Pat Moore’s Blueprint 2: The Ender

Pat Moore’s dream season 2 has come to an end. After nine episodes of whining about the struggles of being a top pro, this one is just action, and mighty fine action at that, so enjoy!

32 Day at Brighton

I didn’t think it was possible to make 32 Day any better than it already was, but the 12″ of snow we accumulated over the course of the day made for an all-time event.  Unfortunately, the foot of fresh made the course condition less than idea, but nobody could complain because they were too busy getting pitted in the side country between their drops.  Im pretty sure the only people I actually heard bitch about the conditions were Grendy’s and Hobush, but they had $100 on the line so its understandable.  Due to some complications with the timing system, riders only got to hit the course once, which sucked for people like me who thought they could skip out of the course to get white-roomed and hop back in before finishing.  Either way, there were some pretty fast times put up despite the conditions.  The results for the banked slalom are as follows:


  1. First: Griffin Siebert – 40.68 seconds
  2. Second:  Seth Hout – 40.90 seconds
  3. Third: Everest Arnold – 41.48 seconds



  1. First: Stephanie Feld – 46.43 seconds
  2. Second: Gillian Montgomery – 47.82 seconds
  3. Third: JeJawn Allen – 47.85 seconds


Due to a combination of the weather and the timing system issues, the rail jam got off to a bit of a late start.  You know shits about to go down when you hear Matty Mo on the mic saying “YO YO YO BRIGHTON WHAT THE F*CK IS UP!!”  The snow was still puking during the rail jam but it didn’t stop some heavy stunts from going down.  Tristan did one of the smoothest cab threes on to a down bar I’ve ever seen and I’m pretty sure Everest Arnold is actually goofy because his switch stance riding abilities are quite impressive.  It’s a good thing the rail jam only lasted half an hour because there definitely would have been some carnage once kids started trying to gap from the jump to the DFD (which was easily 50 ft away).  The rail jam and Overall winners are were:

Men’s Rail Jam:

  1. First: Tristan
  2. Second: Nick Kolkman
  3. Third: Dilly Guenthen


Women’s Rail Jam:

  1. First: Hailee Mattingley
  2. Second: Jade Thurgood
  3. Third: Madison Blackley


Men’s overall:

  1. First: Nick Kolkman
  2. Second: Everest Arnold
  3. Third: Drew Elm


Women’s Overall:

  1. First: Madison Blackley
  2. Second: Hailee Mattingley
  3. Third: Stephanie Feld


Again, this event was a blast.  A huge shout out goes to Brian Cook at 32 for making the event happen, Jared Winkler at Brighton for organizing everything and Mouse and the rest of the Brighton Diggers for killing it on the course setup.  If you have the opportunity to make it out for 32 day next year, I would highly recommend attending (in case you were wondering, it’s going to be on March second next year, if you already haven’t figured that out).

Real Snow 2015 Videos!

Here we have it boys and girls. ESPN’s premiere contest for snowboarders who film parts (and who do slopestyle contests as well apparently). Watch below as they compete for all the money, cars and the hoes any little urban rider could ever dream of. Check out the videos now, then vote for your fan faves here.

Dylan Thompson

Dylan’s parts are always mind blowing and this one is no different. Oh, you wanna talk shit on his style? Well I’d say it’s pretty damn good considering what he’s jumping off of most of the time. It would make any normal snowboarder black out mid air. One of the my personal favorites was the back one, cab 3 on that closeout. Or that Brighton dam drop, which, by the way, WAS SWITCH. You can’t say shit about that…except for, “Move over Girth Brooks, there’s a new sheriff in town.” I’ve always backed this dood because he picks out a wide array of unique, visually pleasing, larger than average spots and then tries a trick no one would even consider doing. Leaves you wanting more every time! If you are talking shit, you are probably a cry baby and further more, have probably never hit an urban spot in your life. GET BENT.

PREDICTIONS: I don’t think he will win best video part(sigh), but I’ll be dammed (get it, cuz of that dam clip) if he doesn’t win your respect. GREAT JOB OUT THERE PAL!

Seb Toots

Well, let us just start by saying that was the worst possible song you could have ever picked. So fucking epic and the slow mo’s way too dramatic. You are a snowboarder doing real snow, not an astronaut going to outer space. Secondly, Fuck you for putting that first shot in there. Like what did I just watch? We are basically just watching a contest kid hit street stuff, some of which is obviously huge, but it sucks because he has no style and probably has little to no previous knowledge about the standards expected out of people’s parts these days. I will give him props for the hardway back 2 through the DFD because you just don’t see that kind of shit. But kid need’s to get learnt before he decides to put something like this together for a contest that every snowboarder and people that aren’t even snowboarders, are going to watch.

