Pat Moore’s Blueprint 2: The Ender

Pat Moore’s dream season 2 has come to an end. After nine episodes of whining about the struggles of being a top pro, this one is just action, and mighty fine action at that, so enjoy!

POW Gloves Signs John Jackson

Seattle-based POW Gloves is honored to announce the addition of the hard-charging & already legendary snowboarder, John Jackson (AKA John J), to its team of global riders. John J’s partnership with POW will extend far beyond sticker placement on his snowboard; the brand plans to incorporate Jackson into glove development and additional rider-driven marketing efforts.

Rapidly progressing from his days as a teen prodigy on his home slopes of Mammoth Mountain, John J quickly garnered the attention of Standard Films, Forum Snowboards, and eventually the minds behind Brain Farm Productions. With standout performances in the late Forum’s flicks as well as in Brain Farm’s “That’s It, That’s All” and “The Art of Flight,” likely the two most recognized snowboard films ever made, John J has become a household name, and has been a frequent contender for “Rider of the Year” and other video part awards.

“This partnership speaks to the nature of our business and how hard we’ve worked to appeal to the most demanding riders out there,” said Dustin Goss, POW Gloves Founder & President. “We strive to create gloves that are BUILT to LAST, and being recognized by someone like John J for our quality and style truly validates that mission. This is a next-level achievement for POW – we couldn’t be more stoked.”

Jackson is throttling forward this winter with tons of momentum, working on new projects with Transworld Snowboarding and X Games Real Backcountry, as well as a web series to be release in fall ‘15.  POW will join John J’s list of current supporters, including Red Bull, Signal Snowboards, Go Pro, LRG, Under Armour, VonZipper, Mammoth Mountain and the Jackson brothers’ own jewelry brand, JAX Union.

“I’m hyped to join forces with a company that has a like mind and love for powder,” said Jackson. “Cold hands can be a miserable experience and it’s good to see that POW’s number one focus is keeping your paws warm and dry. Engineered with GORE-TEX™, these are some of the cleanest gloves out there. I’m very happy to team up with the Northwest boys at POW!”

John Jackson Joins Signal Snowboards

It’s sponsorship season!

Under the Influence: Mike Rav

Before web-edits, the only way to ever get a glimpse at your favorite riders was to go out and buy the latest videos. Snowboarders across the world would sit glued to their television screens watching the same videos over and over until everything from them would be fully saturated into their brain. To this day, I think I can tell you every song in order of appearance for both AfterLame and It Ain’t Easy from watching them so many times growing up. Under the Influence sets out to find out what video part(s) played the greatest role in shaping some of today’s most popular snowboarders.   

To kick things off, I talked with the always creative Mike Rav. Over the last year Mike’s riding has taken a much different turn from past years. Focusing more on feeling and impulse, he broke away from the traditional trick focused riding to what some have dubbed, “roll around in the snow.” To me this has been a breath of fresh air to his snowboarding and has pushed the creative envelope. I can’t wait to see what Rav has in store for snowboarding when Defenders of Awesome 2 hits shops September 14th.  

What video part would you say has had the biggest influence on you growing up?

I’d say the first part that got me hooked on snowboarding was John Jackson’s part from Standard Films’ White Balance. Everything about that part from his song to trick selection got me really excited to snowboard. Especially his ability to jump while still having a sense of creativity about his tricks. Watching it now, it makes me feel the exact same way I did when I watched it as a young kid. After first watching it, I remember immediately going to the Dragon site to figure out what goggles John Jackson had, then heading down to Eastern Boarder to buy them and started looking into summer zip up jackets like he had. 

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 11.03.04 AM

P: Cole Martin

Haha one day the summer zip up will make its triumphant return to glory. I’m surprised by your answer, I wasn’t expecting you to be a John Jackson fan. I was expecting more of a Magical Go-Go or Iron Curtain riders’ part.

I mean yeah obviously being from the East Coast, parts from [Chris] Grenier and Scott [Stevens] shaped the way I personally filmed video parts, but it was John’s part that really started it all for me.  I wasn’t introduced to the East Coast scene until a few years later. And from then on things changed drastically, for the best, of course.  But I still look back and truly enjoy John’s part.  It brings me back to that excitement and feeling of endless possibility.  He rides everything in front of him.

