A-Man’s Actual Review: The Cloudious9 Hydrology9 VAPE BONG

Weed smokers have never been content to just smoke their weed. This is because smoking weed isn’t all that exciting. In order to pump up the hobby, stoners get into gadgets. Whether it’s a ProtoPipe, a triple chambered organic linoleum bubble bong, or Kevlar scrotal microdose patches, adding an element of exclusivity to your THC delivery method obscures the fact that you’re just, well, smoking weed, bro.

Leave it to 2017, the craziest year ever, to bring us the Cloudious9 Hydrology9 Liquid Filtration Vaporizer. Hydrology9 Cloudious9? 9. VapeBong. 9000. Whatever.

It’s a “dry flower vaporizer with water filtration.” In theory, this could be an ultra-clean way to smoke your weed.

The packaging is tech-bro perfect. A fancy felt-lined box lets you know you’re on some next level shit, for advanced humans only. Definitely got a boutique exclusive Tesla vibe. Included in the box is the unit itself, an AC adapter and charging cables, and a tool kit that looks like it came from a dentist’s office.

The Cloudious9 Hydrology9 Liquid Filtration Vaporizer looks like a light saber. Because of course it does. It must. Right? Yes.

This is a $250 Sharper Image LifeHacker Future Keto Spillproof Pepper Grindr for the Internet VapeLordz, it has to be a bit too much. Perfect!

So yeah, how do you smoke weed out of it?

vape shoe horn

You grind up your weed and shove it in this thing’s butthole, using the provided shoehorn. A metal buttplug acts as a stir-stick while you smoke (sorry, when you commence the “inhalation session”):

vape butt plug

Remove the “borosilicate mouthpiece” and pour in some water. It doesn’t take much:

fill er up

Screw the mouthpiece back on. Hit the button a bunch of times.

The sequence will be easy to remember because if you bought this thing there’s a high probability you’re a gamer. I haven’t played video games since Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, but I’ll never forget the code to warp straight to Iron Mike (it’s 007 373 5963). Internet people will get it. To turn on Cloudious9 Hydrology9, it’s three quick presses of the button. Then you have 60 seconds to determine which of the five heating modes you desire. I don’t know why you’d desire anything less than Level 5, but there are four weaker modes available for dipshits. I choose Level 5, because I’m trying to smoke this weed, motherfucker.

red means no

LED lights will let you know when it’s time to smoke. Your new vape bong life is controlled by LED lights, get used to it. You are a FutureStoner. Red means wait.

green means go!

It takes a minute or so to heat up. Green means go, thankfully.

I’ve been smoking intermediate dad weed out of this thing for a couple weeks, and as much as it pains me to say it: this thing pretty much rules. There’s a slight learning curve, but it delivers the cleanest weed hits I’ve ever had—something those ultra portable vape pens can’t claim, let alone a pipe or a bong. I haven’t coughed from a hit yet. That’s saying something.

There’s a slick magnetic cover for the mouthpiece (did I mention it’s borosilicate?). It’s satisfying to remove it, you gotta pull a bit against the magnet. That’s fun. I’ve found spinning the buttplug as I inhale to be a bit distracting, but it does seem to help achieve a stronger pull.

That’s it. Hit the button a few more times and the thing turns off.

Overall, this thing is pretty rad!

I give it 7 out of 10 fedoras.

I can’t believe it, it should totally suck. But it doesn’t. It’s pretty expensive, but so are glass bongs. It’s super clean and very efficient. I do question its true portability when compared to a sneaky vape pen that can be hidden in a sock, but it has many advantages over smoking with a flame. Damn. This tryhard internet lightsaber vape bong is actually legit, especially in this new age of shamelessness. I’m a dork with nothing to lose, so yeah it passes the test: I think I’d actually seriously consider buying one of these. It can’t handle the capacity to fuel an entire party, but it’s gotta be the smoothest and cleanest way to smoke weed on your couch. By yourself. With the blinds drawn so nobody sees the goofy LED lights.I dig it, and I’m gonna keep it. Thanks, Yobeat!