PREDICTIONS: Not gonna win. I’m not saying that because he actually won’t win, but because if he does it will be a GOD DAMN TRAVESTY. If this kid wins any of the 4 categories, and it is likely that he will, it will be the devils work. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Dan Brisse

This heres whatcha call your classic Brisse part, chock full of big dick spots, tricks and a typical metal/minnesota influenced song choice. Either Dan truly loves the feeling of almost dying for his country every time he straps in or he has just heavily adopted the saying “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.” As in, he ain’t broke, so he ain’t gonna fix it. Speaking for the rest of the snowboard community, I would say it would be refreshing if he mixed it up a bit. We get it, you’re a fucking mad man. However this isn’t the type of snowboarding most people are ever going to attempt and not the type of snowboarding I want people to be attempting. THE HOT TUB’S TOO HOT. Your country thanks you for your services Dan now just commes des fucks down and give the people what they really want, which is a part that makes them want to go out and snowboard.

PREDICTIONS: Dan may very well take the cake on this one. It’s not necessarily what you or I want, but it’s most likely what the majority of people that have no real understanding of our sport will want. I like Dan, he’s a nice guy, and I’m sure he could have died hitting all of these spots. I just don’t want this type of snowboarding to be rewarded.

Jeremy Jones

Oh Jeremy, we have seen better parts from you. I know you gave it your best and that this isn’t even a full season’s worth of clips but the monotony here is unbearable. I watched this part a few times now and I still don’t even remember what happened. It’s just too much of the same riding we’ve seen from him time and time again. To be even more critical, tree hits are not suitable for real snow. I’m sure he’s now realized this having seen the other parts. And one footers onto rails, even if you are gapping, should be left to Scott Stevens or anyone in Think Thank. I don’t even know. I’m bored writing.

PREDICTIONS: Better luck next year SAN!

Chris Grenier

Chris Grenier KEEPIN IT 100. From a snowboarders perspective, Grendies deserves the win. Fuck waiting for the prediction at the bottom, that’s just what it is. His spots were highly inventive, and if they were hit in the past, he made sure to do them better than anyone else ever has done before. This is some of the most impressive riding we’ve seen from him in a minute. Good spots, great riding, SWEG UNTOUCHABLE. And shout out to Pat Fenelon on the filming/editing side of things, it complimented chur boy’s riding and fit with his style better than anyone else’s filmer/editor was able to accomplish. You guys are what’s really <3

PREDICTIONS: I want so badly for Grendies to win. He clearly is the winner to all of us whether he wins or not. The fact of the matter is, the industry is confused right now. As in it doesn’t know whether it’s gay, straight, or Shaun White. 100 bucks says that if he doesn’t win, he will at least get laid. This kid is so hot right now.

Squaw Valley’s “Shorter” Teaser

Here’s an epic ad for Squaw Valley’s annual contest the 4th Annual Pain McSchlonkey Classic. It also reminds me TGR asked me to post about their Grom contest. Check it out, they’re desperate for snowboarders to enter.

The Art of Flow, Explained

Since you’re a boarder, we assume you’re already well-versed in this hot new concept of “Flow” but if you enjoy reading, then may we suggest this book by Stephen Konkler. Here’s the pitch.

Over the past 30 years, skiers, snowboarders, surfers and other action sports athletes have pushed human performance farther and faster than at any other point in the 150,000-year history of our species.Think of some of the mind-blowing milestones in the last decade: Danny Way jumps the Great Wall of China on a skateboard; Laird Hamilton and Ian Walsh surf waves previously thought impossible; Travis Rice and Jeremy Jones charge Alaskan spines at super‐human speeds; JT Holmes and the Red Bull AirForce BASE jump off the Sears Tower and fly through an urban maze in wingsuits.

Anyone can tap into this optimal state of consciousness to live happier, more productive, more fulfilling lives

How did they do it? In a word, “flow.” Flow is the source code of ultimate human performance. It is a rare and radical state of consciousness where action and awareness merge, self vanishes, time slows down, and major aspects of physical and mental performance skyrocket.

“The Rise of Superman” examines the flow state, and how it enables the groundbreaking leaps in ultimate human performance made by surfers, skateboarders, skiers, rock climbers and more. But the book isn’t about how to surf monstrous waves, it uses these athletes as a case study to examine how anyone can tap into this optimal state of consciousness to live happier, more productive, more fulfilling lives. It is time to rise.

The book is available starting March 4, 2014, but you can pre‐order it now here.

32 Snags Desiree Melancon and Big Mountain Jeremy Jones


It was officially announced at the recent ThirtyTwo sales meeting that the newest member of the traditionally jib heavy ThirtyTwo team would be Jeremy Jones. Wait. Whaaaa? Oh no, we mean, they picked up the badass big mountain Jeremy Jones that is always doing good stuff for causes and killing it on a snowboard and you couldn’t possibly not like. (Not to mention, if it works for him, it must actually work.) So big congrats for ThirtyTwo for figuring out he didn’t have a boot sponsor and hopping on that.