Personally I am slowly starting to figure this out. Every aspect of snowboarding is an obstacle to accomplish. The more you ride your snowboard on everything, the more you can begin to truly “feel” snowboarding… you’re not just limited to being a rail guy or a jump guy or a creative guy or a flip guy. It’s about being excited to progress and learn every time you strap into your snowboard.

Is the “feel” you’re talking about what got you to start “rolling around” and doing less conventional stuff snowboarding?

I want to state that my “rolling around” phase was done with no intention on influencing anyone in snowboarding whatsoever. It’s not a gimmick to make myself stand out. If anything I do think it’s dumb. But right now for me personally, dumb is good. Things got really serious for me in the past years and I wasn’t having fun.  I have no regrets regarding the “rolling around” stuff, simply because in those moments I wasn’t thinking. All of those moves were purely based on impulse, and it’s something I want to continue doing in my snowboarding career. Everything is based on feelings, and at the time, rolling around felt good. Damn good.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 11.09.00 AM

P: Erik Hoffman

You said that this season you started to figure out that there’s more to being a good snowboarder than just tricks. Was there a specific instance when you realized this, or was it more of a natural realization?

I think it all started cruising Loon early season this winter. There was no park yet and I just took the time to freeride a lot and get comfortable with my snowboard. I wanted to take a step back from focusing on learning new tricks. I started to realize that as soon as I stepped off the gondola I wanted to take advantage of every single turn and side hit I saw on my way down. 

Also this year I watch a lot of 90’s snowboard videos which gave me new inspiration to step in a different direction with my riding. During that era of snowboarding, everything was still so new and exciting. Nobody knew the possibilities. The passion was still at an all time high, guys were pretty much just cruising around the mountain hitting everything. I watched old parts of Terje or Guch and they’re bonking, buttering, spinning, and grinding everything they can get their boards on. No rules. Taking advantage of every turn. There were no set types of snowboarders really, it seemed like everyone was just doing it for the love and progression of the sport.


Mike sent us a drawing he did of Chris Roach. We’re thinking of hanging it up on our fridge.

Do you feel like snowboarding could benefit from taking a look at its past more often?

I feel like video parts could really benefit from taking a look at the past. I mean it’s a no brainer that you can’t move forward without knowing the past of anything you’re trying to excel in. I don’t think that the exact blue print should be used today that was used in the beginning, because so many incredible advancements in the video part have been established over the years, but I do think that everyone should see that stuff. It’s just really incredible to see the legends of our sport paving the way. I really didn’t see much if it till recently, and I couldn’t be happier. I advise everyone to take a look at old videos of Bryan Iguchi, Chris Roach, Jamie Lynn, Terje, Mike Ranquet, Sean Kearns, and all the other riders of that era. It’s really inspiring stuff. Watch R.P.M!

Are there any parts coming out this season that you think might have the same impact on the younger generation like how John Jackson’s was for you?

Definitely, I think this is going to be an amazing year for the video part from nearly everyone. I’m really excited for Brandon Cocard’s part in Defenders of Awesome 2. I was lucky enough to go on a couple trips with him this year filming for that video and it was only good times. Brandon is a snowboarder. It doesn’t matter what’s in front of him, he’s going to push himself until he gets what he wants out of it. It’s not just for the advancement of his career, it’s for himself. Personal battles yield personal rewards. Definitely something I’m working on myself. His part is going to be amazing, no questions about that. Other than Brandon, I’m excited for Max Warbington, Blake Paul, Forest and Keegan, Grey Thompson, all of Keep the Change video and the DOPE guys.  I think all of these guys are moving in a really inspiring direction. 


P: Joel Frasier

Anything else you’d like to say, Rav?

You don’t have to include this if you don’t want to but I’m a huge Doors fan. The name for the band was inspired by this quote, “If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is. Infinite.” I think that this also applies to snowboarding…everything is infinite. I think the current state of snowboarding is amazing but there’s always room for change.   