Appendix A: can you take a vape bong boarding?

I took the Cloudious9 Hydrology9 Liquid Filtration Vaporizer splitboarding. I loaded it with weed, filled the water chamber, and shoved it in my backpack for a stroll in the snow. It worked, but I’ll probably be leaving it at home in the future. Or maybe the car. I’ll leave it in the car.

And yes, we got some pow turns that day!


Leather Case

Hood Report 2017: Timberline Treated to the Best Summer in Years

Filming: Adam Foster and Cam Weeg – Sorry about the music, it came free with my iphone editing software. 

Fires are raging out of control in most of the Western US and September 3, 2017, the second-to-last day on hill for the Timberline summer, was a smoky one. But even though breathing was labored and it seems like the world may very well be going to hell in a hand basket, the snow on the Palmer glacier is holding strong and with minimal walking, you can lap the former Windells park until your heart’s content. Don’t wanna hike at all? Don’t blame you – that air quality is worse than Bejing right now, but you can just rip Palmer midstation laps all day while exerting (almost) no energy. I could ramble all day about how fun it was, but since the Internet hates reading, here are five reasons 2017 was the best damn summer, ever.

Doesn’t look like much but compared to the last few years…

There is Plenty of snow – As stated, legit snow fall over the winter has seemingly refreshed the Palmer Glacier to its mid 2000’s glory. Enough snow means better features and less hiking and well, that’s just awesome.

The butterflies! Pic: Goneronin

The butterflies migrated – Every so many years, thousands upon thousands of butterflies migrate over Mt. Hood and this year, they were back! While butterfly-splat on your goggles isn’t that fun, fluttering insects mostly just add to the magic of an already magical experience.

Wont be the same without the skatepark in town, but whatever, that park sucked anyway.

High Cascade got the fuck outta Gov’y – In a move that was a long time coming, HCSC announced they’d be moving the majority of their campers out of Gov’y and on to the glorious Windells campus, leaving Gov’y to be the haven for adult debauchery you’ve heard rumors about.

There’s weed in there, and it’s totally legal! 

(At least) two marijuana dispensaries have popped up east of Sandy on Route 26 now: Weed is legal in Oregon but sadly, there’s still no where to buy it in Gov’y. This is likely because each town in Oregon sets its own regulations, and let’s just say Government Camp isn’t run by the most progressive minded people. But there’s Mt. Hood rec center in Rhodedendron and on our trip up yesterday we noticed another huge new dispensary across from Mt. Hood Foods that just opened. It is very chill.

They had a public lap park: We Are Camp’s constriction means more public terrain and Timberline Parks turned the former HCSC lap park is now open to anyone! Can I get an amen?

Sadly, today is the last day you can ride the lifts to the top of the Palmer Glacier for the summer, but don’t fret! When the snow holds on, TLine has been known to fire up the generators as early as Columbus Day and if you think summer boarding at Timberline is awesome, you should get up there in the fall!


30-Something Reasons Colorado Sucks


It’s often been commented, “Yobeat hates Colorado.” So much so that it’s become a running joke every time we feature a CO edit. Now, it’s not entirely to say that we, the staff of Yobeat, hate the place – it has a few redeeming qualities. Southern Colorado terrain is insane, if you wanna ride parks they’re some of the best in the country, and you get drunk way easier at 10,000 feet. But that’s where it stops. The following are all the reasons the Silver State sucks.

1. Bros

You’re sure to run into your fair share of bros at any ski area, comes with the territory, really. But Colorado boasts a special brand of arrogant, drunk, legally-high assholes. Granted most of them are on probably there on vacation from Indiana, but they choose Colorado! That’s gotta say something.

2. Skiers

Skiers are everywhere and for the most part harmless, but in Colorado, they actually think they’re cool because they ski.