Sidenote: We heard JJ actually agreed to join the team after he saw the Yoboot (in stores near you Dec 1!)

Update: Just found out Des is on the team too! Congrats.

Jeremy Jones Survived Another Year

This man is crazy, and we love watching every minute of it.

Mr. Jones Goes to Washington (Again)

Today we learned that Canadians care more about the environment and when someone meets our US president than Americans. At least, that’s the only thing we can surmise about this press release originating in Montreal. Real nice, America.


Montreal, Canada (April 10, 2013)O’Neill, the original surf, snow and youth lifestyle brand for more than 60 years, is proud to announce that team rider, snowboard legend, filmmaker and environmental activist, Jeremy Jones, will visit the White House this Thursday afternoon as a ‘Champion of Change’ for his tireless work as founder of Protect Our Winters (POW) and advocacy on behalf of the winter sports community.

Jones is among 12 citizens, businesses, and community leaders whom the White House will honor for working to prepare their communities for the consequences of climate change.  Along with Jones, these individuals are leaders and innovators working to prepare for increasingly extreme weather and other costly climate-related impacts.  President Barack Obama, Nancy Sutley, Chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, and others will honor them during a ceremony.

“When Protect Our Winters was started, we wanted to get the organization in front of important lawmakers and influencers who had a real impact on change, so it’s great to see our message is getting through,” said Jones.  “We’re glad that President Obama and other leaders are recognizing the real threat of climate change and bringing together other activists who are working to make a difference in their communities.”

POW Executive Director Chris Steinkamp will join Jones at the reception, which starts at 12:30 pm EST and can be streamed live at

In the fall of 2011, Jones visited Washington, D.C. to meet with lawmakers about POW and his concerns about the impact of climate change on mountain communities throughout the U.S., including Jones’ home of Lake Tahoe.

“This is such a great honor for Jeremy to be recognized for all the great work he’s done on behalf of Protect Our Winters and bringing people together for a cause that he’s really passionate about,” said O’Neill Snow’s Juliet Korver.  “We’re happy to support POW through his signature apparel line with O’Neill, and we’ll continue to work with Jeremy to create the most sustainable outerwear on the market.”

Jones helps provide design input to his signature O’Neill jackets and pants, which are all made from environmentally friendly materials and help benefit POW with each sale.

The Champions of Change program was created as a part of President Obama’s Winning the Future initiative.  Each week, the White House features a group of Americans — individuals, businesses and organizations — who are doing extraordinary things to empower and inspire members of their communities.

For more information about the Jeremy Jones, other team riders, events and apparel, visit the O’Neill Facebook page, O’Neill Twitter page and

Under Review: Burton 13

The new Burton flick finally arrived! With the promise of, “An iconic year.” on the cover, my heart began to pound. Would Shaun White blow my face back? Would someone do something that didn’t exist yesterday? My mind raced with anticipation. Then, after 44 minutes it was all over. I learned Burton is still spending big bucks on their riders (good). Their team is a mix of extremely old and new (but Forum veterans are about to fix that). And, it apparently wasn’t such an iconic year for women…

The intro feels like a night in a hectic European club. But soon, Mikkel Bang starts the show with back and switchback 180s on jumps the size of midwestern ski resorts. Then he jumps more, and does the mandatory double flip. There’s also a section showcasing Mikkel’s new fetish for launching into trees, and I think it might be yours once you see it.

Jump porn! If massive tabletops and ultra poppy lips are your thing, this section of Euro jump machines is your wet dream. If not, Mark McMorris shows up for a second and spins and flips more than the Videograss and Technine guys combined.

Terje is still filming fluid, elegant lines in impossible to reach locations. But, his new riding buddy John Jackson is bringing some aggression to his peaceful wonderland. These two coupled up to make a part that is truly worth watching. Check it out on Youtube or something.

Welp, from jumps to mountains and now rail town. Ethan Deiss and Zak Hale are put on display so everyone will remember Burton makes jib boards too. Ethan’s 5050 drop-gap to front board will make you flinch, but also make you burn out your dvd player. Zak does rad stuff too.

Now we travel to the wildest pipe ever. It’s basically a slopestyle course built around a pipe. It’s only for amazing pipe riders. People like me who struggle to get out of 18 foot walls would just die. Most of you would for sure get hung up and crushed to death. Seriously though, it could have been shot way better.

Yep, more movie left. Yeesh, this is long. Anyway, Mark Sollors is up next. There’s a rad Twin Shadow song and the part is rad overall. Reminds me of the old days when being well rounded mattered. Mark is Burton’s future hero.

