Last Call 17

17th Annual Last Call presented by Eastern Boarder. Featuring, Jed Sky, Nate Carroll, River Richer, Parker Szumowski, Nate Haust, Zach Normandin, Jackson Happ, Travis Cullison, Andrew Galena, Chris Depaula, Dennis Filteau and more.


Featuring :
Martyn Vachon, Dawson McLachlan, Quin Ellul, Vernon Petty


Seasons are coming to an end throughout the nations. A last minute effort to gather clips and pump out edits has begun!

Riders- travis cullison, ian hart, chase chicoine, phil wettengel, bryan watson, mikey prestipeno

You can do that

Noah Guariello – Morris Gifford – Byron Harper -Tyler L’Heureux – Brendon Rego – Nick Bragg – Cole St. Martin – Kyle Cross – Ian Hart – Jed Sky – Jay Minassian – Nick Doucette

Remember The Loon Project

Featuring: John Stark, Scott Stevens, Jesse Gouveia, Ted Borland, Noah Guarriello, Gus Warbington, Parker Szumowski, Garret Reed, Mike Rav, Fredrik Perry, Jesse Paul, Merrick Joyce & Brendan Hart.

The Loon Project

You’ve seen it on social media and probably some other site, now watch the brain child of Snowboy Productions, Scott Stevens and the crew at Loon here!

Edit: Jon Stark


Instead of spending spring break in some hot, barbie filled, drunk meat head fest. The PSU snowboard club made loon their paradise. Welcome to Cabo BABY!!


River Richer
Chris DePaula
Travis Cullison
Nick McCarthy
Bryan Watson
Ben Denard
Keith Skyta
Luke Giacopelli
Jed Sky

Last Call 2016: The Video

Eastern Boarder’s 16th Annual “Last Call”
Loon Mountain
March 14th 2016

Results and photos 

Last Call 2016 in Pictures


Words and photos: Tyler Mills

Last Call 2016 was one to remember. No shortage of circus tossing and some stylie controlled snowboarding.

The set up was all time despite the hand mother nature dealt the east coast.

Jumps were poppy and ready for topnotch rotations and flips.

Rails were smashed into a small area ready to separate the riders from the sliders.

The Quarter Pipe was “Perfect” said every rider making the cut.

Wonderful display of Snowboarding, not much else to say.


Cole Navin
Cooper Whittier
Matt Schaffer



1.Parker Szunomski
2.Matt Shaffer
3.Rob Hallowell
4.River Richard

1.Lauren Tamposi
2.Ty Schnorrbusch
3.Danika Duffy
4.Marry Rand

“Timmy Sullivan Send it Award”
Morris Richard – despite his small stature was able to “make the cut” on the loon hight meeter. Pretty Impressive.

Jed Sky

Jed Sky

Mary Rand

Jesse Gomez

Timmy Sullivan

Marcus Rand

Matt Shaffer

Bridges + Ralph Kucharek

Ty Schnorrbusch

Mik Rav

Marcus Rand

The Three Stooges: Loon Pre Season

While the West Coast celebrates oodles of snow, on the East Coast, well… things aren’t going so well. But mother nature’s bitchiness aside, the boys at Loon are making it happen with the ribbons of man made snow that have withstood the warmth. Stay strong, friends, that cold air has gotta drop down from Canada eventually!

BoyoMobb: Locals Only Mini Movie Official Teaser

Sadly, we may never get a new Loonatics edit, but here’s a taste of what’s to come from the youth of New Hampsha.

Riders: River Richer, Cole Michie, Chris DePaula, Taylor Danby, Kyle Cross, Jed Sky

Two Times at Loon

The next generation of Loon legends? Or just some kids who love to snowboard? Only time will tell.

featuring Kyle Cross, Jed Sky, Chris DePaula, and River Richer.

featuring Justin Sault, Riley Morris, Randy Garfield, and Zach Ganley

Loon Powder Boarding with Mike Rav

From the desk of Michael Ravelson…

Over the season, one day at Loon I was able to borrow Joe Irvine’s portable camera for the day…and secretively held onto it for the next day. I took the camera because we had just gotten snow, and I wanted to try and film a clip every day that I snowboarded this season for my video part. That didn’t happen entirely effectively throughout the season, but I was lucky enough to capture moments from these two days in New Hampshire hiking around the resort with Joe and Kevin Court, or hiking some non resort turns with Luke Mathison and Adam Metterville. Anyway, today I went to send Matt Roberge some clips that I think he should use for my part….but upon looking through some stuff, I realized I could potentially put some snowboarding to a song…and I haven’t done that in a while. And I did, and this is what we got. I filmed this stuff while filming for rendered useless. Jon recently told me that the world premiere of the video is on October 9th in Portsmouth, NH which is where I am right now. So if you can make it out…. you should. Art shows, premiere and after party at I hope my current place of work right now… The Press Room…. while live music. All of this I hope is true…. Anyway….Cant figure out technical details and skylars had it up to here with me and this exporting stuff…so please watch in HD!

rided and edited by mike
other riders include luke mathison and kevin court

Jack Kyle: Shaolinmonk VS Loon

Very grace like dragon in sky. Like ninja in temple. Master of such discipline.

People’s Court: Travis Cullison vs Cole Karow

This week in the People’s Court it’s a bi-costal battle for Internet glory. Both riders have superior park facilities on which to hone their skills, but only one can win your vote. Or would you rather just watch Laddergoats? As always, the decision is yours!

Travis Cullison

Cole Karow