3. Long Traverses

Snowboarders at Vail literally ride with poles.

4. Lack of snow

Now I’m not talking about Southern Colorado, we all know Wolf Creek gets dumped on blah blah blah, but anyone who actually lives in Colorado can tell you those storms are few and far between. And half the time when it snows, the snow is too damn light to actually cover anything.

5. High Prices

$110 for a day ticket? $50 for parking? We’re good.


6. High altitude

Summit County is based around 9000 ft. The base lodge at Silverton is at 10k. As we mentioned before, high altitude is great for getting drunk efficiently, but it also makes it hard to breathe, makes putting on your boots the hardest thing ever, and makes it hard to sleep. But the biggest issue with the thin air is you just can’t think straight, which may explain why everyone in Colorado is such a kook.

7. Never Summer

Oh you make your snowboards in the US? Cool story. Remember when they tried to patent reverse camber?

8. Shitty avy conditions

When and if it does snow, the Colorado backcountry is downright treacherous. Stay alive out there, kids.

9. Rich people

With places that are expensive comes the people that can afford them. Now, aside from the “corest” kids, most snowboarders do come from means, but I’m talking about the shitty rich people. The ones that look down on you just because you haven’t taken a shower in a week and you like to have a beer on the first chairlift. Yeah them. Fuck them.


10. Nazi ski patrol

Cut a rope? Lose your pass. Go fast? Lose your pass. Have fun? Lose your pass. Now, as I personally know a ski patroller in Colorado who’s almost an alright guy, but there are just a few too many rules at the “big resorts” for me.

11. It’s cold as fuck

Oh cool, high of negative 5 today? Fuck you.

12. It’s flat as hell

This is of course, what causes the long traverses, but even the “steeps” of Summit County are ya know, pretty mellow.

13. Texans

They get even worse due to the lack of Oxygen.


14. Oxygen Bars

I’ve never been in one, but I assume it’s horrible. I mean, they have them in Los Angeles.

15. It’s windy, everywhere

Again, flat + tiny little excuses for trees make for the whipping wind experience that is an every day occurrence.

16. The lift lines at Breck and Keystone

Ever been to either place on a weekend? Then you know. You are better off just crushing your own skull under a large truck.

17. The Traffic on I-70

You know what’s the best part of a day riding in Colorado? The six hours you spend in traffic in I-70 to get there from Denver!

18. General Overhype

Local pride is real, so we get it. You love where you live and that’s why you live there. But would it kill you to just be honest with the other people. Hell, maybe it would keep some of them away and solve two of the aforementioned problems.


19. Vail Resorts

Nuff said.

20. Fake snow totals on the reports

Sure, maybe there are 7-inch drifts around your measuring stick, but what you actually mean is “a dusting.” While not entirely a exclusive-to-Colorado phenomenon, resort marketers seem to get extra creative in the Rockies.

21. 3.2 Beer

Yes, you can get real beer in the Liquor store or any of the 40,000 craft breweries, but damn it, I want to pick it up with my groceries, and that shit is 3.2. Worst part, unless someone tells you this, you can spend your whole vacation wondering why you’re not getting drunk, even at 10,000 feet.

22. Tourists on Weed

Tourists are the worst – always screwing up driving, getting lost, asking stupid questions. And in Colorado, they’re all high as hell. Good luck with that.

23. Every 13 year-old can double cork

It’s just not fair how good these little brats are.


24. Angry Snowboarder. 

Just chill out, dude. Smoke some legal weed perhaps.

25. Legal Weed

It’s not that we’re not in favor of legal weed, as we just mentioned, but we’re pretty sure the feds blew up Leo’s just to prove a point. Not to mention the annoying bi-products that have come because of it such as dabs, oils, weed snobs, etc.

26. Mountain academy kids in general

Mountain Academies attract two types of people: rich kids who love to snowboard and rich kids who’s parents think they’re going to be the next Shaun White. And everyone knows, we don’t need another Shaun White.