Under Review: Burton 13

The new Burton flick finally arrived! With the promise of, “An iconic year.” on the cover, my heart began to pound. Would Shaun White blow my face back? Would someone do something that didn’t exist yesterday? My mind raced with anticipation. Then, after 44 minutes it was all over. I learned Burton is still spending big bucks on their riders (good). Their team is a mix of extremely old and new (but Forum veterans are about to fix that). And, it apparently wasn’t such an iconic year for women…

The intro feels like a night in a hectic European club. But soon, Mikkel Bang starts the show with back and switchback 180s on jumps the size of midwestern ski resorts. Then he jumps more, and does the mandatory double flip. There’s also a section showcasing Mikkel’s new fetish for launching into trees, and I think it might be yours once you see it.

Jump porn! If massive tabletops and ultra poppy lips are your thing, this section of Euro jump machines is your wet dream. If not, Mark McMorris shows up for a second and spins and flips more than the Videograss and Technine guys combined.

Terje is still filming fluid, elegant lines in impossible to reach locations. But, his new riding buddy John Jackson is bringing some aggression to his peaceful wonderland. These two coupled up to make a part that is truly worth watching. Check it out on Youtube or something.

Welp, from jumps to mountains and now rail town. Ethan Deiss and Zak Hale are put on display so everyone will remember Burton makes jib boards too. Ethan’s 5050 drop-gap to front board will make you flinch, but also make you burn out your dvd player. Zak does rad stuff too.

Now we travel to the wildest pipe ever. It’s basically a slopestyle course built around a pipe. It’s only for amazing pipe riders. People like me who struggle to get out of 18 foot walls would just die. Most of you would for sure get hung up and crushed to death. Seriously though, it could have been shot way better.

Yep, more movie left. Yeesh, this is long. Anyway, Mark Sollors is up next. There’s a rad Twin Shadow song and the part is rad overall. Reminds me of the old days when being well rounded mattered. Mark is Burton’s future hero.

Jussi Oksanen. Do kids even know how incredible this dude is?

Jeremey Jones. Man, TRJJ still has some tricks up his sleeve. I don’t care about his wallrides and shit, but there’s a gap-plant rewind type situation that is super fucked up. I can’t wait to see the crash videos of kids trying to replicate it later this winter.

Finally, the ender. Is it Shaun? Nope. Duh. It’s Mikey Rencz. It’s nice to see Burton finally give this kid some serious love. After years and years of paying him to do whatever he wanted in the BC backcountry, Mikey puts what he learned on display. Adding up to what seemed like it’s own video of jumps into deep powder landings.

Overall, I would have cut this video way down. There are some serious heros in this thing, a total lack of Shaun White and no women what so ever. Is this a negative review? Nope. There are heroic moments in this flick. There are true legends doing what they do best in this flick. I’d watch it if I were you, because you’ll definitely learn something.

Burton’s 13: The Final Teaser and More New Stuff

Turning is one of the most basic moves on a snowboard, but also the most important. Being a good turner is harder than it would seem and Terje Haakonsen is a real good turner. In the fifth trailer for 13, John Jackson talks about what it’s like for him to share a part with Terje and Terje talks about why he likes freeriding and landing forward so much.

13 drops next Monday, September 17th on iTunes, DVD and Blu-Ray. Head to for tour dates and information.

The launch of Burton’s new winter 2013 collection kicks into high gear this week with the debut of the Burton2013 print catalog, global premieres of the new snowboard film ‘13’ and parties at local snowboard shops worldwide.

It all starts on September 13th when the 2013 Burton catalog will land in mailboxes and the hands of riders – a moment that has signaled the start of winter for snowboarders since Burton first created a catalog 35 years ago. This year’s catalog has an intimate look book feel, showcasing a sampling of the 2013 Burton product line with handwritten descriptions and photo backdrops that feature barn wood and industrial machinery, both hallmarks of Burton’s Vermont headquarters. The inside front and back covers are devoted to Burton’s pro riders, who are also featured in action shots throughout the catalog that will make any rider crave snow. Stylized product round-up pages show the inspiration behind Burton’s various collections of snowboards, boots, bindings, outerwear, apparel, winter necessities and bags.

