better to provide some expert instruction when the producers wanted Andi to take her date on a romantic day boarding? Our favorite part is when Louie tells them to “go get it on.” Teehee.

Watch Louie Vito on the Bachelorette Tonight

Louie Vito -  Portrait

We know some of you were terrible disappointed when Stephen was voted off the Bachelorette in the first episode! But don’t worry, now you have another excuse to tune in as everyone’s favorite tiny dancer scored himself a cameo.

Louie Vito will be featured in a one-on-one date on an upcoming episode of The Bachelorette. The episode will feature the beauty of California from the surf to the snow with Vito, an Olympian and professional snowboarder, providing expert instruction during a special one-on-one date with one lucky suitor and the newest Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman. The episode is scheduled to air Monday, May 26, 2014, at 8/7c on ABC.

So, this should go well.

Louie Vito is Lovin’ It

Apparently in this economy, the fact the people are nice, good people who actually love snowboarding makes it cool for them to accept endorsements from just about anyone. So we should make it clear that we’re not even a little bit mad that the next time we have a Mac Attack we may just see Louie Vito looking back at us from our McDonald’s bags and cups. In fact, Louie is the real winner in our books as he’s cashing in on the Olympic hype without even having to go to Sochi!



Hateline: The Derby, Dew Tour, Flavors of Shaun White, Louie Vito is Stoked, Kazu

Jacques and the Dirksen Derby

Mark McMorris Commentary from Dew Tour

Shaun White pulls out of slopestyle due to injury

The Flavors of Shaun White

Louie Vito, Part of the PROtien for Oberto Beef Jerky

Kazu’s welcome to Adidas

Louie Vito is STOKED on Beef Jerky

Oh Louie, you know we love you, but maybe you should stop being so nice and agreeing to everything.

Thursdays at the Office: The Drug Test

Things have been getting a little too stoney at the office, and it was time to do something about it.

Shave with Louie Vito

We actually heard rumors of this little gem this weekend, but googling “Louie Vito Shaving Cream Commercial” strangely came up with a bunch of gay porn videos. Seriously. Luckily, tracked it down, and now we can all finally forget about Dancing with the Stars, cause this is WAY BETTER.

A Quickie with Jess Kimura

The original photo had all of her new awards in it, but they didn’t say Yobeat so we didn’t really care. photo: Joel Fraser

Jess Kimura has had a hell of a year. She won all the awards at that the Transworld Grammy’s and none from Yobeat, but she’s ok with that. Either way, Jess has proven that she’s a force to be reckoned with, a new breed of female rider, part beast, part talent, pure determination. Whether she’s bleeding, smoking, farting or doing chin-ups in her shed you can be damned sure of one thing, Jess is going to be a legend, has bigger balls than you and will have one hell of a part after this Winter. With that in mind, we decided to jump on board the golden girl and ask questions at random.

Are you ready for a Quickie?
Do me.
You’re officially snowboarding’s “it girl” or woman, how are you handling that?
Yeah well I’m surprised you are interviewing me, since you hate everything “it”.  I’m trying to handle it the best I can, didn’t expect things to get this big, that’s for sure.
So what’s next? Take the year off to make reality TV appearances and do photo shoots for ESPN?
No fucking way dude. Not a lot of people get this opportunity, to be heard and to make an impact through their riding. I’m not going to waste it on a fake modeling career.
Are you filming for anything?
Yeah, I’m filming for the Nike movie and for a web series on Transworld, your favorite friends. Oh, and I always got some filming love for Peepshow.

Look at that lil’ lumberjack flying through the air. photo: Joel Fraser

Are you still making film crews cringe with your patented near death slams?
Oh man, if you would have seen how bloody my face was last night. Well I guess the answer is yes, absolutely. It’s not like I’m trying to do that, I don’t want that to be my trademark. It just comes with the territory. That’s what I tell myself when I’m face down bleeding and crying in the snow.
What happened last night?
We were hitting a rail/closeout thing. I got in the zone and was landing my tricks like, second or third try. I was so stoked ‘cause things were really going good. Then the genny ran out of gas, the boys went to get more gas, I got cold, the gatekeeper tried to kick us out, I felt super rushed and dropped in again. Worst case scenario on my first hit and even worse on my second, smashed my face, bled everywhere, spit blood on Dykeboy’s lens and called it quits for the night.
Did Dykeboy get turned on by all the blood?
No cause I think we were both bleeding, if ya’ know what I mean.

I don’t think anyone on the Yobeat staff can handplant, and that’s why we loved this photo. photo: Joel Fraser

Rumor has it you had a pretty great quote during your acceptance speech about girls and their legs, what was it?
Um, I just thanked the other girls I was nominated alongside for giving girls something better to do with their legs than wrapping them around a brass pole, something to that effect. I look up to those riders a lot and I do think it’s important to give little girls something better to look towards to than makeup and baby making.
Are you not a fan of strippers and strip clubs?
Strippers are definitely entertaining, but I guess I’m just glad it’s not me on stage.
Do you think being a good snowboarder would help you be a good stripper?
Nah, I think it would look wack, ‘cause the general style we have snowboarding does not transfer well to good dancing style. I mean look at Louie Vito. I’d probably end up farting on people while I gave them lap dances.
Your board sponsors slogan is, “We devour everything.” If a guy dropped his pants and said, “Devour this!” What would you do?
Fuck, I think I would just laugh, or face push him, or both.