27. Superpipes

Remember when we had 9′ halfpipes? That was fun.


28. CU Boulder

Frat boys, college kids, and all the shit that goes along with that.

29. People from the Midwest think it’s the only place you can snowboard

If you’ve never left the grain belt, and your only impression of snowboarding is movies like Out Cold and Cloud Nine, you probably don’t know there are more mountains on the other side of Colorado. And why would you care?

30. Made-for-TV contests

Oh good, ESPN is in town. Let’s jack up the prices and block off the streets! Remember the Dew Tour, it wasn’t all in Colorado, but it was obviously Colorado’s fault.

31. Long boarders.

We already explained that one. Click the link.

32. Moguls. 

It’s a guarantee you will accidentally end up in a mogul field riding in Colorado if you don’t know where you’re going. And if you like riding moguls, well, I just don’t know.

32.5 Vail Resorts.

Yes, we know we already said that, but fuck. Come on, man.







Duh Homies Winter ’16 Part 1

Ahmon Stamps: From Snowboarding to Medical Cannabis

After moving from Atlanta, Georgia to Oregon, Ahmon Stamps became something of a Northwest Snowboard legend. He was a professional snowboarder for 12 years before turning some of his focus to cultivating medical marijuana. Now, with recreational marijuana legalized in Oregon, over 100 dispensaries have opened in Portland alone. Ahmon gives you a little behind the scenes look at where the product in those shops comes from.

Camp Yobeat: The Yawgoons Session


Summer in Portland is popping off right now. We’ve got dildos hanging from the power lines and new condo complexes on every corner, world class chefs from all over the globe opening restaurants hourly, and a Tinder scene where you might actually get a date. Basically if you’re young (or young at heart), Portland is it. And since we’ve lived here for a decade (which is totally long enough to be mad at the new people moving here every day for “ruining it”) and know about all the best shit in the best city in the country, we figured why not share the love? Create a place where our friends can come, skate the best parks, eat the best food, drink the best drinks, enjoy our newly legalized weed, and otherwise revel everything that’s going on in and around the city. Welcome to Camp Yobeat!*

This week, we were joined by the Yawgoons: Marcus Rand, Mark Goodall, Brian Skorupski, Dylan Gamache and Dr. Brendan and here’s what you missed!





Camp Yobeat is renowned for our knowledge of Portland-area skateparks and the Alberta Skate Dot is a popular stop on the tour. Here, Camp Councilor/Jester Keaton Rodgers shows campers how to take their snowboard skills to the concrete.



The Vancouver Extreme park in Vancouver, WA is another must skate. This session we learned Mark Goodall is really good at fly outs, probably because he used to rollerblade. 


We brought our campers up to Gov’y, where the Airstrip, with its DIY skate spot and mountain bike park, is potentially the sickest place to sleep in the dirt ever. That said, nothing beats a night on the floor at Camp Yobeat!


Happy Valley is only 10 minutes away from Camp Yobeat and our small sessions and insider knowledge of “Portland time” enable you to actually skate it without getting snaked. Marcus Rand.


Our staff photographer will only blow the shot a few hundred times, but you’ll definitely end up with a shit ton of social content to make your friends jealous. Mark Goodall.



Low-impact skate sessions are one of our most popular activities! Marcus Rand.


River spots are plentiful around Camp Yobeat, but we were originally lead to Pothole Falls in Camas via vague text messages and explicitly told not to “post how to get here on the Internet.” So we trust our guests with the same discretion. On this mission, Justin Mulford and Spencer Harper joined us in a special guest appearance, sponsored by GoPro. 


Creativity and sharing are  encouraged at Camp Yobeat! Justin Mulford. Vancouver Extreme Park.


Our daily video review sessions insure you won’t look stupid when your footage hits the ‘net.


At Camp Yobeat, we also offer tours of Portland’s many snowboard brands. This week, we took a trip to the Spring Break Snowboards studio, where Corey Smith has many shreddable pieces of art to admire/purchase.


