Dream Date with Darrah

Marcus Rand, Mark Goodall and Kai Ujejski vie for a dream date with Darrah Reid Mclean. Will any of them win her heart? Only their snowboard skills will decide.

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Kai Ujejski’s Killer Hump Day



King Kai Photo : Jordan MacDonald

Killa’ Kai has been recently released from his cage. He is a 19-year-old, burrito-eating Whistler boy who likes long walks on the beach, smoking blunts and doing blunts. Raised under the wise tutelage of  Whister legends such as Brocklebank and Popper Al, Kai is truly one to watch- and you’ll definitely enjoy doing it – he’s got style for days.

RF: My brother from another mother- how are you doing on this fine day? Tell me a little bit about yourself.

 K : Ayyyyyyy Ron, whats gucci?! I just made some breakfast burritos. I’ll make you one next time…  Burritos aside, I am from Whistler, living in Tahoe ’til the winter starts.

RF : Where would you be and what would you be doing if you had not picked up a snowboard?

 K : If I never took up snowboarding, I would probably be living in Vancouver, skating and working.  Or I could be a rocket scientist… Or maybe I would be super into needle drugs. Who knows?!

RF: I recently had the opportunity to skate with you and I was very impressed at how damn fluid you were on the wood.  Would you say that skating influences your snowboarding style? How long have you been skating for?  Would you say that you like one sport more than the other?

 K : I started skateboarding a few years before snowboarding.  So that was definitely influential. I think that they influence each other equally though; snowboarding influences my skating and skating  influences my snowboarding. I have been doing both for just over 10 years. They each have their ups and downs.  There are things you can do on a snowboard that you can not do on a skateboard, and vice versa.

RF : What is it like snowboarding in Whistler?  The vibe about the mountain seems pretty chill, but does it get heavy there at times?

 K : It is very chill up there.  Sometimes the liftlines get heavy and the kook watching game is pretty heavy too. But damn lapping that place is still da bizniz.

RF : Ok. So, I know I asked Kody- but damn I’m forever curious about when the FootyFiend movie is going to drop? And who  is going to blow minds the most?

 K :The FootyFiend movie just dropped! Everyone fucking killed it on this one, Brin Alexander and Nick Elliot’s parts are my favourite, those kids cray. Adam Franks, Braedon Wheeler, Kody Williams, Lenny Mazzotti, Brett Wilkinson and myself all put in work and stacked clips for the movie too. You can get a dvd or digital copy at

RF : What was it like growing up in Whistler? What is the scene like there?

 K :  I have lived in Whis for the past 7 years, that place is the goods. I moved a lot when I was younger though.  I have lived in Quebec, Toronto and Calgary. Whistler’s so much different; it’s such a bubble, time flies by there. The snowboard scene in Whis is pretty tight, lots of sledders and backcountry lurkers. I stick mostly to the streets though.  No way I can afford a truck or a sled, haha..

RF : Who in the game has influenced you the most and if you could tell them one thing today what would that be?

 K : David Brocklebank has been a huge influence on me.  I have known him since I was 12 years old. The way I think about snowboarding, filming, and life is inspired by him. Jordan Macdonald has helped and influenced me a ton in the snowboard world as well. Those guys are the shit. Thanks for the life coaching G’s!


Nosepress Photo : Kieth Rutherford

RF : How was your time in the streets last year? From what I have seen you were very successful.  What do you do to fund your trips and how taxing on you is it traveling around like that?

 K : Yeah, the streets where good to me last year I managed to film a full part for the FootyFiend movie. We decided to drive down to Boston and ended up staying on the East Coast all winter. We where living out of Brin’s car and in various motels for 2 months, which was kind of exhausting. I didn’t do laundry once, haha.  I think it’d be more comfortable to have a home base or to go on shorter trips more frequently as apposed to one longer trip like that. It was so much fun though, got board and a bunch of tight new places with the homies, dun get much better than that. I was doing gardening work on Craigslist for a minute, and I worked at a crepe place doing dishwashing/prep but I quit that shit to live in Tahoe. The Canadian dollar is so shitty compared to the USD right now- working in the states trimming is way more profitable.