Jussi Oksanen. Do kids even know how incredible this dude is?

Jeremey Jones. Man, TRJJ still has some tricks up his sleeve. I don’t care about his wallrides and shit, but there’s a gap-plant rewind type situation that is super fucked up. I can’t wait to see the crash videos of kids trying to replicate it later this winter.

Finally, the ender. Is it Shaun? Nope. Duh. It’s Mikey Rencz. It’s nice to see Burton finally give this kid some serious love. After years and years of paying him to do whatever he wanted in the BC backcountry, Mikey puts what he learned on display. Adding up to what seemed like it’s own video of jumps into deep powder landings.

Overall, I would have cut this video way down. There are some serious heros in this thing, a total lack of Shaun White and no women what so ever. Is this a negative review? Nope. There are heroic moments in this flick. There are true legends doing what they do best in this flick. I’d watch it if I were you, because you’ll definitely learn something.

Mr. Jones Goes to Washington

Throughout his years shredding the biggest lines on Earth, Team CLIF Bar Snowboarder Jeremy Jones has seen change in the mountains. Fearing a world where snow can’t thrive, he sought to use his celebrity to influence millions of snow enthusiasts, while at the same time applying pressure with lawmakers in D.C. to support legislation to fight climate change.

Pay-to-View Jeremy Jones’ Further

Today, Vimeo opened the preview phase of its upcoming pay-to-view service with the release of six movies. This slate of films–handpicked by the Vimeo staff– illustrates Vimeo’s flexible suite of features for creators to sell their films directly to their audiences worldwide with control over pricing, viewing periods, release geography and bonus content features.

Viewers that buy access to pay-to-view movies will find them automatically downloaded to their “Watch Later” list so they can access the films immediately on any device – including smart phones, tablets, popular connected TVs with Vimeo’s apps and many others.

The movies cover a range of topics, from Javier Bardem’s passion project Sons of the Clouds addressing human rights in the Western Sahara, to an exploration of the trials and tribulations of the creative process through the eyes of artist Wayne White in Beauty is Embarrassing. In addition to empowering both established and emerging creators, Vimeo’s pay-to-view service promises to bring even more unique, quality content to Vimeo’s 85 million monthly viewers.

“Our goal is to provide an open and flexible platform that allows all creators and content owners to earn revenue directly from their audiences,” said Vimeo CEO, Kerry Trainor. “We’re really excited to offer this selection of high quality movies in our preview, and we look forward to working with creators worldwide whose stories have a clear home on Vimeo.”

The pay-to-view service is one of two different monetization options that Vimeo announced for video creators in September. Tip Jar, available now, empowers video creators to crowdsource revenue directly from their viewers for completed works. Vimeo will release the open pay-to-view service to all Vimeo PRO members in early 2013.

Go Watch it!

Vote Jeremy Jones for National Geographic Adventurer of the Year

Jeremy Jones is up for National Geographic’s Adventurer of the year, against humanitarians, explorers, climbers, that dude Red Bull dropped from space and others. In case you need any convicing which you should vote for him, our man Rumorator von Rumorstein has you covered:

– Snowboarders are always looking for some adventure.
– He’s been ripping since forever.
– Remember that photo in the Burton catalog, from the year they sold the board bag with a tent included. They set that shit up and camped out in a parking garage in downtown Burlington. I’m pretty sure JJ was in there. That’s fucking adventure.
– You know how hard it is to visit Minneapolis in the winter? Dude does it all the time and then rides handrails.
– You really gotta go deeper into urban environments to find proper rails. That’s why his movie was called Deepered.
– He invented Forum
– That one screw in the binding/varial looking bullshit: 100% adventure.
– Dude is into motorcycles. Motorcycles are actually more adventurous than snowboards. You didn’t know that? Clearly you’ve never seen Easy Rider or Top Gun.
– That board with the ‘Merican flag on the base. Bold move, just sending up a signal flare to the dudes who like snowboards, Nascar and meth.
– He hangs out with JP “Tha Advencha Don” Walker.
– Remember that time he went huge onto that rail? Fuck yeah, you do.

But seriously, might as well vote right here:

Burton’s 13: The Second Trailer

Ethan Deiss once joked that the reason he listens to what Jeremy Jones says is because Jeremy has been snowboarding longer than Ethan has been alive. Somehow Jeremy seems to put out better and better video parts each year, and his part in this year’s 13 looks no different. Watch the second teaser then head over to this Lift Access where Jeremy talks about filming his part for 13 and what his plans are for next season.

Out on DVD, Blu-Ray and iTunes Sepetember 17th. Head to for premier information.

Jeremy Jones’ Further Trailer

Once again, Jeremy Jones proves who’s really real.