Campers on a budget can save money on food by foraging for wild fruits and berries. We also visit some of the best restaurants, happy hours and food carts, and have been known to whip up a home cooked meal as well.


Can you think of a better way to relax after a long day of hanging out and doing fun shit, than crushing cold ones and chilling in Yobeat Gardens? Didn’t think so.


And of course, one of our most popular evening activities is the strip club tour, in which we also take dietary restrictions into consideration. All in a days work play at Camp Yobeat!

*Camp Yobeat is actually just Brooke’s house. 

Jacob Krugmire gets High for Hump Day


Last night, Oregon, Washington DC and Alaska joined Washington and Colorado in legalizing marijuana for recreational use. In honor of this historic event, I got high and caught up with young Jacob Krugmire, who at a mere 18 years old, has already been a staple in the Washington snowboard scene for years. It probably helps that his older brother is Austin Hironaka, but Jacob is living the teenage dream – free snowboard gear and a life built around snowboarding. So spark up a j, and read all about it.

You recently became a Knowbuddy. Why the switch from Capita?

Making the switch from Capita was a pretty tough decision, but I think the Knowbuddy program is gonna provide me with some really good opportunities. And it looks really sick, so I’m hyped to be a part of it.

Is Blue mad at you? I feel like of all the people in snowboarding, you never want to disappoint him.

hahaha I hope not, I can’t really tell.

What’s it like having a pro snowboarder as a brother?

It’s pretty tite. Definitely helps with meeting a bunch of new people, and being a part of some events. He has pretty good advice on stuff like making the switch from Capita and what not cause he’s had to deal with things like that before.

Do you think you would even be sponsored if you weren’t Austin Hironaka’s brother?

hahah I hope so, it’s definitely not something that I use to try and get sponsored. I feel like any way you answer that one it sounds kinda cocky.

How did you get sponsored?

Well, my first sponsor was from the NW Oakley rep. He came up to me at some rail jam in Bellevue when I was super young and said he wanted to hook me up. I was so hyped cuz I was still only in like 4th grade or something like that.


Photo: Greg Furey

How has legal weed in Washington affected your life? Are you even old enough to use it yet?

Oh man don’t even get me started….jk I wouldn’t know anything about that cuz I’m not old enough. But I wouldn’t want to pay that much for weed anyways.

Are you even legal to vote yet?

Yea but I don’t think I’m going to vote until I actually understand what I’m voting for. As of right now I’m not really worried about it, maybe when I’m older.

Is your goal right now to be a pro snowboarder?

Yea, I’m trying to be the next Shaun White.

Oh, you want to go to the Olympics?

Yea they looked like a really fun time. The other countries have some pretty hot female athletes, too.

What discipline are you trying to go for?

Ski jumping, I’m tryna jump 300ft like it’s nothin.

Do you think you should be doing something other than riding pow in Washington to train? I mean, most people train their whole lives for that shit.

Idk, I think riding pow in Washington sounds like a good way to train for it. Those people are doing it wrong.


Upside down and backwards. Photo: @Tk_Mccarty

Why is Shaun White your favorite snowboarder?

Because he has dated Bar Refaeli and Lindsey Lohan. I just googled that.

Who’s really your favorite pro boarder?

Fuck, I never have an answer for this question, there’s too many of them.

Well, gimme top 5.

Kazu, Zander Blackmon, Danimals, Austen Sweetin, Forest Bailey, and like 50 other people. That’s in no particular order either.

Your brother doesn’t make the list?

Of course he’s on the list

Did he ever beat you up when you were younger?

Still does. Imma get him one day though.

Are you going to move on to bigger and better things in a few years? Is there actually better than snowboarding?

Im not really sure whats better than snowboarding…tha’ts all I really wanna do right now, and skateboard. I like skateboarding with Flame Squad.

What’s the Flame Squad?