RF : Rolling with DWD, I see.  What is it like representing a solid company like that? 

 K : Dinos is the best, I’m so grateful for everything Sean and Jeff do for me. It’s so hype reppin a company where the owner lives on the same street and rides the same hill as you. And those fire flame zeachman graphics too <3 gadam! Cant beat that shit, DWDordie.
RF : When we were rolling around Tahoe, we listened to some pretty heavy rap music.  I was a bit shocked at first since you didn’t strike me as the type of person to get down like that.   Haha…But, boy was I wrong. Who are you favorite rappers to rip around to, man??

 K : I listen to a lot of psychedelic and classic rock but I’m bout dat trap life too. My favourite trap artist right now is Chief Keef but I get sick of artists and switch it up on the regs. Three 6 Mafia will always have a spot in my heart. Rip Koopsta Knicca…

RF: I see, you are courting Danyale.  Tell me how is it being around her 24/7?

 K:It’s lit.

RF : How is it having a girlfriend who also boards and is pretty well known for it?  Do you guys get competitive at times or is it pretty chill?

K : Lol, yeah.  We get really competitive sometimes, you know?… Aha! jk, it’s very chill.  She’s awesome.

RF : Some people are curious about your name; are you named after some type of old soap making company? How long did it take you to learn to spell your name growing up?

 K : I don’t know exactly what the fuck is going on with my last name, I’m still not 100% on pronunciation. People be like, “Oh you jetski?” And I’m like, “…nah never, maybe one day I will ride one of those things though.” They look really bad for the environment and fun!


M3th Air Photo : Danny Kern

RF : Kai, you are a skinny Dude, you can’t weigh more than 100 pounds solid even drenched in water. What is your diet?  Does Danyale influence your eating habit at all? I hear Danyale hits the gym. Do you ever go pump some iron with her or do you only do kush ups?

 K : Haha, shiiiet.. My diet consists mainly of breakfast burritos.  I forget to eat a lot, aha.  Sometimes I don’t even realize that I am  hungry or something. Lately I have been eating a bunch of organic shit, I guess I am on dat health tip. Dangy influenced that a bit, I’ve always eaten fairly healthy though.. And no, I don’t fux with the gym, I’m more into kush ups and sativa sits. Yeaahainknaow

RF : Boreal just recently opened up and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go.  I  have to say it was the most fun I’ve had in awhile. Did you have as great of a time as I did?  What would you say was the best part of opening day?

 K : Boreal is on fleek, that place is so much fun. They had a full park opening day and have only made it better since then. Top to bottom laps with next to no lift lines. It was a lot different than most opening day experiences I’ve had.

 RF : After opening day, you, Brett, his girlfriend and I all went out to dinner.  We were discussing what would help revamp the snowboard industry from what it is today; what are your thoughts on that subject?

 K : I think that when it comes to snowboard content that less is more. If it is not A1 footy then just cut that shit, it’s hard seeing your time and effort for that clip go to waste but it’ll be worth it in the end. It makes videos so much easier and more enjoyable to watch. Keep it short and sweet.  I remember we were also talking about how many talented boarders there are out there who get little to no credit. It’s kind of fucked up how many of these kids go unnoticed.  And it isn’t because of their riding, but because they aren’t going to events, emailing people, getting exposure, or whatever. It would be sick to see all the people who kill it on the dl have companies backing them.  I don’t know if that would “revamp” the industry, but it would change it.

RF: Sponsors and Shout outs?

 K : DWD, 32, Etnies, Stance, Dragon, Footyfiend, The Circle, Duh Bolts, Union and Howl.

Shoutouts to Jeff Keenan, Sean Genovese, David Birnie, Riley Goodwin, Jake Pollock, Casey Jones, Marcus Rand, Jon Martin, Alex Biel, Colter Heard, Jordan Macdonald, David Brocklebank, and the pile. Thanks for everything you’ve done for me! Luv all u kniccas

Sunday Squadron

Mdot’s media tour continues with another session at Boreal.

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