In addition to releasing the new catalog, Burton is also debuting its new movie, 13, on September 13th at two major film premiere events: one in New York City and one in Newport Beach, California. In New York, the good times begin at 5:00pm with a grandre-opening party at the Burton NYC flagship store, which was just completely renovated to include one-of-a-kind design features like ‘the cabin’ and ‘the board press’. At the Burton store, everyone is welcome to check out the new 2013 winter collection, pick up a copy of the 2013 catalog, meet Burton pro riders starring in the movie and enjoy free food and drinks. From there, the partymoves over to the Angel Orensanz Foundation at 172 Norfolk Street in the Lower East Side where doors will open at 8:00pm (Must RSVP — please head here for details). An all star line-up of entertainment awaits, including a special look at Burton’s new winter 2013 collection, a premiere of the new film 13 and live performances by Smoke L.E.S., Roofeeo (TV On The Radio), Flatbush Zombies, RZA and special guest appearances by Burton professional snowboarders Mikey Rencz, Mark Sollors, Ethan Deiss and Terje Haakonsen.

The West Coast will also get its own premiere of 13 on September 13th at the Lido Theatre in Newport Beach, California where doors open to the public at 7:00 pm with Jeremy Jones, Jussi Oksanen, Zak Hale, Kevin Pearce and Jack Mitrani signing autographs for fans followed by a free screening of 13.

This weekend, Burton launch events continue in full force at over 30 different retailers and choice locations around North America. On September 15th, dozens of participating Burton retailers will throw parties to get the local snowboard community excited for winter 2013. Plenty of free food, beverages and gift bags will be on tap at participating local shops. Many retail events will feature ‘Spin to Win’, a spoof on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ where riders can test their luck with the chance to win the big prize…a golden ticket worth $500 in Burton products. Also launching on 9/15 is ‘A Contest of an Iconic Year’ where epic prizes include a trip to Vail, a full Burton setup, a season’s pass to a local resort, and more. More contest details will be revealed online and atBurton dealers starting September 15th. On top of all this, the highlight of every retailer launch event will be a FREE premiere of Burton’s newest film 13 — a video of an iconic year. To find out when a shop near you is hosting a Burton winter 2013 launch event, head to

Get ready for winter 2013 hitting a shop near you this weekend. And to make sure you’re in a winter state of mind, here’s the final teaser of 13, just released today.

John Jackson’s Day Off at Supernatural

John Jackson gets all POV on things during an off day at Supernatural. Powder, bro.

Real Snow: Backcountry Edition Videos

Hooray, the X Games Real Snow backcountry videos are finally on Youtube, which means you don’t even have to fuck with the annoying ESPN interface if you don’t want to. But you should, because then you can vote for your favorites and make someone’s dreams of X Games gold (ahem 50k) come true!

John Jackson

Iika Backstrom

Mark Sollors

Devun Walsh

Nicolas Muller

Gigi Ruf

Mathieu Crepel

Jussi Oksanen

Go vote here. If you want.

Under Review: The Art of Flight

The Art of Flight – official movie trailer from AJANAKU on Vimeo.

By now it’s not news that The Art of Flight is a pretty unique piece of digital media. It’s playing on the screens at Best Buy. It’s been on late night TV. Honestly, the nerds at work won’t stop replaying it. But, if you haven’t seen it you should know it totally sucks a bunch of gas up. Seriously, two helicopters, planes, snowmobiles and whatever else. I mean jesus, for a bunch of dudes who enjoy nature they sure don’t embrace an eco lifestyle, but we’ll get to that later.

Anyway, here’s a quick rundown of what happened during this epic:

Avalanches: Lost count somewhere around a dozen.

Times almost everyone died: Like eight, seriously, maybe even ten.

I said, “Holy fuck.” so many times I actually started keeping count. That number happens to be 13.

Fist Pumps in the movie: One, I expected it to be higher…

Behind The Scenes With “The Art of Flight” from Aspen/Snowmass on Vimeo.