Oh shit, well it’s Dane, Myles, Quin, Ben, Zev, and myself. It’s a group of friends that are pretentious assholes and great skaters, sprayers and creative humans.

Why would you want to hang out with a bunch of pretentious assholes?

Cuz were fucking sick, that’s why. Sorry, that sounds cocky.

Did you graduate from high school?

Yea barely, they didn’t let me walk.

What happened?

Like two days before the ceremony we were taking a final in the morning and the principal was in the room. The guy is really fucking wack and he overheard me say “shit” and pulled me outta class and suspended me for 3 days. It probably didn’t help me being a smart ass to him afterwards, but he can suck a fat one. He wouldn’t accept my apology.


Krugmire and the awesome Austins. 

Do grown ups just not understand?

They really don’t, but one time when I was in the principal’s office he told me he grew up with Temple Cummins.

We’re you impressed?

Yea, but then laughed because Temple grew up to be a legendary snowboarder and Mr. Adams grew up to be a principal at a stupid high school

Would you rather be like Temple or Shaun White when you grow up?

Temple. He’s doin it right.

Why did you grow out your fro? Was it to look more like Kazu?

Well that’s just how my hair grew back after my head got shaved a few summers ago.

Were you stoked you looked like Kazu?

hahahah Kazu’s dreads were sick. I just had really fucked up hair lol. It’s gotten a lil better now tho. Not as much of a fro.

How did you meet the Stonp crew?

I met them hanging out with my brother down at Hood a couple summers ago. Those dudes are fucking rad.

Japanese people are generally awesome. Think you’ll ever make it back to the Motherland?

I plan on going next winter, that’s pretty high up on my to do list. Everything I hear about it just makes me want to make the trip more.

Do you think Sean Tedore can save Ride?

Hahah I have too many things to say about that fuckin guy.

I’m sure he would love to read all of them.

I mean they’re killin it with all the new riders they’ve signed…but personally I think it’s pretty fucking wack my brother got cut, but the snowboard industry is pretty lame like that sometimes.

Why do you think the snowboard industry is lame?

Damn haha, idk I think a big part of why I do is because there’s a lot of riders that deserve to be paid and aren’t. And I know business is an important aspect of it all, but it’s lame when a company builds a good relationship with you and drops you like it’s nothin.

Well, that’s what happens when there’s no money. Tough times for pro snowboarding. Do you look at snowboarding as a viable career option? 

Getting paid to have fun would be pretty tite, but I think I would still be doin’ work in the summer or off-season. Unless I can somehow make that Shaun White money. That’d be cool. Snowboarding costs too much.


Classic Krugmire. Photo: Adam Ramseth

How do you afford to snowboard?

I got super lucky with the gear, but for everything else I’m just workin trying save some money for the winter.

If you could only afford to buy weed or a lift ticket, but not both, which would you buy?

Fuuuuuck this a tough one…but I’d have to go with a lift ticket. Weed is a close second though.

Well, it’s good to know your priorities are in order. Have you ever kissed a girl?

Tongue or no tongue?

Tongue, no tounge doesn’t count.

Okay then yea, it’s pretty cool. I enjoy it.

Got anything good planned for this winter?

yea I’m gonna go hang on the east coast with the stumped crew for the month of january, and then try and meet up with the Stonp crew in slc in february. Hopefully do a trip or 2 with my brother too
Sounds like fun.

Do you think people are going to talk shit about you in the comments? Do you deserve it?

This is Yobeat, of course I do, and I can’t wait to read them hahaha.

I feel like I’ve harassed you enough. Wanna give me your sponsors and shout outs?

hahah my sponsors are, Burton, Analog, Pow gloves, Dragaon, Adidas, and Cobra Dogs. Shouts out to da flame squad and Japmob, Stonp Crew, and my family, and my sponsors, and pot and everybody.

Stoned on the Slopes!