Why wrap your legs around a brass pole when you can slide down a steel one? photo: Joel Fraser

How much of last season were you injured?
I’d say a solid 70%. November, December, January I was out, shredded for a week before being back on the couch for Febuary, came back in March and a week later tore my MCL in my knee. Two months of mental torture passed before I met up with Dangler and scratched and clawed my way to finishing my part,but I made it up to my soul by riding every day this summer.
Are you healthy this year?
Yeah I am. I mean I had an incident before Xmas where I ended up in the hospital in Mammoth but I’m all good now. I was actually physically ready for the season this year. I built a gym in my shed so I could smoke and do chin-ups at the same time.
Women’s snowboarding is in a state of flux, what’s the best part of having a vagina these days?
I think it’s the best and worst thing that ever happened to me. As a girl, I think many people expect me to be bad at things or to fail in a way that they can laugh at. I see it as a huge opportunity to be a part of progressing something. If I was a guy there is no way I could keep up with that level. There are so many things that haven’t been done yet by girls, I almost see it as a separate thing from boy snowboarding. It’s hard to relate to guys but it’s easy to relate to girls so I’m just trying to bring some hope to the big picture. If you had a box you would know what I mean.
What’s the worst part about having a vagina?
Bleeding once a month and over thinking everything. Oh, and being targeted by greasy dicks.

Capita rules, if you can’t one foot, get the fuck out. photo: Joel Fraser

Are you as rugged in bed as your are on a snowboard, or are you a cute and cuddly girl behind closed doors?
That’s the last thing I want people to think about. I would rather people be disgusted by thinking about it so just go to and be done with it.
There are a lot of rumors floating around that girls don’t poop. True or false?
What goes in must come out right? I eat a lot of fruit so I bet I lay more turds in a day than you do in a week. I can’t speak for the others, except for Desiree [Melancon] she definitely poops.
How do you react to people giving you shit?  
I just try to look at the big picture, what the end result will be. They might think I’m a kook in that moment, or a loser or a shitty snowboarder, or whatever but if you get caught up in that shit it can destroy you. I try to react with actions, trying to convince people with words doesn’t work as well. If people want to pigeonhole me into being a lame girl snowboarding I’ll fucking show them whats up.
With your fists? Would you drag them into your shed?
Yeah, drag ‘em into my shed and then fist them.

These are the companies making money off of Jess and grinning from ear to ear that they were smart enough to sign her:  Volcom, CAPiTA, Nike, Electric, Monster, Union, Coal, and Celtek.

If you haven’t seen her full part from Defenders of Awesome, then do it now, CLICK HERE. 

Dewsh Tour Breckenridge Halfpipe & Slopestyle Results

We were just flipping through the channels on this lovely Saturday and noticed there was some major halfpipe competition going on. Yes, snowboarding is that big time. The photo above was not taken at said halfpipe event (which looked, cold, slow and snowy) but rather last night’s DecemBEARD at Ski Bowl. The events were very similar (ok, not really.) Anyway congrats to our favorite Tiny Dancer for doing his powder corks better than anyone else.


1 Louie Vito 90.25
2 Matt Ladley 75.00
3 Greg Bretz 73.75
4 JJ Thomas 69.50
5 Christian Haller 69.00
6 Trevor Jacob 58.50
7 Steve Fisher 54.50
8 Mason Aguirre 53.50
9 Luke Mitrani 29.25
10 Ilkka-Eemeli Laari 19.25
11 Scott Lago 14.00
12 Kazuhiro Kokubo DNS

1 Queralt Castellet 85.25
2 Elena Hight 80.50
3 Kaitlyn Farrington 74.25
4 Sophie Rodriguez 59.75
5 Soko Yamaoka 47.25
6 Kelly Clark 36.00

1 Torstein Horgmo 96.50
2 Mark Mcmorris 93.75
3 Chas Guldemond 88.50
4 Tyler Flanagan 84.75
5 Jeremy Thompson 81.00
6 Aleksander Østreng 72.75
7 Eric Willett 61.50
8 Scott Lago 55.25
9 Sebastien Toutant 42.25
10 Staale Sandbech 32.00
11 Sage Kotsenburg 31.50
12 Robbie Walker 28.00

1 Jamie Anderson 93.00
2 Charlotte Van Gils 84.50
3 Cheryl Maas 70.00
4 Enni Rukajärvi 52.25
5 Rebecca Torr 41.75
6 Klaudia Medlova 26.25

If you don’t want to listen to Todd’s soothing voice on the TV, you can follow the results and not-as-good-as-when-Nick-Lipton-was-doing-it coverage on

Terrible Tuesday: Park City Session

The Weather was harsh for Park City’s Opening but that didn’t stop the homies from coming out in force. I made an “official” edit for Opening day and tried to keep it short. This contains all the other shots I would have liked to use, crammed into one nice little edit for you.

Riders: Sage Kotsenburg, Griffin Siebert, Blaze Kotsenburg, Stevie Bell, Littlest, Louie Vito, Sam Taxwood, and Aaron Biittner.