Now, about the movie. This is the best helicopter flick ever. Seriously, helicopter tricks were blasting off right and left. Helicopters were filming helicopters while helicopters filmed planes that were filming helicopters. They were dive bombing, they were doing perch-on-the-death-mountain things. They saved these snowboard guys’ lives like a dozen times. Oh right, this is a snowboarding movie.

So, about the snowboarding part. It was tucked between copious slow-mo stuff, helicopters, weather shots, mountain shots, shotgun blasts, boats, totally droned out Travis Rice mind fuck monologue stuff and Curt Morgan crediting himself over and over. But, there was a couple of tripple corks for you banger lovers. There was backcountry like no one has ever seen before for you snowboarding lovers. There was jumps and powder for you trick porn enthusiasts. There was lots of big time names for you name dropping bitches. And, last but not least, there were no rails, so if that’s all you like this movie isn’t for you.

As a last note, the Go Pro footage alone is enough to convince anyone to buy this movie. Seriously, snowboard world, this is straight hardcore porno. Mainstream world, this is your slow-mo, BBC Earth, XXXtreme dosage you’ve been waiting for.

Buy here now, or be the loser who didn’t pick it up.

#LRGSNOW Presents John Jackson- The Cycle

Another quick John Jackson clip from LRG. Not too sure what this video is but his shirt lights up like lite-brite and its got Kanye, too. Brought to you by LRG SNOW.


JOHN JACKSON is boss and dudes got HEART. LRGSNOW

Fuck It, Watch John Jackson’s Full Part

Don’t do drugs. They won’t make you ride like this. They may make you think you ride like this, but trust us, you don’t.

If you haven’t seen the F’ It in its entirety yet, you should probably go download it off iTunes.

John Jackson Gets a Free Pass to Mammoth

Even pro snowboarders have to figure out where to buy a pass and how to pay for it, but not John Jackson! As the newest member of the Mammoth Unbound Team, John Jackson most likely gets not only a free pass, but probably also a discount at mountain services. Total score. Check out this video of John proving exactly why he’s worthy of the honor.

You’ve seen him interviewed in magazines across the globe, you’ve probably seen his award winning video part in Forum Snowboards Forever and heard he won the Rider of the Year award for 2010. Now you’ll be able to see him first hand at Mammoth on the chairlifts, sitting in Tusks Bar and probably passing by you in the hallway this winter.

John Jackson, a snowboarding powerhouse for progression on the mountain has joined the ranks of Mammoth Unbound Team Riders. This 26-year-old Mammoth Mountain native with roots in Crowley Lake certainly has the mountain under his finger when it comes to knowing the terrain and his favorite spots. During the November 21st snowstorm that delivered 3-5 feet, Jackson was out getting powder turns in and documenting the experience on camera.

With his signature style and flare for innovative corked flips, he’s got flying high on dial. In 2010, John Jackson secured top honors from snowboarding magazines like Transworld Snowboarding’s Riders Poll where Jackson took home Men’s Video Part of the Year (Forum Forever) and Men’s Rider of the Year. Jackson also captured Snowboarder Magazine’s #1 Rider of the Year award.

“John is one of the most amazing snowboarders in the world. You would never know this with his mild manner and laid back style. He is consistently progressing snowboarding and pushing the level of his riding. Mammoth is where it all started for John” said Bryan Knox, Director of Team Marketing and Media for The Program.

Under Mammoth Mountain’s “people have always flown here — they just recently started using planes” motto, Jackson has a welcome place going high on the slopes and in the Unbound Parks. Next time you visit Mammoth, you might find yourself passing Jackson in the hall or sitting next to you in the Lodge. And why not? Mammoth Unbound riders spend their winters lapping Main Park and finding powder stashes just like anyone else.

Good Vibes from Forum

Reason number #312 you don’t want to be a pro snowboarder: Your sponsor will make you do some random and ridiculous shit, such as get a massage while wearing bindings. Although, maybe you’re into that sort of thing. If you wanna see more Forum riders doing silly things head on over to