This just in: people in Colorado are smoking weed WHILE they ski and snowboard. And not only is this illegal, it’s just plain dangerous! Inside Edition uses hidden cameras, prodding interviews and other investigative techniques to get to the bottom of this crisis.

Update: Thanks to this lovely report, one of the shacks featured has been dismantled. Nice one, dudes.

SIA Trade show: Day 1



After Narrowly avoiding a full cavity search having made fun of the TSA officer’s sweater vest, I found myself in the land of legalized weed: Denver, Colorado. Now, About this whole legal weed thing: There are currently 80 stores that accept “recreational purchases” so you still can’t walk into any old store. Also, you have to ring a doorbell and show your ID so it’s not a 7-eleven scenario. Some shops have ID Checkers bearing assault rifles, but the one I visited just had a girl with green hair. Furthermore, the weed IS HEAVILY TAXED for out of state buyers. I am talking $66 for an eighth of high grade Sativa. If you are medical patient, or have a Colorado ID it’s only 30 for an eighth, but 66? Those are 7th grade, I’m-going to rip you off with a bag of oregano prices.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 7.51.47 PM
Like a kid in a vastly over priced candy store

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 7.47.47 PM
Mandatory Bozung selfie at the Bozwreck Party at Shag lounge.

But on to the trade show, because that’s what I am here for, right? What I learned about SIA last year is that you see everything you care about in the first three hours and then the reality sets in that you are a prisoner to this retail kingdom for the next three days. It’s best to just embrace that fact, and and figure out which booths have secret stashes of beer.

But for those of you who are not here, let me paint a better picture.

Best free food: Tie between Darn Tough Socks and Vans.

Vans had waffles with REAL syrup, but Darn Tough socks had maple ice cream with bacon. Finding free food is a must when you are hungover. The food prices in the convention center are ridiculous.

Repurposed wood booths are all the rage


Matching uniforms are on the rise



Electric looking like some sort of hip baseball team

Lib-tech are in my eyes, the original costumed SIA brand, burt what the hell do I know

Vonzipper loves beer and sweaters.

Celtek winning the worst employee costume award.

Trend Watch: Minimalist back packs




Best piece of snowboard clothing from a non-snowboard brand

Just plop a “hail satan” on there and they would see by the thousands.

Other Important notes:

I saw Bozung smoking a cigarette inside SIA.

(Unlike last year) The music this year doesn’t suck! In fact, there are too many options! Tonight, the Filmore hosts Juicy-J, the expo hosts ASAP Ferg, and the Dead Kennedy’s are playing as well.

Hey Olympic Athletes: Weed is OK!


Good news for those stoners who aspire to represent their country in the Olympics! The World Anti Doping Agency, which is in charge of testing Olympians for performance enhancing drugs, is changing the level of weed in your system it will take to get you in trouble. This is exciting for snowboarders, since we are essentially the face of the pot smoking athlete. (In case you got high and forgot, Ross Rebagliati nearly lost medal awarded for snowboarding 1998 after testing positive.)

WADA recently amended its rules on cannabis, raising the threshold for a positive test from 15 nanograms per milliliter to 150 ng/ml. In 1998 at the Nagano Games, Rebagliati recorded a level of 17.8 ng/ml, and argued the test resulted from second-hand smoke, which he still says. Ben Nichols, a spokesperson for WADA, said the raising of the threshold is meant to catch only athletes who smoke during the period of a competition. The drug isn’t prohibited out of competition.

So basically, you can smoke weed before or after the Olympics, but not during them. Which is good, because the last thing snowboarding needs is someone getting high and deciding it’s a good idea to try triple corks or something.

Link: USA Today

One Glove at Keystone

Pretty sure with a name like “one glove” it’s safe to call these guys Key-stoners. Sorry mom.

Featuring: Randy Stacy, Zach Rawles, Colin Walters, Mike Wick, Josh Bishop, James Haffner, Stevie Meskill, Hunter Wood and Jack Kyle

Filmed and Edited by:
Brendan Barry